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  1. I I already have the monitors setup in Nvidia surround, under same menu there is an option for bezel correction. It only takes positive values. What I mean by my racing games is that there is individual parameters I can change within the game to achieve a negative offset.
  2. Just installed the Asus Bezel free kit on my 32-inch displays. I got everything physically lined up to a T but the image on the side monitors is still a tad bit off. I am able to add negative bezel correction in most of my racing games. Can the same be done in DCS? A lua file perhaps? Thanks.
  3. Ok, here is a multiplayer track file (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XAPqSU5id5tDnBTjfwux0I_YMT5FdV-8/view?usp=sharing). I am unsure on how to shorten it. On my very first attempt at engaging a target I keep trying to lock the first target, I keep messing with radar elevation and azimuth. I end up locking the friendly. Not quite the high altitude scenario I described in my earlier post but I think I am well within range to obtain a lock. I think even the radar elevation bugged out as I had to tms right and go into TWS to get it back to normal. Anything after me crashing the jet into the mountain isn't worth seeing. (Shows how poorly I fly)
  4. Is this really working as intended? I'm having trouble locking high altitude contacts at 20-30miles. My FCR shows a SOLID RED DL contact overlaying a smaller WHITE square. TMS up and nothing happens!
  5. It’s definitely more playable now, this makes me happy. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I wanted to take a break.
  6. Hey Xoxen, I renamed the folder and it looks like FPS was unchanged. It was worth a shot though. I played for about 2 hrs after using the more streamlined settings and the experience was far better. As I previously noted, in the past turning the settings didn’t have much of an effect but with this new setup, i am seeing FPS improvements. Especially when I turn down the clouds to Standard.
  7. I will try it tonight, I did however clean install windows 10 and 11 just to see if I would get better performance on the latter. I ended up going back to windows 10(clean install), so this folder should be fresh. This suggestion is definitely worth it though. It has been a pleasure interacting with you as well. The help and knowledge you provided me has been extremely helpful. Thank you
  8. Hey Xoxen, Sorry for the very late reply. I have been dealing with file recovery issues. Somehow I nuked my 2TB HDD and I been working on retrieving my files. Here is a screenshot of the more optimized settings based on the video you posted. Not quite 60 fps but a tad bit better. I think I am going to take a break from DCS all together and come back after the multi thread/Vulkan enhancements. Thank you for continued support.
  9. Thank you for those kind words Xoxen. The ram has XMP enabled (3600mhz). Framerate is more stable i no longer have those dips like in the videos when I move my head to look around. Alas now I know definitively it was never my old PC that was underpowered , it is DCS.
  10. I just got done building the new PC (12900KF, 3080ti, 32GB of RAM). The VERDICT: complete waste of money for DCS. It is crazy to me how little performance was affected. Same test we been running with the King of the Hill mission and maybe 4-5 frames increase. I hate to sound sour and negative but after $3000+ dollars this game can't run right. As before all my racing games have had a noticeable difference especially when more cars are on the racetrack. I had a feeling this might happen based on your other thread, but still I can't say I'm not bummed about it. This new system hardly performs better than my old 8700k and 1080ti combo in DCS.
  11. It was supposed to be here Saturday but UPS hasn’t delivered it. I just checked and it is in my city so it should be delivered today hopefully. If the tracking site does not show it “on truck for delivery” soon I’m gonna go pick it up in person cause I can’t wait anymore lol.
  12. I’m going to go from an 8700k to 12900kf. I am currently running a 1440p triple monitor setup. Also sticking with ddr4 since I could not source ddr5 and is too overpriced. @speed-of-heat what kinda of FPS increase did you get from the 9700k to 12900k jump? I am aiming for 60fps.
  13. Quick update to this thread. I just ordered a 12900kf. We’ll see how much performance uplift (if any) this upgrade will produce.
  14. Didn’t work for me either, I had troubled frame rate even before this patch but post patch it went down even more to the point I am no longer playing DCS.
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