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  1. rweaves6

    ATT Hold

    I’m curious on how much you guys use ATT while on approach and landing?
  2. Edit to my original post. I realize now where my confusion sits. My question is, are not both trim modes essentially Nose to tail trim? One is nose to tail to the desired heading and the other is nose to tail to the desired track/ bearing?
  3. As a fixed wing pilot, I’m a little confused with the two methods of trimming a rotary craft. In a fixed wing aircraft, having the ball centered means you’re coordinated and efficient, neither any skid or slip happening, the aircraft is moving forward with the tail tucked in nicely behind. Now how does this translate to the helicopter? I understand keeping the ball centered means the helo is trimmed aero and keeping the nose on the velocity vector is nose to tail. Is aero trim similar to when you approach an airfield in a fixed wing where you’re coordinated and crabbing to allow for wind. Then when you near touchdown and straighten the nose to point down the centreline, would this now be similar to nose to tail in the rotary? Are we rolling the helo slightly more to maintain nose to tail? *Edit* My question is, are not both trim modes essentially Nose to tail trim? One is nose to tail to the desired heading and the other is nose to tail to the desired track/ bearing?
  4. ^^This. That said, I’d admit that after a couple days of flying, I’m starting to get the hang of it. Yesterday I had a long post written out claiming there must be a better way to implement the trim. I’m glad I didn’t post it. Only one day later and I’m finding it much more intuitive, and I think we all need to give it more than a day or two. While it isn’t a perfect solution, I’m beginning to believe that ED have done the best they could at simulating force trim of a non spring stick and pedal system.
  5. I think he mentioned in the comments of his latest video on the hellfires that he still has 3-4 videos to be released. Not sure what that means as far as release date but it doesn’t scream being days away. The module sure is looking great, I can’t wait.
  6. With the new FLIR being developed, this module just became even more exciting in my opinion. What an improvement! This coupled with my Varjo Aero on order is making 2022 looking like the year of DCS for me. Exciting times.
  7. Hi guys, as we wait for ED to put the finishing touches on what appears to be an incredible EA release, I was wondering what kind of mission the D variant has been used for the most in real combat? I understand what it’s mission parameters are but sometimes that doesn’t actually play out for real. So, historically speaking in real combat, what has the D shot up the most over the years? Thanks
  8. We received our first official DCS World news update for 2022 today and I noticed it comes with no new information on the Apache development. I admit I was a bit surprised we didn’t get an update on anything, especially it’s release date. I’ve noticed the small niche flight sim/game market has been hit hard by the pandemic, it appears all developers have been moving at a snail’s pace. This of course is completely acceptable and regardless, we will wait patiently.
  9. Wonderful responses Raptor9 and Kgillers3, many thanks for that. I now have a far better understanding of the late and early variant Apache crewmember responsibilities. I'd still love to dive deeper in this and try to better understand the Tactical Deployment workflow. I find it an interesting and relevant discussion, and with better understanding it may allow some to better enjoy simulating operations in the Apache. That said, I don't expect you two to waste anymore time explaining things to me haha. You've been generous with your knowledge and insight and I'm thankful. Cheers
  10. Thanks Raptor, I appreciate you pointing me to your summary. I’m still a bit confused and ignorant on the subject. I suppose I had assumed that the Apache crew members have a similar setup to the F14, with pilot and RIO where one does all the flying and delivers the weapons while the other operates the systems. So this is different in the Apache? Do both crew members have the same qualifications and training, meaning are they both pilots? Do crew members often jump between front and back seat roles or is it that if you’re a back seater, you are always a back seater? Does the front seater actually fire/deliver all the weapons and guns? thanks
  11. Hi all. I was hoping to get some clarification on what each seat positions’ roles are. I haven’t seen a specifics thread on the matter. I’m referring to specific real life roles, not how the AI will be implemented…etc. I’m most interested in simulating the rear seat pilots role and it would be great to understand what exactly the pilot is responsible for, and what I will be depending on my front seat crew member for. I’ve played all the old Apache titles (Janes…etc) and they were always a mix match of roles. Many thanks.
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