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  1. Welcome! Updated on website.
  2. The good old times! They will return. Expect good old AH-64D manual version very soon.
  3. Hallo zusammen, Ihr findet die neueste Version des deutschen F-16 Handbuchs hier: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/downloads/documentation/dcs_viper_early_access_manual/ Hab es zu spät eingebracht, hat es nicht in den Patch geschafft. Vielen Dank and das deutsche Übersetzerteam!
  4. Hi, my fault. I commited it too late. You can find the very latest version on our website, here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/downloads/documentation/dcs_viper_early_access_manual/ It will be included with what comes next, Hot Fix or Open Beta Patch. Sorry! Viele Grüße
  5. We committed the fix today. After QA tests, it should appear in the next OB patch.
  6. Dear @gabrielete- thank you! We currently check it and then will commit your fix.
  7. Danke Euch allen, wird korrigiert!
  8. Hi, strange. We will try to reproduce and come back.
  9. Iron_Physik and i had a good talk today. We will update the TNT filler to 785 grams. Thanks for the good call, Iron
  10. @Halycon "The OP has clearly shown you multiple primary sources and all you keep saying is "that's your opinion". Documents aren't opinion. " As i was referring to the following: "it depends on how you fill the shell, but looking through several sources it seems like that the FP.02 (Füllpulver 0.2 or TNT) was cast into shells more often than pressed (it is easier to cast TNT)" Is this a fact or an opinion for you? For me it´s not a fact (which also is not stated as a fact by Iron_Physik) but rather his personal opinion.
  11. The flak burst visuals are being adjusted at the moment. They were much better looking for some time, but some VFX stuff broke.
  12. Let´s collect the facts: 1. I admitted that the shell name is wrong - will be corrected. 2. I wrote that the 698 gramms will be adjusted to the 7xx gramms filler. 3. There is just one indication in that thread aboutm 900 gramms as an OPTION. 4. Please stop trying to put some hidden agenda into my words. 5. I still haven´t seen a 900 gramm filler technical shell drawing. "you sell these pictures as different individual sources" - No, i couldn´t copy paste them into one picture. I don´t need to "sell" here anything. Again, thank you for the information.
  13. "the majority of german AA projectiles did use a 900g charge" - that´s your opinion. Here is a primary source. Find one with 900g of filler. Thanks. Here are more: Hint: The last one im not posting here has no 900g filler as well...
  14. Yes, the current shell name is wrong. PzGr 39 was not an AA shell. Thanks for reporting.
  15. It's not clear as 900 grams is an option in Michael Likes HTML table. My info is from an original shell document. But thanks for your Input!
  16. You refer to the Marinemunition. Rechecked the shell drawing for the 8,8cm Sprgr. L/4,5 (Kz) and it says: Sprengstoff (gepreßt) einschl. Zdlg. o. R. etwa 0,74 Kg ..................... (gegossen)..............................etwa 0,785 kg Greetings from the Schwebebahn-Town
  17. Hi! The HE filler of the 88mm shell were 698 gramms. We have original german document as source. The shell name is misleading, though.
  18. Hallo zusammen, mir ist ein ärgerlicher Fehler unterlaufen. Mit dem heutigen Open Beta Update wird Euch die Tastaturbelegung für die A-10C II Tank Killer in den Eingabeoptionen fehlen. Als Hotfix stellen wir Euch hier eine Datei zur Verfügung, die Ihr bitte in den Ordner "\l10n\de\LC_MESSAGES" Eurer Installation kopiert und die vorhandene Datei überschreibt. Ich empfehle Euch, die jetzt vorhandene input.mo vorher umzubenennen, um Sie vor dem nächsten Patch als Standard nutzen zu können. input.mo Sorry nochmal dafür.
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