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  1. If you're using the DCS keybinding (like e.g. F-16C Sim) to assign key commands, then you shouldn't run Target beforehand and you'll get separate devices (i.e. TM Warthog Stick, TM Warthog Throttle, TM MFD 1 and TM MFD 2) that you assign respective DCS commands to. If you're using Target, then you assign these in Target (e.g. key 'Y' which is defined in the F-16C Sim profile Keyboard column to some DCS F-16C function, you can assign it to some MFD button directly so when the Target profile is active, a press to that key will type Y whether in DCS or in Windows in general).
  2. I've seen Seasonic Focus GX mentioned specifically as an example of a PSU which will have issues with new Nvidia cards, so I guess something about their design makes them not a great choice for the new GPUs with more powerful transient spikes. Supposedly, it's not only about transient spikes in this case, but also in how Seasonic PSUs in general handle noise sensing on the 12V line where they didn't expect such high noise as generated by Nvidia 30XX series. They tweaked this behavior in later production batches, but if you have a PSU from before the fix (which I guess came some time after 30XX series release), they might shutdown a lot due to this. It happened even on stronger PSU's (e.g. 850W) when the 30XX series came out.
  3. RM650x is a good unit, it can provide almost the entire stated wattage on 12V so no problems there spec wise. But, with increased wattage, the power load transient spikes also increase which might trigger OCP protection on a PSU and trigger a shutdown. I also have a similar problem where I'll try to run a 3080 with a Ryzen 5600X on some older model (but decent/good quality and still brand new) Corsair 550W PSU. I just recently put the system together, so didn't have time to run any demanding games for a longer period of time; it did run DCS for like 10-15 minutes, so I'm slightly optimistic (especially if I undervolt the card somewhat).
  4. What's your PSU exactly? I don't see your signature for some reason. If it's a good quality PSU and not too old, 650W could suffice since the projected TDP for 4080 is 420W. Still, we won't know for sure till closer to launch.
  5. The 12GB has more shaders as well and a wider memory bus, so it gets somewhat better performance (it's roughly somewhere between a 10GB 3080 and a 3080Ti). But, since you've waited this long, it's obviously better to wait a few months more for the 40XX series.
  6. I'm more excited at the chance of finally having a 23 simulated, though I will get the 15E as well (I have too many fond memories of flying it in Strike Eagle III). The WSO is seat is kind of completely superfluous in it (except for GBU-15, IIRC), but that might be a plus for the SP, I guess.
  7. For 5K2K, I'd rather go for a 40", it's an overkill on 34", but there's no gaming monitors in 40" yet, just 60Hz office ones and they're pretty expensive. How about a 37,5" 3840*1600 one instead of 3440*1440 34" one? It's higher and somewhat wider. http://www.displaywars.com/34-inch-21x9-vs-38-inch-21x9 The main advantage of G-Sync is that they usually have a lower start of the supported FPS range (e.g. G-Sync would cover tearing starting from 30 FPS, while FreeSync usually starts from 48 FPS), but with a 3080, that's not really an issue.
  8. Yeah, they don't have such an option, but some people have modded-in some dampers themselves.
  9. Well, not only the prices will drop if you wait a bit more, but you'll have next gen released as well which seem to be promising quite a step in performance.
  10. The only thing I'd consider upgrading is the graphics card, since you game on a 4K TV/monitor. But, the GPU prices are still high compared to their MSRP, even though they are slowly dropping down. Given how the new generation of GPUs is planned to be released in like 6 months by both AMD and Nvidia, I'd wait for those for sure.
  11. I think your first post was pretty self-explanatory; i.e. some guy from the forums suggesting that Razbam should remove a module in development from their line-up because he heard only one guy is working on it.
  12. The purpose of the AI in Ka-52 would be to fly the helicopter or maintain a dynamic hover while you're operating weapons. As regards to Mi-24VP, I think you're confusing some bits with Mi-24VM/Mi-35M. Mi-24VP was indeed a variant of Mi-24V with a dual 23mm cannon turret, but there were some issues in practice with it which is one of the reasons for low production numbers. Mi-24VM/Mi-35M takes the 23mm turret configuration (I'd presume with a different control system like e.g. HMS which resolves earlier issues?) and adds those various upgrades related to targeting optics and night-flying, but I would presume ED would not be allowed to model these variants.
