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  1. Every map is unique, every map has its great geographic or historical stories. But, allow me to say but, it's really a little bit too early. From the details, from the feeling at low altitude free flight... from many aspects, it's yet too early. I saw big steps moving forward in recent months at AV-8B and M2000C. Hope Razbam get the map upgraded (should be quite big upgrades if I may) as soon as possible.
  2. Just bought full pro License VAICOM (got email of 5 keys) and inputs correctly. Had very quick test, most voice commands work fine. However some words cannot be recognized: such as Marshal / Kobuleti / Kutaisi ... Did I miss something? I am quite sure ATC extension license is installed.
  3. I accidentally fly the plane to a wire. The damage looks fine that the propeller is bent. (although the plane can still fly, it is damaged). But I found the propeller circle viewing from the cockpit still showing a complete circle. Please correct it, to make it more real.
  4. There are three bindings for TACAN mode in the joystick setting: Mode X; Mode Y; and Mode X/Y Toggle. The problem happens at the TACAN switch position shown. - Mode Y works fine, the switch is up. - Mode X/Y toggle also works find, the switch is toggled up and down. - But Mode X shows weird that the switch is left in the middle (neither up or down).
  5. If ED map team could provide a guide (or rule to explain) the complete logic and triggers, rather than we to try each condition and airport one by one, that would be great!
  6. Thanks a lot for the explanations. That makes sense. Quite knowledgeable! Again, do we have a full guide (document) of it. For example, you said the wind rules for radio aid selection depend on particular airports. So in DCS what airport on what rules? Do we have a complete guide? The picture is drawn by you through the experiment or is it a guide in some DCS docs?
  7. Just finished the campaign. What can I say? Great work! excellent voiceovers / smart usage of map / clear navigation instructions and some interesting designs including letters and radios... This is the campaign I will re play. BTW, below is the original thread before I edit today, just for fun: Love to relax after each intense mission with listening to the 117.2khz field radio and enjoying the view back home. But in the night mission 6, it's not on. So the guys tuning the music radio is out of the office in the evening?
  8. That's a pretty amazing detail. Not to disrespect your point, but I would just hope the Map Team please clarify clearly on which condition the NDB will be turn on and off... If it's not a bug. (I think these details are important for many campaign designers to know as well)
  9. Many times I cannot find some ADF signal as given by the map. An example is: in the UH-1H quick start mission "Free Flight" in Caucasus Map, I cannot tune to Kobuleti ADF 490 T or 870 KT. While I can find ADF 493 LD at Krasnodar-Pashkvsky. (which is almost 318nm away) And that problem came again when I am playing Huey games such as "Argo Campaign" mission 2, which requires to locate Kobuleti airport. While I cannot find ADF 490 T. Interesting is that it doesn't happen in all missions. If I create a Caucasus mission by myself, the ADF 490 T is coming up, with clear signal. Sounds weird. I don't know if other ADF has the same problem. Please help to find out the reason and fix it. ADF is so handy for navigations without GPS.
  10. I would agree it's a problem. Tried pretty hard in mission 2 for NDB 490, but can't make it. (I tried the same to look for NDB 870, failed as well) Seems indeed a problem.
  11. In past 2 years, I have played Operation Piercing Fury for 3 times with both A10C and A10CII. And with recently AH64D released, I enjoyed more and more CAS jobs either by attack wings or helos. Just want to come back and say, this one is still one of the best! Ranger 79, thank you! Highly recommended for hog players if you haven't tried it.
  12. Nice to have some interesting readings... Again, really great campaign with such interesting designs, either technical or fictional. Every effort is respected.
  13. Is Safronov onboard? Then taxi to a tree... Hahaha, like it very much, the dialogues brought much fun to a transportation mission.
  14. Thanks Reflected for keeping the "other" world moving on...:)
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