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  1. That’s the FLIR hotspots. Super useful for picking up ground vehicles (not sure how they work with EDs new FLIR mechanics or if they are going to be updated, but before there was random “noise” simulated along with any actual hotspots). You can disable them from the FLIR page on the MPCD if you really don’t want them but I can’t see why you wouldn’t. TL/DR - feature not bug
  2. Great guide - this is exactly how I did it (though you’ve explained it better than I could). I have my “request control” binding and modifier toggle set up next to each other on my throttle so I hit both at the same time when I want to switch to flying.
  3. You can overcome this with a bit of creativity in the Virpil software. I assume you are talking about the flip trigger on, say, a constellation where the physical switch is pressed if the trigger is up? You can assign two logical switches to the same physical switch and set one to inverse such that one logical is “pressed” when the trigger is up (that’s your open) and one is “pressed” when the trigger is down (that’s your close). That’s what I’ve done and it works fine for me.
  4. I solved this by assigning a modifier switch to CPG bindings for all the cyclic and collective controls - right next to the switch I use for request control. I hit both at the same time then when I take control from the front seat all of my HOTAS commands and axes switch from TEDAC to the same cyclic and collective controls I use in the pilot seat. Took a while to set up but it works great, and I guess IRL you only have 2 hands so they are either on the TEDAC or cyclic/collective. for more detail I have a Virgil CM3 and I use the mode dial, mode 1 is TEDAC, mode 2 the modifier for cyclic/collective, I use press on one of the encoders immediately below it as the “request control”. I hit that button and flip the mode switch at the same time.
  5. @Taz1004 maybe you may have an answer to this. Have been happy to use without the shaders as my performance is OK right now, but the bit I really want is the change to the NVGs (the ability to set the size in the lua so you can see under them). If I was just to butcher this mod to remove everything else and keep that, which files would I need to keep? Would hopefully make it more robust to future updates for me as that is the bit I care about.
  6. Would be great to have the ability to use the George AI commands without having the interface open. With the voice feedback it’s easy to memorize only 4 buttons and would increase immersion. Addon to this, if would be awesome to have individual keybinds for all of the George commands (eg “WAS rockets”, and “search here” rather than “left short”) as an option, that way they can be assigned to random unused keyboard combinations and used with voice attack. I use Vaicom for Jester and it’s great, but I know Petrovich hasn’t been supported so this would be a great alternative that would work well with the AI system ED designed (which is functionally more simplistic than Jester as it doesn’t have these large rotary menus).
  7. Thanks, they should still be good. I made a couple of minor changes, will try and upload a new version this week (been crazy busy IRL).
  8. I used these (but they don’t have length): https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312200/ try these too (charts included, a separate download for each theater): https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311946/
  9. My understanding of its use is to port the VTB to an external display (like a separate screen). It’s on a black background so one can’t use it to “cheat” (I don’t like that word in context but I can’t think of a better one) and use it as some sort of fake HMD (which doesn’t exist IRL). It’s been like that for a while.
  10. I reported this here: Is this the same behavior you are seeing?
  11. Take a look at Quaggles DCS input command injector: https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector let’s you add extra keybinds in saved games folder that won’t get messed up by lua changes - has been an absolutely game changer for me
  12. Chuck’s guide is pretty current (12/23/21) https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-mirage-2000c/
  13. It may be that it's just the display that is bugged and not the target point itself. Can you still use it as T1, and T2, even it it shows T19 and T2X, or not?
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