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  1. I recording some videos as tutorial and training purpose, but the limit of view in pilot and rio pit result some bad angles on the panels instead of a good birdview. How can i open the limits of view in the F14 pilot and rio seats? Tried some infos i found an copied f14 server.lua infos in to the server.lua in saved games but i can't figured out how it works. Hope i can find some answers. Thx
  2. Yes and no. Have broken it with solder so i quit the repair befor i burn it all to hell.
  3. I have figured out the problem with motors run on full speed after motor test. Look like a gate on the electronics are broken. I have orderd a pack of new one and will solder new in. Will report if sucess.
  4. DCS Pilot since Flanker 2.0.

    German Streamer ttv/BavarianPilot



  5. Did you find any solution? Got the same problem today after hitting the test function inside Realteus own software.
  6. hello gents, mk82 floating on station 3, 4, 5 and 6 with multiple racks (3pc / 4pc). LOVE THE TOMCAT!!:joystick:
  7. Ich hab das gleiche Problem und fühle mit dir. Zum Glück ist die Reverb G2 schon vorbestellt. Kabel werde ich vielleicht selber flicken. Aber für das Kabel 150 Öcken hinlegen is schon nice.
  8. Great work. But can´t properly install it in my syria folder. Tryed it in DCS Core Installation\MOD\terrain\Syria\Kneeboard But didd´t show up. Am i missed something?
  9. Are they any system for Flare on the MI24P from ED? Or is it just a flying target for IR Threads and SAMS?
  10. Problem solved. Cockpit Mod Error. Sorry for misleading.
  11. Yes. Have tested to choose the default and normal english cockpit. Same problem. Cockpit Mod is in saved games location so no change of original files in game folder itself.
  12. My skhval display is hard readable because of dimmed to much. Birghtness adjustment and contrast didn´t solved the problem. Problem is with coldstart and with hotstart. Repair didn´t help. fxo and metashader2 deleted -> didn´t help. Track and screenshot is attached. Track File -> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ObhVK-lOSRSuw-xP6I-_SDYUuWGFicVP?usp=sharing
  13. its allready reported to the team https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=264319&highlight=static1
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