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  1. Still getting the flickering black box when looking in certain directions relative to sun location. Open Beta Processor - Xeon W-2140B 3.2GHz Ram - 32.0 GB GPU - Radeon Prof Vega 64 - 16 MB - Driver - Windows Version - Short_Black_Flicker.mp4 10.0.19042 Build 19042 black_flicker.trk
  2. I also think it is sun angle. Attached are a couple of track files - the 1st starts at 0455, flickering starts a minute or so in, apparently once the sun gets close enough to the horizon. The 2nd starts at 0520, and once the sun is high enough above the horizon, the flickering stops. I noticed this a couple days before the patch to, and see the same thing after it. Emptied the contents of the fx and meta2 folders, no change. av8bNA_black_box_0455-0500.trk av8bNA_black_box_0520-25.trk
  3. Thanks for the response. Yup, problem persists with today's update. New .trk attached. av8bNA_sidearm_debug_OB_59398.trk
  4. In open beta, after Sidearms lock on, the reticle projected onto the HUD no longer centers on the emitter (it does in stable). For me at least, the weapon itself seems to be acquiring, locking, and homing as expected, both caged and uncaged. I'm attaching a track file. I do appreciate that waypoints now display on the HUD in A/G mode! av8bNA_sidearm_debug_OB.trk
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