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  1. @NineLineIs there any progress update on this? There was mention of enhanced textures w/ Edge 2.7 in the newsletter. The textures on the P-47 do look fantastic, but this large oversight in the modeling takes away quite a lot from the the detail seen in the rest of the cockpit. Hope it can be resolved soon!
  2. Well said @xvii-Dietrich. Yes, there are a lot of great elements to this sim. In my opinion the large number of long standing bugs, including all of the axis munition bugs, lack of MP trains, Dora engine failures, etc. are overshadowing all the great work that has been put out in DCS. As a customer, it is frustrating to pay what we do for these modules and be left with something that is incomplete and bugged. Then when we go to report these bugs on the forum, within the guidelines asked for, it can takes months before it is recognized, after that months and months if not years for the bug to be fixed and merged into the game. I understand the WWII team is small and they have a lot on their plate, but I feel dedicating a chunk of time in the near future to resolve all of these bugs would make a world of difference to all of us.
  3. @NineLineAny progress on this? A bit of an immersion breaker checking 6 and seeing straight through the fuselage.
  4. The Wagerecht OV fusing does not leave a crater when level bombing either. BombCrater109lvl.trk
  5. Neither Sturz MV not Wagerecht MV fusing leaves a bomb crater, while Sturz OV and Wagerecht OV do. I have attached a track file with 4 bomb runs on an airfield, showing the effect of the 4 fusing types. I have also included a short video of the tests. BombDelayCrater.trk
  6. Yes! This would be a very welcome addition and really open up the Normandy map!
  7. @NineLine Thanks for the reply! That makes sense, appreciate the info!
  8. @NineLineSame issue when it comes to key bindings for the booster pumps as well. When you have the pump selector lever bound to "Booster pumps next selection", the lever goes from full aft to full forward without any intermediate stops. While the lever in cockpit shows full forward (P1+P2) after hitting "next selection", seemingly only a single pump is actually selected as you start losing fuel pressure when MW50 is engaged. The only way I have found around this is to instead bind a button for "Booster pumps P1+P2), since binding for "next selection" or using the mouse wont engage both pumps. 2 tracks attached. Start up, take off, then max throttle. 1 track using the "Booster pump next selection" binding, the other using "Booster pumps P1+P2". BoosterPumpNextSelectionTest.trk BoosterPumpP1+P2Test.trk
  9. I’ve noticed some strange behavior with the P-47 water injection above ~32k feet. When throttle and boost are full forward, engaging water injection results in a significant drop in power. When the boost lever is then brought back 1 inch, power returns. You can then advance the boost lever almost full forward without seeing the drop off again (although this can lead to overspeeding the turbo). High Altitude Water Injection.trk
  10. @BIGNEWYThat would be very much appreciated! Some lovely skins chosen as winners. However, specific pilot skins(without matching generic) and fictional skins can’t really be used in historical mission building or multiplayer, which I feel is a huge part of DCS WWII.
  11. @Megalax if “they” is ED... asking artists to create/modify their skins to generic, outside of the competition and without compensation, wouldn’t be reasonable @JG13Wulf I don’t think asking all the players on a large server like SOW to download a specific skin would really be doable either. We need a larger selection of official historical generic skins
  12. @Barrett_g While I do agree that there are some absolutely amazing skins portraying a specific single aircraft, because there are only a few generic skins available at the moment, even in single player these personalized skins limit realism. Your wingman will either have the same highly personalized skin, or that of a completely different FG. I do hope that some of both the specific and generic skins make the cut and the generic skins aren’t overlooked!
  13. Yes! Huge issue right now! You break off a plane streaming flames, just for them to re-engage and continue fighting indefinitely. Makes multiplayer extremely frustrating, unrealistic, and almost unplayable at times. If I’m flying a 109 and someone sets me alight, for the sake of realism and fairness, I bail out! But you can’t trust everyone to do the same. It has become ridiculous! Needs to be fixed!
  14. Got it! However, oil dilution "In Game" seems to have no effect on oil pressure. With oil dilution ON and oil temps below 40 deg., you can't push more than ~1200-1400rpm or so without oil pressure jumping above redline.
  15. @grafspeeI still don't think oil dilution has been implemented. It takes the P-47 the same amount of time to warm up regardless of whether the oil dilution switch is on or off.
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