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  1. Super, I know what I'm doing with my day then. Installing the whole library of modules and then probably crashing a lot as I'm out of practice....
  2. Quick question as I can't seem to find an answer. I've had no DCS for some time now, I fully uninstalled it. I've been waiting for the stable 2.5 release but I'm getting anxious to get back into playing now. If I install the 2.5 Beta, will that automatically update to the stable release once it is ready? Or will I have to uninstall that and install the stable 2.5 release separately? I'm assuming it's the former, but it's hard to keep up with all of these different releases, I'm glad they are all finally merging soon....
  3. Thank you for the info. I think I'm going to wait for the stable release and go for a fresh install. Is their a guide to correctly uninstalling DCS (stable & Beta) anywhere?
  4. I never knew this, how interesting. A twin engine Viggen probably would have looked all sorts of wrong mind. A cannon in the fuel tank is a wonderfully British thing....
  5. Great stuff. The gift cards are a brilliant idea! I'd love to be able to ask for DCS products for Christmas and birthdays etc but obviously it isn't really possible. I really wish ED would do a similar thing. Or at least allow us to use your gift card on their store? I can't wait for the F-14, and I'm at the point now where you've become one of those devs that I'm just excited about in general and will take great interest ion anything you guys make.
  6. This is sad, I enjoy the Hawk and I was looking forward to some of your plans happening as nobody else will be making obscure British jets! I will say this, I'm genuinely embarrassed by the way much of the community treated you guys. I saw it everywhere, Facebook, you tube comments, even occasionally on here where people treated it like the end of the world that they didn't like your Hawk. No attempts to offer constructive criticism, just bile and now enjoyment that you are no longer going to be aiming your efforts at our already niche sim. Was your first module perfect from day 1, no! Could we have expected it to be, no! It isn't anywhere near as bad as the vocal critics will have you believe, although I suspect most of them never actually bought or tried the thing anyway. I am happy that you still intend to improve it and I'll carry on flying it. And you guys always did come across as genuinely decent. All the best with your new ventures, I hope things in future might lead you back to us, we still need Hunters, Lightnings and Buccaneers please...
  7. Confirmed... Just saw it clear as day in a video, they'll pour in soon I'm sure. Ergh, expensive times ahead, I hope you can buy the grip alone to fit the Warthog.
  8. I'm late seeing this thread. I'd say it is worth buying simply because I find it to be a fun module of an aircraft I like. Especially as VEAO appear to have committed to going above and beyond what they expected to further improve it. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it, but for the low price this module sells for during the sales, I'd say it's already worth a buy.
  9. The Tornado would be a perfect candidate for DCS, GR.4 ideally. Fast, low flying tactics make for great fun. Plus they teased us over on FB so they have to make one now ;)
  10. Thank you for the updates, I look forward to seeing what you guys offer this year. I'm happy playing with my Hawk rear seat option for now :thumbup: Very much excited for future improvements on that also, I like it already so anything else will be gravy.
  11. I haven't been this excited for a DCS module yet, and that is saying something. The teaser was everything I hoped it would be. Can't wait to buy this and get down and dirty with the beast that is the Viggen!
  12. Python

    Hawk Rear Seat

    Great news!!! This is what I've been looking forward to the most with DCS: Hawk. I love the view in the rear seat. Thanks again for the continued support.
  13. Thank you for the update, I'm looking forward to the Hawk upgrades and I appreciate the continued support for it. I appreciate you've had issues with it and you're clearly the first to admit this. But some of the comments we've seen aimed at you guys and the Hawk on social media and youtube etc has been total vitriol. An embarrassing part of our fan base. Hopefully these people will finally clear off once a few tweaks are made. I'm excited for the Typhoon also, can't wait to see more on that. Best of luck with all of it..
  14. Python

    Mirage F1

    Excited for this, I like French aircraft personally. And it sure will be fun to re-enact some of those crazy low flying F1 videos...
  15. I only just saw this, the Tornado would make for a superb DCS Module, let's hope somebody makes one...
  16. What wouldn't you give to see rain interaction like that in DCS...
  17. Of course, it's just a saying we have around these parts to reflect that.
  18. How the other half live... I think I'd have a Hawker Hunter T.7 and a Spitfire MK.9 in my drive, but each to their own.
  19. I concur, a nice bright banner for summer, with nice implications... Roll on the Mig-29 updates so I can start flying it :)
  20. Having watched Bunyaps videos, I'm sold on this one. It will be a good excuse to fly the F-86 and Mig 15 more, something I really should be making an effort to do...
  21. Here's the latest stream for those that missed it... Nice looking skin on that F-5...
  22. I thought the new engine used the GPU more? I'm waiting to see how these cards run DCS. If the 1070 impresses, I'll save some money and get that one, probably the Gigabyte version..
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