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  1. I am a questionable individual, however it’s no hardship to delete unwanted skins
  2. What improvement does the AIM-7P have over the M?
  3. Obviously, however it’s hardly effort to remove them.
  4. You could just go in and delete them from your install.
  5. The skins look great, I want to say thanks to the team that put them together!
  6. Yeah but that uses latent track while scan, full TWS can support more AMRAAM’s at a time, you can fire 4 at a time in TWS, useful agains mass bomber formations.
  7. If you launch in TWS the target doesn’t get a launch warning and only receives a warning when the missile goes active
  8. Thank you!! that is absolutely insane, I wonder who was responsible for that gem of an idea
  9. This is absolutely mental, are there any pictures of this? There’s no way this would have been practical.
  10. This is very true, the whole thing is a BFM trainer. I would say just go for it, you don’t have to “fly” through it (pun intended) you don’t have to be perfect straight away and by the end you’ll be a better sim pilot for doing it, it’ll also improve your flying in the B model indirectly. So what if you have to fly a few missions a couple of times as long as you’re learning something and enjoying it, that’s the whole point in the end. I judge success by coming away and having learned something and also having fun, doesn’t even matter if I made it to the end of the mission or not, I will next time. But that’s me and we’re all different.
  11. The A has less thrust and isn’t as fuel efficient, that’s it. Unless you’re taking the flight to the merge every time it really shouldn’t make much difference at all. Fly the plane don’t fly the numbers, just enjoy it.
  12. That's... very unfortunate. That's completely game-y... DCS is a game (runs for the door)
  13. Try giving the mini stick a small deadzone, should do the trick.
  14. It’s done that way so you don’t have to be heads down looking at your instruments in the merge, so you can keep eyes on the bandit aircraft, I think it’s right the way it is, for me anyway.
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