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  1. This isn't a bug per se. This thread is more about identifying an oddity and appeasing my OCD. I noted the list of radio channels has no sort order when looking at the mission file (no extension) from a .MIZ file. The important thing is the radio channel list is sorted correctly in the ME. I normally do all my radio channel updates via Notepad++, external to the ME, from a master file to the desired mission file (extracted from the .MIZ). When I copy from the master file, the channel presets are in numerical order. Once the file is saved then opened in the ME, the simplicity of a numerically sorted channel list is lost. Why does the radio channel list get scrambled? Here is an example:
  2. Update on available slots for Sultan of Sting Episode 4: We are still looking for Mi-24 Hind and Ka-50 Black Shark pilots. That flight group is wide open! There are 4 slots available for AV-8B Harrier II pilots, 2 slots for F/A-18C pilots, and 2 slots for F-16C pilots. If you are interested then follow the sign-up link in Post 1. The "Player" field is only open for input on that form. You may also respond here if interested in playing this large mission. Thanks for your interest! DarkHelmet
  3. @CobraKhan, my apologies for not addressing your post sooner than today. Thanks for pointing this discrepancy out. The sign-up sheet takes precedence for each flight group's role. The problem will be fixed shortly. Are you interested in participating in this event? Break, break: We are looking for a few Hind and Black Shark pilots for this mission! Anyone interested may reply below or follow Discord link. Furthermore, a briefing document is available on the Jousters discord link. This will provide mission objectives for each flight group. Thanks for your interest! DarkHelmet
  4. Good day fellow DCS Aviators! I am the Command Master Chief (CMC) for VFC-617 "Jousters". My squadron is teaming up with Fox3 Managed Solutions (FOX3MS) to host a large 48 client aircraft PvE mission that can accommodate 55 players (Pilots, RIOs, and Gunners). The date and time is set for 16 Jan 2022 at 1400 EST. Event description: Jousters’ Sultan of Sting Episode 4, The Grand Finale. The Jousters are over extended in Ashmenistan and face an overwhelming force from Stalinasia & Sultan Usman III. A Joint Task Force has been assembled for the final showdown with the Stalinasians and the Sultan’s famed Komries Guard. The FOX3MS team and the Jousters need your help! Will you answer the call to arms? Available aircraft: A-10CII, AV-8B, F-14B, F-15C, F-16C, F/A-18C, Ka-50, and Mi-24P. Sign up via Google Sheet link below to reserve your slot. DCS Open Beta and Syria map required for all clients; SuperCarrier required for Tomcat and Hornet players. Streaming and other content creation is encouraged, give FOX3MS all the visibility it deserves. Contact Ghostmaker or DarkHelmet on Discord with questions here: VFC-617 Jousters https://discord.gg/m62hJQkhtq Sign-up sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EO4QTJUSzvHZrzv_VNV7MqECSYZLP00oCRcjqnvM_xw/edit?usp=sharing None finer! DarkHelmet
  5. @Danzig Give this a try. All my work was done external to DCS so please confirm that it works. I removed 2 files: the Black Shark.PNG and the audio track you requested. The image of the Black Shark was corrupted, so that may be the root of your evil. Additionally, I removed two lines of code from the mapResource file that referenced both deleted files (Black Shark image & music track). The mapResource file is located in the archive under the subfolder ...\l10n\DEFAULT\ NEW F16 KAUKASUS FABRIK-reworked.miz
  6. I did more testing but have come up short. I can suppress the AI CAP from spawning when a Client is in a jet but once the Client is gone then the AI CAP does not resume. For clarity, I attached screenshots of my trigger system from the Mission Editor. Again, any insight would be greatly appreciated! Switched Trigger: If Red Client Present then turn Flag 971 ON and turn Flag 972 OFF. Switched Trigger: If Red Client is Not Present then turn Flag 971 OFF and turn Flag 972 ON. Once Trigger 1st Wave CAP: If Flag 971 is FALSE (Red Client Alive) and Flag 972 (Red Client Dead) is TRUE then spawn AI Units. Additional Conditions that work: Part of Blue Coalition within LAR's CAP Zone and if Flag 951 is FALSE (Lar captured). Once Trigger 2nd Wave CAP: Very similar trigger mechanics to 1st Wave. Added 2 minute time delay before 2nd Wave spawns. Time Since Flag 952 = 120sec & Time Since Flag 953 = 120sec are the time delays after 1st Wave CAP is dead.
  7. Follow up to my initial question. I didn't find a way to sort triggers as described above. The only solution was to move each Trigger up/down in the Mission Editor until they were arranged to my liking.
  8. I am looking for help with switching (toggling) between a Client aircraft and an AI aircraft. I am at a loss when searching for this topic. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Could this be achieved? This is my goal for a multiplayer mission: 1. A base is protected by waves of AI CAP. 2. This base also has slots for Clients to join. 3. Simple Slot Blocker will be used to allow/deny Client slots. 4. When a Client is not in a slot, the AI would spawn when an opponent is within its trigger zone. 5. When a Client is in a slot, the AI would be turned off. Essentially, the Client assumes CAP duties. 6. When a Client is no longer present, the next wave of AI CAP would resume when an opponent is within its trigger zone. An example in the Persian Gulf map: Blue forces control Bandar Abbas and Red forces control Lar. Lar has 3 waves of AI CAP, which are triggered to spawn when a Blue Client from Bandar Abbas flies into its trigger zone. If a Client wants to fly a Red aircraft from Lar, then Simple Slot Blocker will allow it since Lar's Red status has Red Client slots unlocked. This would shut off when the base is captured by Blue forces. It may not be relevant, but it is disclosed just in case. When a Client is flying a Red aircraft from Lar, I'd like to turn off the Red AI because I don't want the Blue Client to fight both Red units (Client and AI). Once a Red Client no longer plays the slot from Lar, then the next AI would resume CAP functions when a Blue Client from Bandar Abbas flies into its trigger zone. Did my explanation help? Again, any recommendations or links would help me out a lot!
  9. Yes, that was the weirdest thing. After a few hours, it looks like the problem resolved itself. I still don't know what the cause was nor the solution. I restarted the computer several times. When DCS started working, Discord was closed closed.
  10. Has anyone seen this error when starting DCS? It was working earlier today then attempting to load now. This screen keeps showing up. The lower left section of the screen is cut off because of my multi-monitor configuration.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement, Clutter. I'm sure someone has a good solution for this small problem.
  12. @Schwarze 8 & @TJpek, Follow Flappie's link in the 3rd post and follow the reporting procedures there. The problem in VR and on a GTX1080 card should prove useful. You will need to post the DCS.log file and DxDiag.txt file in addition to any screenshots and track files.
  13. A search didn't answer this question, so I'm asking for help. Is there a way to sort a batch of triggers in the ME? For example, re-arrange a group of triggers by airfield (alphabetically)? Could this be done external to ME, like using Notepad++? Moving each entry up or down the list of triggers in ME is very time consuming, especially when there are 20 entries per airfield. Thanks in advance for the advice and/or links.
  14. @CMD-Wade, I provide an updated DxDiag log only when my video drivers are updated. I don't think it makes a difference but some info may be garnered from an updated DxDiag file.
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