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  1. Okay. And the current (actual) transfer mode is also set to DMA? Well then nevermind.
  2. If stuttering only happens during HD access, then take a look at your transfer mode on your IDE controller in your device manager. There's still this strange behavior that this setting rolls back to "PIO only". This means that your CPU is used when data is loaded from your HD into the RAM, which is fatal in LO. This setting has to be "Ultra DMA Mode X" for all the drives. EDIT: Buzz, I just saw that I have the same HD and I had this problem. It always reverted to "PIO only" after a certain amount of time. If this is the case on your system I'll try to figure out what the solution was ;).
  3. Very interesting! I've never done laser from a quantum physics perspective. My bad :). This moon laser beam I talked about is referred to the mirror which was placed on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission to calculate the distance between the moon and the earth. For those interested: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/expmoon/Apollo11/A11_Experiments_LRRR.html. But you are right. It does spread over several kilometers. This was unknown to me though. Well what I was talking about... some ppl suggested here to use laser beams for a A2A or G2A targeting method. This sounds weird to me. What is the advantage of using lasers there? They can also be fooled and it's even harder to keep it on the target.
  4. What's the actual advantage of a laser to a radar beam? Is there no ECM for lasers? I mean, light is only an electro-magnectic wave, just as radar waves. So couldn't you fool a laser beam with f.ex. a very bright light source with nearly the same wave length? Or making a plane with a reflecting hull :D? Just guessing here... EDIT: Btw... laser light does not attenuate in empty space. That's its advantage to a normal light source, since it radiates only in 1 direction. The increase of the diameter is only a result of the atmosphere. In empty space, they can direct a laser beam from a satellite to the moon's surface with nearly a constant diameter.
  5. This starts to bother me too. The more I fly the Su-25T the more I get the feeling of an arcade game in the other planes. The fun of actually just flying a plane is decreasing. You know that it is partly not a simulation. Or did I get something wrong? I really hope AFM gets implemented for the other planes in 1.2. In fact I expected it for 1.11, but it seems to be harder to do than I expected. This and a more dynamic, immersive campaign is far more important to me than the Ka-50.
  6. Uranium and all fissible material are heavy elements. So even without being enriched it has the same health issues as f.ex. lead. It stays in your body for the whole life. This also leads to some concerns with the uranium amunition. Now if it is enriched, it is even worse. It radiates the much more harmfull alpha particles. If measured the radiation may not be too high. But it is the most lethal one, and it stays in your body for the whole life. So chances are high that you will get some random cancer. Since heavy metals are mainly absorbed by swallowing you can easily protect yourself by a suit.
  7. If you can land an A-10 or F-15 you should be able to land the Su-27/33. Only the Su-25 with AFM is a little tricky. Are you sure that you don't mix up knots and km/h? Kk, of course not ;). You can easily touch down at 250-300 km/h. Maybe describe your approach...
  8. True, no distance is mentioned in there. And that the serbian pilots were untrained is unquestionable. This country was finished by years of war and sanctions. It really amazes me that they even had kerosene for the war. I'm not even talking about training. I don't want to get further into politics now. This war has created wounds which have not yet cured in Europe. So especially mentioning it in this forum is a little tricky ;).
  9. http://www.flyamig.com/packages.cfm Some day, I'll book a flight there.
  10. Sure. I should have pointed out, that this is strictly related to Lock On. Or do you think there might be a significant difference there too? Is there no freak who just upgraded a 6800 GT to a 7800GT :)? I don't play any other games which would need a high-end card.
  11. I definately don't have the money for a fx-55. My system should be around 1000-1250€. Problem is, that nearly all the local stores have a bad reputation here. They are very cheap, compared to internet store prices, but unfortunately this is reflected in their customer support. The "qualified" person who builds your system is most of the time an underpaid student who doesn't give a s*** about how well your system works, because he will not work there anymore in a month anyway. Well anyway, thx for your advices. I'll just try this time to build it on my own. If it goes wrong, I'll call KuostA :D. It'll be something like 4000+. As a GFX card I'll take a 6800 GT, since I don't expect a big difference compared to a 7800 GT.
  12. WIN + HOME, SHIFT + L, SHIFT + F, maybe CTRL + C, hold brake, full throttle, release brake, turn right or left on the taxi runway (keep at least 2 wheels on the ground) and take off :D.
  13. Guess what? I'm following your advice ;). I'm going to build my new system on my own. So no position on the dual core thing yet :-/. I would be very glad to get an answer. It's not a huge difference in price. I just don't want to put my money on the wrong horse. No biggie, this is my last try.
  14. Hi all My good old ATi 9700 is screwed :(. I get random BSODs, especially when I switch on AA or AF. Now I'm thinking about a new system. I hate to build it on my own, due do lots of difficulties in the past (compatibility issues...). That's why I want a Dell. The problem is, Dell only sells Intel CPUs. Since Lock On doesn't support dual core, this is no good for me. The single core CPUs by Intel are well behind the ones of AMD. At 3800 GHz a Intel CPU costs twice as much as a AMD one. So forget about Dell? Can the devs give any information on possible dual core support in the future (1.2 or even later, a "don't know yet" would also be an answer). Let's get to the GFX card. What is the difference between a 6800 GT and 7800 GT in Lomac besides 250€? Any help is appreciated.
  15. Those are already gone a long time ago. Anyway... after they made a CD version I bought the game. By the way, LO is a minority game in a minority genre for whatever reasons. SF is one I think. But if this way, they get the same or even more money than more popular games like F4:AF, I can live with it. I don't know if I'll buy it or not. It will depend on whether they only add a new plane/heli or really improve the game as a whole. 1.1 was the limit. I want a little more. F.ex. ME improvements, new FM for all planes or even dynamic campaign (yea here it is again). Some more fundamental changes you know. I'm quite sure ED will do it right. The second release should be easier for them.
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