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  1. I apologize for lying to you. wont happen again
  2. Sorry about that Megalax, I don't plan releasing them they're for my own enjoyment. I should have given you the credit for the art work, once again sorry about that.
  3. *Credit goes to Megalax for the great artwork*
  4. hey Josh 109, nice job on the D. would i be able to have a copy of the update for the EFGD?

    1. josh-109


      updated D model should be listed on the 1st page/ post 7.5 the EFG im not aloud to link it out due to CJS rules about giving out there product Ive already asked and showed them what Ive done to make it its own aircraft with out replacing the C model

  5. Hey Chukk hope all is well, do you happen to have any updates on these mods?
  6. Great mod Cubanace!! I noticed after takeoff the front landing gear wont retract. any idea why this is?
  7. great looking ship, but for some reason thew textures are not showing
  8. Su-25/25T https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a_j5cWpMNbrrp-CbER8808-TGw87VACY/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q99amh8Zz44OdnGICtErHJbB4ABYPqGm/view?usp=sharing Enjoy
  9. Yeh that shouldn't be a problem. i'll put up some pics later on today
  10. Keep up the great work Cubanace, Things happen in life, family always comes first, the mods are just mods
  11. WIP, re-did the RCAF CF-188B for 401, 409, 410, 425, 433 TFS
  12. Still a WIP but getting there. Still a WIP but getting there.
  13. anymore pics? i can probably make it
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