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  1. Anyone have a profile using the Winwing Anyone have a profile using the Winwing SUPER LIBRA+SUPER TAURUS as collective/cyclic for the Apache? Thanks TC
  2. Profiles AH64D.pdf Is this close to what you have? Thanks TC
  3. too-cool


    I have the SUPER LIBRA JOYSTICK ★ SUPER TAURUS THOTTLE. Cannot seem to get any buttons on either to recognize the F12 key (TIR) for centering the view. No Hats or switches, any Ideas? Thanks TC
  4. Any Progress on A profile? Thanks TC
  5. You wouldn't by chance have a profile for the Winwing (SUPER LIBRA+SUPER TAURUS)? Thanks TC
  6. I have the same stick/throttle you have from WinWing, question? Have you created a profile for the AH64D you don't mine sharing? Thanks TC
  7. When creating single/multiplayer missions, can the Auto-start-up feature be disabled in the mission forcing a manual start-up?
  8. Can someone tell me were to find what each of the VR options do? I would like to know how checking of each option will effect the game in VR. Also I get the plane in the hanger normally with the out of focus text in red, but no menu to make any selections to play the game, Help Please. TC 11900 cpu/WC 3080 gpu 32" Asus monitor 64gb ram HP G2 VR
  9. Why not post how you got rid of it, it would help member out a lot. TC
  10. I lower my o/c from 5.2 to 4.2, my temps went from 75-80 on GPU down to 59-60 and 72 on CPU down to 45. Will get into the manual and see if I can get temps down even further. Thanks a lot. TC
  11. I checked/updated drivers,reinstalled video drivers,updated Dxdaig and stilled getting the same crashes. When I do a auto of a/c and start to taxi the game freezes. Here's the last crash log from 10 minutes ago. dcs.log-20210906-215636.zip My dxdiag tool show no problem in any of the tabs.
  12. when starting aircraft, any a/c game will freeze with error msg send crash report. Below is the crash log of the last crash. Please Help. Thanks TC dcs.log-20210905-205414.zip
  13. I can join any server listed that's not pw protected but when I create a server, my server doesn't show on the server list, those attempting to join my server get the message.(server not found) should read server offline. I can join but I can't create a server and have it listed on the master server list and this is also when using a direct IP. Thanks for any help TC
  14. Got it all work out, had to do a clean and repair, check to ensure everything was in the right place and it works. I had the issue with Pt2 but found if you load one template at a time modify your mission and save the templates it works flawlessly. Thanks for all the help. TC
  15. When I click on that link this is what I get, see attached. Doesn't matter how many times I click the attached just repeats itself. TC help.pdf
  16. I have the mod you list but the Sam Sites Asset Pack I can't find any where, I see the High Digits SAMs Mod but the download link is dead or I need something else to make that link work... Can you provide a link to Sam Sites Asset Pack 1.3. Thanks
  17. I gotten rid of the authorize mod error, had to delete a file in each listed mod folder but when I debug all files I'm getting this warning, see attached. Were do I download these two files, I can't find them. Thanks TC debug.pdf
  18. for some reason I can't seem to get these two mods correctly installed, no civilian aircraft are present on any of the (intl) airports and I'm still getting the not authorized and will be disabled message for the civilian and military mods. I should have mentioned that I had to replace my original ssd a few months ago and had to reinstall DCS, if I need to re-install again that's OK, what do you think? Thanks TC
  19. I'm not showing any DCS.log file in openbeta or release version or savedgame. It should be in the root dir, shouldn't it? TC
  20. I can't seem to get the civilian aircraft to show nor I'm I able to save the template after placing Pt. 1 in a mission, all air air bases populate except the Int'l ones.I have placed the mods were directed I think. I will Check again on were they are installed but they show on the installed modual list but I also get a massage saying DCS has disabled them because they are not authorized. I'm at a lost. Thanks TC Marianas.pdf
  21. Were do you get the VPC Airfield Equipment mod and or Livery? Thanks TC
  22. Please tell me where each of the Mods and Livery go, I have down loaded and installed following your instructions on the download page but can't seem to get the mods or livery install to work, can't populate the in't airports. Thanks TC Please instruct on where and how these mods / livery are to be installed. Thanks TC Can't seem to properly install the civilianaircraftmod.
  23. Please can you explain to me exactly how you install this mod. I have the templates installed and everything populates the Marianas map except the civilian aircraft and when I go to fly the mission it''s not there. Thanks TC
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