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  1. As a fan of CA, I can safely say that before I knew where the tank was I could not find it. After I did know where it was (through the aiming cue), nothing changed. I still could not see it at all, and if I was to try to fire at it (without the cue) I would have no idea where to aim.
  2. And confirmed to be working. Just tested with the same test mission I had, and this time I got the warning once the missile went pitbull. Great job everyone. Thank you for your help @Flappie
  3. Hi @Flappie I've tested today again and unfortunately I still experience the issue. Would it be ok if you can confirm again that the fix didn't make it yet? Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I've tested with today's patch (17.09) and unfortunately the issue is still present. I saw HB had some fixes for the AIM-54, but I guess these are not related. @Flappie Can I bother you to confirm that the internal fix you mentioned is *not* applied to the latest OB? Thanks again.
  5. Hello again, I've attached the track that demonstrates the issue. Note the count of the AIM-7 being 0 but the stores showing 2 attached missiles. At the end I pressed the trigger button to demonstrate the "recalculation". Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers. F18_HUD_Missile_Count.trk
  6. Hi BigNewy, Yep, I'm able to reproduce it on-demand. I'll generate a track and upload it shortly. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I've noticed the missile count on the F-18 is incorrectly reported after the emergency jettisoning is activated. In my test, I had 4 AIM-7 (2 on cheeks and 2 on the pylons) and brought up the AA mode with AIM-7 selected (used the key-bind for that). At this stage the HUD reported 4 as expected. Then I pressed the emergency jettison and the HUD reports 0 AIM-7, however, 2 are still attached to the cheeks. Pressing the trigger button "recalculates" the amount and correctly shows 2 again. I've added a screenshot of the HUD after the jettison. You can see on the stores page 2 AIM-7 are still attached. I've also tested this with other missiles (AIM-120) and it exhibits the same behavior. It's a minor thing though as once you press the trigger, the count is "reset" correctly. Let me know if you need any more information. Thank you.
  8. That is wonderful news. Even if it only makes it in later, it's fixed and that is what matters I just want to add something I noticed just now. I ran another test and with the F-14A (the really old AI model) the SPO receives the signal. It's only with the F-14A-135-GR and F-14B that the SPO is silent. In any case, thanks again for your help with this issue. Cheers.
  9. @Flappie Hi Flappie, I hope you don't mind me using the @ to ping you. You mentioned the F-15C as well as the F-14 as confirmed, did you get a chance to look at the SPO equipped aircraft (Su27, Mig29, ...)? I did test with those and have the same issue. Do you think that perhaps the fix will address all aircraft that are affected? If you need some more information or the tracks as you mentioned, I'm glad to provide some. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing this issue as well. However, it seems to be related only to SP and F14 AI vs FC3 aircraft. In my tests FC3 aircraft (specifically SU27, Mig29, F15) do not receive a RWR warning when a AIM54 becomes active or is fired in STT. In contrast, the F16 and F18 seem to work just fine receiving the RWR warning according to the stage of the AIM54 engagement. I'm able to reproduce the issue 100% of times should a track or video of it be necessary. Thank you.
  11. I can confirm this problem is still present in the latest release (DCS Open Beta - 03.06.2021). There are no warnings of a AIM-54 going active on RWR or SPO. Could someone from the ED team confirm if this is being looked at? It is an important issue that affects both SP and MP. Thanks in advance.
  12. @Hiob Hmm... I did change the MSAA to off prior to that happening. Thanks. @Flappie Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. Thanks again guys. Cheers.
  13. I've deleted the fxo and metashader2 folders and the "weird colors" have been "fixed". I only have the strange mirror like reflections now. I heard there is a new system for reflections. Could it be the result of this new system? If so, can it be "disabled"? Thanks again.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing some graphical issues with the new 2.7 version. I've attached some screenshots of the issues (strange colors, strange mirror like reflection) and of my graphical settings. The strange colors were taken in the Instant action "free flight" missions. I've also added the Ka-50 (just to show it happens on other modules too). Thank you for your attention. Kind regards, Mouse
  15. Hi everyone, Let me start with a quick disclaimer saying that I'm not an expert an weapons systems so I might not know how to distinguish normal behavior from non-normal behavior. That said the Igla / Igla-S seems to be having issues "hitting" the target. In my tests I was able to orbit above 3 Iglas while on afterburners and without flaring + almost stalling the aircraft (really slow speed) and still the Igla did not "hit". I've repeated the experiment multiple times with similar results. When compared to another experiment that uses a Stinger instead the result is dramatically different. In the Stinger experiment, I'm not able to orbit, even when trying to use idle power and flares (this is what I expected from this experiment). I've attached .trk from some runs of both experiments. I'd expect the Igla to perform better, based on reports that it was a comparable system to the Stinger: The Igla-S is an improved system over the Igla: Now, I know that Wikipedia is not a "military source". But the experiments above combined with the "reports" from Igla users documented in Wikipedia, lead me to suspect there may be an issue with DCS representation of the Igla system. Again, I will re-iterate that I'm not an expert, so my apologies if I'm wasting everyone's time on something that I obviously got wrong. In any case, thanks for taking the time to read this. Kind regards. no_shoot_down_iglaS.trk no_shoot_down_iglaS_2.trk no_shoot_down_iglaS_3.trk shoot_down_stinger.trk shoot_down_stinger_with_flares.trk shoot_down_stinger_with_flares_2.trk
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