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  1. Sorry, no, this only saves the state of the zones and a list of units that were alive at the zones, and respawns them on mission start. You can control the units with combined arms but they will spawn back at the source zone if you moved them out, once you restart.
  2. You can't getGroup of a static object, which the dead unit now is...
  3. I made this little program that will copy the waypoints set on one specific group in the mission to all groups that have the skill level set as "Client". Enjoy. Link: https://github.com/Dzsek/DCSMassWaypointEdit
  4. See attached mission. There are 8 red units of different types and another 8 blue units of the same types as the first 8. All have hide on mfd enabled in the mission editor. The red units are correctly hidden from the TSD in the apache. From the blue units 6 show up on the TSD and only 2 are hidden as they should be, the rest show up. These do not seem to be the only unit types that have this problem, but it seems to effect only friendly units. hideonmfd_test.miz
  5. It's still an issue. The lifetime of the M230 HEDP rounds that the Apache uses is set to 11 seconds, as seen in Quaggles's datamine. The timing in game when firing at 2900m seems to match the 11 seconds as well. Can't change the value and confirm it myself as these files are locked by ED, but I strongly suspect this is what is causing it.
  6. Could I ask you to forward it to the team that we also need this in the scripting api. Specifically the coalition.addGroup function needs a parameter for the heat state, or a function in the Unit object to set this. A lot of missions have units spawned in dynamically using scripts, which all spawn as cold currently.
  7. I assume in your examples "target object category" is event.target:getCategory(), and "target category" is event.target:getDesc()['category'] If object category returns as 3, it means its a static object, in which case getDesc()['category'] should be compared to the StaticObject.Category enum, NOT Unit.Category. According to StaticObject.Category everything that died in your first two examples was a StaticObject of category STATIC, not a UNIT. Your third example shows object.category as 1 which correctly means UNIT, but then strangely the subtype seems to also be 1, which means helicopter, not 3 for ship.
  8. The problem comes when you try to identify whether the target was a ground unit or a ship for example. Unit.Category has different values than StaticObject.Category. Once a dead unit starts reporting as static, you can no longer tell weather it was static or unit before death, and you wont know how to interpret its getDesc().category. A getDesc().category value of 2 can be either a GROUND_UNIT if the target was a unit before death, or a WEAPON if it was a staticobject, and you have no way of telling which it is, because the Object.getCategory() has started reporting it as static after death, regardless of what it started out as.
  9. Maybe its something to do with the drawings that the scripts do on the map. You should probably report that to ED in any case.
  10. Firstly thank you for the Caucasus and now the Syria versions of Foothold. Our members are really enjoying the missions. Now running on 2 of our servers.

    Can we adjust the spawn time. There are SA-15's at Bassel Al-Assad that once destroyed re-spawn almost immediately.

    Do we need to destroy the all enemy to stop the re-spawn. 



    1. Dzsekeb


      You need to prevent the supply helicopters landing at the zone. 

      You can either destroy them, which would increase the time until they next respawn, or capture the zones they are spawning from.

      Each supply delivery will either restore the first group that has missing members, or spawn the next group, so you could also attempt destroying units from multiple groups, to prevent the group with the SA-15 being the one that is restored.


      That said, you can also adjust the spawn time of the enemy by adding a do script trigger action in the mission editor after all the other scripts are loaded, and pasting the following:


      GlobalSettings.setDifficultyScaling(1.4,1) for ex multiplies the default timers by 1.4 for coalition 1 which is red
      GlobalSettings.setDifficultyScaling(0.5,2) would half the respawn times for the blue coaliution

      The default on Syria is already set to 1.4, so put a number above that if you want even slower respawns.

    2. HellsBells


      Many thanks. for the quick reply


  11. The AI only needs to land. For players, you can either slingload a cargo from one of the zones that provide them, or you load/unload "simulated" cargo using the logistics section in the radio menu/other. The logistics menu also has a list of which zones you can pick up these supplies from.
  12. Earned credits should not reset on mission restart. What might've happened here is either you exited the game before it was saved (its saved once every minute), or you did not land after you earned the credits in order to add them to the "bank". Regarding CAP, if you take Charlie, which is neutral at the start, Anapa will start spawning some mirage flights occasionally. Check the zone status menu, to get some hints on what benefits some of the zones can provide if captured.
  13. Please show your support on this well written post by rurounijones, regarding the scripting engine. It would be a massive benefit for not just Foothold, but the whole community in general. Thank you.
  14. +1 one from me as well. This would be a massive benefit for the entire DCS Community, and it would would open up so many possibilities for my Foothold missions.
  15. I was previously checking for the Object and Unit categories to score the dead units. I've switched to just checking if whatever died has specific attributes, regardless of category. Seems to work ok so far. Still pretty disappointing that ED pushed this to stable.
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