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  1. Hello all, In the mission 3 of the campaign, it is asked to neutralize all enemy at Kutaisi and Senaki then contact troops around them to capture the base. I guess it is a trigger that is not working since even though I clean up the both fields, I don't get to option to contact the "others" via 30 and 40 amd tell them to proceed. Anyone else have the same issue? No enemy in both airfields yet no option to contact the troops to proceed. @King39
  2. That's indeed the case. When I consulted the players on those servers that said that only OB could participate. Funny that I have been able to play through stable version for a time frame. I turns out that Flappie was right regarding the stable and OB exe files to have different versions thus difference in server listings. For a short time stable and OB has the same exe file that allowed me to see the desired servers from stable version. Thanks to Flappie and WinterH for the valuable comments.
  3. So you mean that having two different server list is normal? What do I do to log onto the Turkish servers invisible in stable version that are visible in Open Beta? Simply don't log on :-) Thanks for the support by the way...
  4. Got them from Open Beta ... They don't exist in DCS stable. If I push to connect by IP using these, Dcs Stable indicates that they are offline. Here are the screenshots https://ibb.co/Y373Gjt https://ibb.co/Q6VcKmD <a href="https://ibb.co/Y373Gjt"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/SPXPpvK/stable.png" alt="stable" border="0"></a> <a href="https://ibb.co/Q6VcKmD"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/30bsChR/openbeta.png" alt="openbeta" border="0"></a>
  5. Strange that even after a clean reinstall, I am getting the same error. Still // instead of /.
  6. Update on the matter; Formatted the computer and reinstalled all!! DCS and DCS Open Beta have also been clean installed. I also did disable the adapter of the VPN software yet the result did not change. DCS stable version still thinks I am in Germany and even though I try to connect with IP, doesn't allow me to for the Turkish servers saying that "server is down". On the other hand, DCS Open Beta is able to display all the Turkish servers and I am able to play in. Strange to have this after the clean install.
  7. You are right, I get the same. if you go to advance mode, you can see the error message.
  8. C'est génial Flappie, j'avais totallement oublié que le VPN avait crée son propre adapteur et DCS pourrait y etre coincé. Helas! J'ai décidé de reinstaller Windows 10 (refresh) avant de voir cette poste. Si jamais je tombe sur la meme situaiton, je vais essayer ceci. Merci beaucoup.
  9. Hi Flappie, Thanks for the suggestions. I indeed ran cleanup and repair before consulting you guys. It did not bring up any solution. I need to find the file that is looking for this wrong path for the option.lua and correct the // to / Take care,
  10. Hi Flappie, Thanks for the default options.lua file. Unfortunately, it did not work. One more thing is that the message has a strange detail. C:\Users\Gökhan\Saved Games\DCS\\Config\options.lua not found. As you can see, there are double \\ before config folder. Is that normal?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, all applied yet the result is still the same. Open beta is displaying the Turkish servers while stable version looks still stuck. Still acts like I am in Germany due to the last VPN connection. I think the game itself has a cache like file to store this info that is not refreshed. Anyone else having another idea?
  12. Hi C0ff, If that was a network / route matter open beta should have been also affected. Don't you think? Yet only DCS stable release is having this issue.
  13. Hello, When I try to create a standard fast mission, I get the message that options.lua is missing where is should be yet when I check the location I can see the actual file. Does anyone have a clue what might it be?
  14. Hello, Accidentally I logged onto multiplayer mode while I was on VPN. After terminating the VPN connection, I am no longer to display Turkish servers anymore and since I was on VPN with a German IP, all the German servers and close by servers are shown. Is there any cache like file that I should delete or manipulate to display the Turkish servers back? Normally Turkish servers had 5ms to 18ms ping times while now the fastest German server has 40ms yet the problem is that the Turkish servers are not displayed anymore. By the way, if I launch Open Beta then I can display the Turkish servers so I guess it has to to with DCS.exe file. Please support
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