  13. Do you mind posting the 3D file for this perhaps? I have a Cougar throttle somewhere that I've lubed with same Nyogel a year ago, so presume the rubber bits are also toast by now. Presumably the 3D printed parts will be resistant to Nyogel and a friend can print me these for free..
  14. So, you'd want to tell Razbam now how to do their job now based on some scraps of information? They prioritize other modules at the moment to release and or complete them. Let them work.
  15. Luckily, no injuries. If I understood correctly from the article, the one behind lost orientation from all the snow raised by the downwash and got too close to the first one and took out its tail rotor. https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/black-hawk-helicopter-reported-crashes-in-little-cottonwood-canyon
  16. At least there's a new webpage, that's a good sign. This is something I look forward the most of all the currently announced modules.
  17. Since the startup panel itself is an add-on to the throttle box, they could make different startup panels (like for e.g. F-16) if there's enough demand for it. In that case you wouldn't need another throttle box, just another panel and a throttle grip, plus some extra 15 minutes or so to swap those parts out. I think some Soviet style panel plus stick and throttle grips would be a good idea when MiG-29 comes out.
  18. Doesn't sound like it should require some major change. E.g. two variables used to track these need to be defined outside of the radar function so they don't get re-initialized every time that function is invoked.
  19. Apparently, they are from a BM, but the earlier BM proposal from the 90s (Izdeliye 01BM) which was multirole capable (Blue 58 according to the Yefim Gordon's book). According to photos presented in the book, the pilot's cockpit of MiG-31M had no MFD, but a radar scope repeater of sorts.
  20. IIRC, 6 prototypes (Blue 151 to 156). If I understood correctly, the state trials were quite protracted due to lack of funding so they weren't fully completed by the time USSR fell apart, though the commission did recommend for it to enter production if some minor issues were addressed.
  21. Some other airplanes (like e.g. F-14) have/had also a lower "Training" Master Arm position so the panel is more versatile this way.
  22. Same here. The older 9.12/9.13 main feature over the MiG-23 was the much improved maneuverability, but it was kind of pointless due to the airplane not having enough fuel for dogfighting at any meaningful intercept range. The radar was basically at the same level as later MiG-23 MLA or MLD radars, so if R-27R and R-73 missiles plus HMS were installed on a newer MiG-23 variant (with e.g. AL-31F engines), I would wager it would have been a more useful combo than the MiG-29 operationally (due to a much larger combat radius). 9.15 finally adds more modern radar tech (ditches the cassegrain design for the flat plate slotted array and adds improved computers in the form of Ts101), adds another heavy pylon to the enlarged wings and improves on the fuel capacity (not only by ditching the auxiliary intakes, but also by having composite wings which allowed more capacity from the bag tanks which had to be used on the older variants) and adds smokeless engines (among some other improvements). The much improved A2G capabilities (by supporting guided missiles and bombs) were also quite significant, but I don't think most if not all of the announced weapons were fully developed and integrated in the 9.15 prototypes (compared to the A2A functions), especially as the N010 radar development was lagging behind. Shame the SU broke before it entered serial production. The current M model shares the two-seater canopy (from M2) so it looks quite odd to me.
  23. These were the latest ones I've found some months ago when I was testing if mine still works. https://drivers.softpedia.com/get/KEYBOARD-and-MOUSE/Mad-Catz/Mad-Catz-Saitek-X-65F-Pro-Flight-Combat-Stick-Driver-70536-64-bit.shtml https://drivers.softpedia.com/get/JOYSTICK-GAMEPAD-WHEELS-and-TABLETS/Mad-Catz/Mad-Catz-Saitek-X-65F-Pro-Flight-Combat-Stick-Driver-Utility-70536-64-bit.shtml
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