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  1. In busy missions, like those generated by liberation, AWACS is useless. It’s constantly giving BRA calls about flights over 100 nm away. It never stops making calls. I don’t even tune the freq anymore. If you could set a warning distance, similar to OverlordBot (but no voice recognition is necessary, just make it a radio menu command) it would be useful again, and more realistic.
  2. I’m very happy with my WarBRD base, heavy springs, and TM Warthog grip.
  3. For what it's worth I found that it took a few tries but eventually the tanker responded.
  4. On mission 3, after refueling there's the show of force. I told Smoke to do it while I held high cover. It looked like he made a low pass over the town. Nothing happened. I did my own show of force. Still nothing. A trigger problem?
  5. You need 3rd party software. I prefer Joystick Gremlin.
  6. In case it's helpful to devs or pilots I've found that sometimes if your current steerpoint (not SPI, steerpoint) is above your current flight altitude, you get lots of weird targeting behavior. The disappearing gun or rocket reticle is one symptom. "Invalid fuzing" for CBUs, as though you were below the HOF, is another. Invalid CCIP for either CCIP gun reticle, even when pointed at the ground, is another. Changing your steerpoint (not SPI, steerpoint) to something on the ground, even if far away, seems to fix it. I see this often in missions where you're searching an area and have a bunch of waypoints at angels 10 or 15. You descend to attack something on the ground and your targeting systems go berserk. Setting your current steerpoint back to 0/init pos seems to make things work again.
  7. Well, I've been checking the FedEx tracking constantly for days, and it finally arrived. And sadly, I'm disappointed. It's going back. I have a 3090 and a 9900k, so I should have the horsepower to run it well. I'm coming from the Index, and most notably, I did not have a "wow" moment when I first put it on like I did going from CV1 to Index. If I hold the HMD to my face in exactly the right position, it's a bit clearer. But not enough to make me go "wow." And the fit is bad. I saw a video review (I can't remember whose) that complained that the hinge on the headset only goes one way. You can't bend it down. I have a large head, no doubt, but it's the hinge not bending the other way that prevents it from fitting well. I can perch the back of the headset at the top back of my head and crank it down way too tight for comfort, but the headphones barely reach my ears that way and, more significantly, it doesn't stay in place. Just looking left and right in the cockpit it wiggles around. If I move the back below the top of my head, the way it's intended, the mask is tilted up with a full half inch of space between my cheeks and the foam. And getting my eyes in the sweet spot is unattainable. The FOV that people are talking so much about is absolutely fine. Really good, even, as far as I'm concerned. Every bit as good as the Index and arguably better. Colors are also good. Better than the Index. The glare, on the other hand, is bad. Much worse than Index. Looking at the HUD and slowly rotating my head there's a very noticeable halo floating around every green glowing HUD element. Super distracting and more than offsetting the minor clarity gains. The headphones are lousy. Worse than I expected. I care about good sound and anybody with decent headphones is going to call the sound from these things poor. Not even in the ballpark of sound worthy of an $800 headset. Add the constant buzzing, which is worse than people described imo, and I'd call them garbage. I'm deeply disappointed, as I was hoping this would radically improve my experience. It's not close for me. Even if this were $400 I'd be sending it back. Really really hoping there's an Index 2 that's PCVR-focused in our future.
  8. The timeout idea suggested above is good. I also think something like middle-click (or whatever bound key/button) to center the mouse cursor in the VR view would work great to prevent lost cursors.
  9. A million times, yes! I too have gotten used to this after a year playing but it’s still often difficult to, for example, click multiple times on a UFC rocker switch while watching the HUD for the results of those clicks. I often make inadvertent tiny head movements that lead to me clicking on nothing or the wrong thing.
  10. I'm really enjoying the campaign so far, much thanks for creating it! I just finished the fourth mission. A couple things I've noticed: On mission 4, there's something up with the wingman. He takes off very late and was 30 miles behind me on the way to Hormuz, with me going as slow as I could. I played it twice and it happened both times, so I think there's something amiss there. From a realism perspective, it's a little weird that we're always taking off one direction then landing the other. You typically take off and land into the wind. (That's why the downwind leg is called downwind.) It caught me off guard the first couple missions but now I expect it and set up accordingly. I assume all the missions are this way. Not a big deal, obviously. Thanks again! Good stuff!
  11. This was a silly mistake with a simple fix, so I expect they'll have a fix in the next update. But if you don't want to wait, the instructions to fix it yourself are here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/192116-quotend-missionquot-button/?tab=comments#comment-4634817
  12. Okay I played more with The VR shader today, including the FXAA/SMAA stuff, and it is a big improvement in cockpit clarity over nothing in multiplayer. Good shout.
  13. This fixes the end mission issue if you don’t want to wait for ED to ship it. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/192116-quotend-missionquot-button/?tab=comments#comment-4634817
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