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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-uSpZROuEd3THNZeGZMYzF5M0E?resourcekey=0-N8V2z2L3K8inja1HK07iEQ&usp=sharing is also higly recommended PS: welcome to the Forum
  2. @Charly_Owl is the F14 Guide new ? (10.06.2022) fantastic
  3. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/302383-south-atlantic-map-early-access-release-note/?do=findComment&comment=4984256 probier mal was @Bremspropeller geschrieben hat
  4. @Eisprinzessin which Language on the Dcs Page ? (German?) in english the map is there
  5. Hi @AvgWhiteGuy you have a big deadzone, perhaps this ? here are my axiy settings
  6. Fly this Mission again and ask for landing with Standard Flight comm and get NO answer (Vhf Am 133.00) switch vhf Radio off and on and it works. do Not use 257.80 as the text says, thats wrong.
  7. meinst du die hier ? rechts unten am Sitz: 3 Drehregler
  8. https://programm.ard.de/TV/tagesschau24/Startseite/?sendung=287214000084085 interessiert vielleicht jemanden
  9. Den bug gab es mal, dachte er wäre beseitigt. sollte aber auf das Verhalten des Motors keinen Einfluß haben Ist noch wip
  10. Hhmm cant edit my post anymore no problem finished mission with 100 % but text says turn UHF to 257.80 and ATC on 133.00 no answer by the way i am on mission 2
  11. @king39 annother question flown first mission (i am no fan off "Easy Comm") so turn UHF to 257.80 call ATC but get no answer ? UHF Kobuleti is normally 262.00 get an answer but this turns me away from Flight Plan is this the reason or the truck on airfield ?
  12. @Rudel_chw in the Doc folder after the download of the campaign is this PDF . I thought also Georgia and flown the first Mission: Caucasus Map Perhaps only a mistake
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