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  1. №15 | Drona - MiG-21bis №15 | Skinner - MiG-21bis №15 | Viper - MiG-21bis №15 | Xbox - MiG-21bis
  2. Squadron: №15 BattleAxes Timezone: 1600z to 2100z (weekends only) Aircraft: Tomcats, Hornets, Mirage, Fishbeds, Falcons Maps: Cauc, PG
  3. @BIGNEWY Pls see this track.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IJbiuHHqGV2K1hCskUJyYufKENLtBPKD/view?usp=sharing
  4. Yes, have experienced the same @RHAIf you could provide a track, would be great. I will try to attach a track tonight if I can. But to the devs, moderators, and testers, this is easily reproducible, just launch the CASE 2 training mission.
  5. Okay, I've tried it again in the latest update, and again, I can't see the "see you at 10" radio menu
  6. The 120B is better than the 77 and ER, but if you play your cards right, in a 4v4 scenario, the Flanker can come out on top.
  7. For some reason, which I can't fathom, I'm not getting the "See you at 10" radio item when approaching the carrier for a Case II recovery after following the proper communications. Is there some mistake that I might have made or is it a bug currently? BTW, good tutorial, well done.
  8. As the title says. I'm unable to join a squadron from an invite my friend sent me. I click "Join Squadron" and then it takes me to the rules page. I accept the rules and then nothing happens. Can this please be checked? Edit: Was able to join after declining the request to join and then clicking Join Squadron and waiting for mod approval.
  9. Not at the home PC to have a look at the tacview, but going off what you said -- 1. R-27R: Well, the target is beaming.. that's enough for it to be defeated. And the target being an A-10, it was slow and probably in a notch to the radar. Hence, the missile missing. 2. For the R-73, were you against the sun? If so, it can miss. Also, was the A-10 flaring or pre-flaring?
  10. It does work for the first few seconds after startup, but then disappears completely. Surprisingly, we can see F-16s on the same coalition, but the F-18s just aren't visible.
  11. Thanks for the track. Should help ED I guess. Its frustrating when an important feature like this doesn't work.
  12. Looks like this is a bug.. My squad tested this out and fighter-to-fighter datalink without AWACS is not working. Flight members of the same group are not showing up. EDIT: Would like to add that this is a multiplayer issue and not singleplayer. In singleplayer, flight members show up fine, but in multiplayer, zilch, nada.
  13. Here's one example: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=253434
  14. And also, you say when there will be time, I get that to a degree, but when will that time come? It's been ages since the Russian missiles have been touched, yet there are many improvements to American missiles. It's becoming too much of a one-sided approach to fixing things.
  15. I'm not expecting AIM-120C type guidance and performance, no, certainly not, but at least, the Russian missiles in sim should not be in the current state it is, which is currently useless.
  16. ED needs to update the R-27 and R-77 series missiles. Not only are the modern A2A Russian aircraft woefully lacking systems, their missiles are even worse. Makes you just not want to fly Russian birds anymore.
  17. №15 | Skinner - MiG-21bis №15 | Drona - MiG-21bis
  18. You have to include the "oauth" in the beginning of the authentication token. I had the same error and only when including the oauth: at the front in DCS options, it worked.
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