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  1. i´d like to propose one person for one of the TrackIR´s.... GlowingAMRAAM if he want´s it... for someone that has given us so much in LOMAC movies... i don´t know if he has one or not but that´s my suggestion... for the second... Britgliderpilot for all the trouble and patience helping everyone on the foruns...
  2. Famalicao, Portugal. near Oporto in the north of the country... where Port wine and hot women are grown... :P and what Pilotasso said is true... Lisbon people are truly the laziest people in the world... :) but not us here "up north"... we work and they keep the money... :D:D:D:D just a little healthy competition north and south here... hehehehe
  3. My dear friend... the Rules Of Engagement regarding Mothers-In-Law don´t need for permission to engage... you should shoot in sight or even better in BVR range if possible to save you your wife´s lecture... ;)
  4. when you start answering your wife: "roger" "wilco" and so on...
  5. i have Mastercard and since the last post i already have a total of 6 people wanting FC (not counting you), so i think it´s a really good idea to mix it all up together... both Skywall23 and i are from the same club... FC Porto... the bet arised from a conversation where he INFAMOUSLY stated that SL Ben**** would win the league this year... given the poor display of our team this year, that might happen, so i´m really a cool guy that wants to give a game away... :P anyway, if Sporting or any other wins... (i.e. Braga) he loses and has to pay the game... it´s a win-win for him... he never loses anyway... ;) as for the rest.. the only thing standing on top of my monitor is my TrackIR, so... unless you happen to buy a magazine where i have written anything, they usually carry a photo also... (though i would like to avoid that... :D) Best regards...
  6. Thank you, Jason... NaturalPoint sure is giving a deluxe treatment to us all... congratulations... just one doubt... usually it would compensate buying several games in one shipment to cover shipping expenses... can you tell me if your shipping of a few games to Portugal would be base shipping+ % more for each game, a fixed shipping price until a certain weight is reached or each copy would pay a fixed shipping rate? if buying several copies together without increasing the shipping costs too much is true, then i think that would be the best option. @ PILOTASSO (or any other Portuguese around here) i am already going to buy 3 copies (when available) of FC, one for me, another for a friend and the other for Skywall23 (he will get it for free from me or not depending on who wins the SuperLeague this year :D)... if you feel like it... we could all join our orders so that shipping costs would come to a minimum... and who knows... maybe NaturalPoint would make a volume discount... ;)
  7. Glad i could help... in a way you´re gonna like it as much as a hot woman, so beware of girlfriend/wife reactions... :D
  8. i asked Nic´s mother about this and she feels that even though there might be a risk, she prefers keep receiving some very heartfelt e-mails about her son. QUOTE: "I saw the message saying was I might be open to spammers - it is really nice to get private e-mails to home regarding Nic, so I am OK to take the risk. In any case we use a sort of Mail Washer so we normally filter out the SPAM. Its nice that someone was looking out for me, tho' Regards Graeme" END QUOTE QUOTE: "Thanks so much - I have had a number of e-mails already , little stories about Nic - they're a great help." END QUOTE
  9. i´d like to make another "small" request from all of you that were saddened or touched by Nic´s passing. please "waste" 60 seconds of your time and write an e-mail to his mother just saying that you liked his manual or that he was kind on his e-mails or phone conversations. it would mean 60 seconds less on whatever we had to do... but it would make a world of difference to the coming years of Nic´s family. Thank you.
  10. i kindly ask for other members that post on other forums where Nic´s passing was reported to post Nic´s mother message.
  11. as requested by Nic Cole mother, here is a message to all of us: "Just a short note from me, Nic’s Mum. It has given me so much comfort to read the forums about Nic. It would appear he had touched the lives of hundreds of people. It was really nice to hear the comments from those of you who had either had e-mail dealings with Nic, talked to him on the phone or met him “in the flesh”. Also those of you who appreciated his efforts on the LOMAC manual, thank you. Nic was a very good boy, a real good kid and then we feel a really good man. Very easy-going, always willing to “go with the flow” as they say. He was a very loving son to me and we used to talk a lot. Since I had Nic when I was only 18, the not-too-big age gap meant we found it easy to communicate. Nic has a brother Andy Cole who is also finding it very hard. Nic’s Dad had died 3 years ago so he had had his share of sadness already. My husband, Mike had been his step-Dad for over 20 years ago and was very much his “mate” and misses him like mad. Nic enjoyed life to the full. He and Andrea were so so completely in love I could see he had a very happy and fulfilled life. I think we should try to think optimistically – we should have nice thoughts about how lucky they were to find each other. How lucky we all were to have known Nic – as well as me, his family, his mates in Sheffield, his customers for his IT business and all of you out there. Regarding the LOMAC Manual, my son Andy is trying to take over this side and is going to try and get everyone manuals that have been ordered, but this will take some time, so please please be patient while he sorts this out. He may even do further runs of the manual if he can –I know Nic would like that. I was thrilled about the idea that Nic might be a pilot in the next release of LOMAC and someone is kindly going to send us a copy. I know Nic would love this. I would be very happy to hear from any of you directly as I find it a great comfort to know Nic made such a difference - not many of us can say that. Graeme Gettings (mother of Nic Cole) e-mail mike@mgettings.freeserve.co.uk"
  12. yeah, right... instead of making a thread of caring ED´s customers that just don´t like to see release dates postponed and are also understanding about it, just by saying "put first half 2005" so that people won´t be dissapointed is very extremist... i´ve never been on my toes to get FC, as i understand the problems of software development... heck, my company´s web page and business and database engine took well over a year to develop... however, ED´s customer relantionship DOES leave a lot to be desired... whether promises were broken or not, for me, that is beyond the point... if customers believe they were, it´s very hard to change their minds with word pointing... a smart company would avoid that... i still believe that ED does some things ("wrong") but with sheer good willing... but i also think that some of those things are damaging to their image... right now i coulnd´t care less if FC is released or not... when it comes... i´ll think about it... even the foruns aren´t worth checking lately... :( it´s been a long time since i last checked in here or UBI.
  13. and people still wonder why there are so few players online... i still remember the time when i didn´t have broadband internet and i was left wondering how much fun everyone was having online... after having internet access in my house... tried a few times, then gave up permanently...
  14. well... i guess i was wrong in having high hopes that this could be cleared. but i understand that it´s not your job to do it and that ED needs to decide what they are going to do. Thank you.
  15. i was going to make some questions... but they have been made... glad that you are here...
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