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  1. Just finished the campaign and really liked it. I liked the voiced tracks and nice implemented weather and seasons of the day what gave me a lot of fun and immersion. Generally it was not easy for me to finish. (flying Tomcat since few months, after 1.5 of year with other modules). First 4 missions are quite lazy. I especially liked the one with seeking the boat with pulse doppler. Next ones are a rapid step with diffculty and A/A. What made me the most problems were low level flying MiGs (mission 5 and 8 ). It was really diffcult to tune the radar properly and to choose the proper weapon in proper mode. Another problem is Wingman. He sometimes saves our ass, but sometimes does nothing (I know it is overall problem of AI in DCS). What can I say more, last few missions are very complex due to the number of units what caused a huuge load on my poor i5 CPU and FPS drop. It is fine that mission is realistic but generally it is difficult to see any profits of this from the cockpit, until you watch whole the mission with TacView. Anyhow, I am waiting for second part. In the meantime I am going to polish my BFM techniques with low flying objects Thank you HB! Your Tomcat is awsome!
  2. it should be. What more should be, this P-STT locked from PAL should stay P-STT until you give Jester a clear command to change it (to PD-STT for example) or just to break a lock. What I am afraid of, and not only me as I can see, we do not exactly know what happens in "post-PAL" STT when you are nearby 10-15nm distance from the target. To be precise, my 'sepcial option' is set to off.
  3. Oh yes, happened to me few times. PAL is excellent until it's PAL. After locking (my feeling, not knowledge) it becomes a regular P-STT with all the consequences and strange surprises. There is definetly something missed between the lines of Tomcat's program-code (or Jester code)
  4. Thanks really much! This is it and it works. It really shows actual mode, even in STT. Thanks to it I can now recognize, that Jester is a little liar. He always confirms the order to switch to P-STT, but do it only when he wants to (someone here mentioned about it) . Usually there is no chance to force him, to switch to Pulse if target is over 10nm away. Not logical, because Pulse range is much greater than 10nm and can be very useful. In the opposite way, there is no chance to force Jester to switch to PD-STT when the target is closer than 10nm. Rare situation, but sometimes could be also useful. I do not know, how these commands were originally projected, but something is surly wrong. Generally, if you want to be sure, you must BE a Jester.
  5. Thanks! I will check tomorrow. Today was one of that sad days without DCS
  6. What do you mean by this? Maybe something I don't know yet.
  7. Oh yes, it surly is. However, you cannot bind single key to specified jester's submenu or just a specified option from a submenu. When you look at 'controls setting', there is a table called 'Jester AI' which is very limited with commands. I have binded an option 'toggle PD-STT & P-STT modes' which works in both directions. If they were separate, it would be clear situation. You can also bind switching to TWS or RWS. Anyhow, I see that I have to speed up my training of VAICOM which has much more Jester options, even more than context menu. The problem is, that I am so excited with flying Tomcat itself, that there is no time for additional tools.
  8. Sorry for digging the old topic. I have additional question for all Tomcat experts: is there any other indication from the pilot's seat to check if we are in PD-STT or pulse? I have a key binded to jester AI which orders him to toggle stt modes. Problem is, after few tries I do not know which one is now. Eagle's advise is useful, however this way is time-taking. I tried to sit as Rio and check the state on his cockpit, however this way turns all the radar settings upside - down after returning to pilot's seat.
  9. I am still learning Viper. I can observe something similiar in TWS mode. After one target is bugged, I can do nothing with TMS up or down, in case I wanted to level up the other ones, or just de-bug the prioity target to system. Just no reaction. I am not sure how it was working before.
  10. Had exactly the same. As I watched Tacview replay, MiG appeared 60nm away, made some circles and headed towards its base, so it was impossible to lock it. After next try everything was good. I hope that fix will work in the future
  11. There should be any problem for you. I have played it before SH1 and SH2. Only thing which can kick your ass is dogfight, especially 2 missions. It took many tries and twisted nerves to pass them. However, AA is the essencial of DCS and F-18, and forced me to learn more about it. \ You will like it!
  12. Bad luck, I haven't saved that track. As I remmeber, it is possible that I left the planned path 1nm -2nnm away towards them. The next radio call that "they are turing cold appeared, when they were about 10-15nm from me. Whole the time I was using TWS and no hard-locking them. After that I returned to the planned route and observed how they are passing me. After all I could regognize from RWR that they are taking a round and start to chase me, then locking and then taking me down with a gun. After next try of the mission I wasn't waiting
  13. Hi, I am not sure if we are talking about the same mission. I mean MSN11 where you are escorting C-17. Event with 2 MiG-21's is few minutes before. There was no sikners here. If you still would have some details, just let me know
  14. I am still enjoying the campaing and competed 11 missions till now. Mission 11 is also very interesting, but there was some point I did not like: I received the message from HQ about 2 bogeys - nice. Next message - they are turning cold, and it happens in fact. After a while they are turning back, locking you and finally attacking you -> total silence from HQ. It can be confusing a little bit. It would be better if there was no message at all, or in other option, another message like "they are coming back.." or sth. It could be a message from Wingman as well. Thanks! PP
  15. My pleasure You have 2 steps: 1. HSI->DATA: "Precise" switch 2. HSI-> DATA-> A/C: "LatLN DCML" switch You will see the results in format change on any digital waypoint data. Then you may enter coordinates.
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