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  1. I found it out. "Gun Trigger" no longer fires the gun. I had to map the trigger to MiCRoB/Trigger 2nd stage. Will catch up with the changes when I can. For now I just do BFM with the Mirage until it finalizes.
  2. Ok, something is bugged then it seems. I would still prefer master arm to be on with an airstart, but still can't get the gun to fire! I've had this module for years and it's always changing.
  3. Greetings, We love the Mirage 2000 module, but the recent changes make it so the gun doesn't even fire with an airstart. I haven't studied the new changes, but it would be very useful for BFM practice for the gun to be ready with an airstart. The Hornet, Viper, and other modules are set up this way. Thanks.
  4. @Mr_Blastman To set a detent you would adjust the throttle axis curve. It would take a bit of trial and error to figure out. Use the 'axis tune' option for the throttle.
  5. Accelerate to 500 knots. Then, abruptly move the stick fully aft like you're trying to black out.
  6. There is no need to argue it anymore. The Eagle can break from over g now, and there is no going back. Immediate structural failure might not be typical (both for the F-15 and other jets) but, within the confines of the damage model, something had to be done to reward good flying and punish bad flying. Funny that no one is still trying to muddy the water about g limits in the Hornet and Viper forums. I wonder why? Anyway, it is time to move on.
  7. Word on the street is that the F-15C was given g limits surreptitiously with the last OB patch. This is great, but I don't understand why it wasn't in the patch notes. F-15C is also reported to do Mach 2.6 with wing tanks and 8 air to air missiles in the OB patch.
  8. No, I don't test the Eagle every patch to look for unannounced changes. Do you? If it's true it is great news. All the deniers and defenders just got owned by ED.
  9. You break the F-16 wings by not selecting Cat 3 configuration with bombs/tanks on the wings, and then pulling high g. It's probably not modeled in DCS, but you can also do bad things to the jet just by flying too fast with wing tanks... In the Hornet the paddle switch disables the g limiter. The rest is self explanatory.
  10. Put bombs on the wings and pull high g in cat 1 configuration.
  11. Tonight we practice over g with the Hornet and Viper. It was interesting to see the result. With the Hornet you can catastrophically damage the wings with the paddle switch if you really haul on the stick near corner speed. In the Viper you can do the same with high g turns in cat 1 configuration with bombs on the wings. These are improvements imo. I already saw one Hornet pilot on Growling Sidewinder showing surprise at the change, which is odd because I'm not sure why anyone was going for the paddle switch on a server that is 90% BVR. To stay on topic, now the Eagle is all by itself in not being susceptible to over g damage.
  12. DCS has brought us over g damage for the Hornet and Viper (Tomcat has had it for years). Can we please have it for the Eagle?
  13. Awesome, I should have watched that more carefully.
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