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  1. Came across this post trying to get this macro keypad to work with DCS. It has a standard keypad but at a push of a button, you can turn all keys to macros as well. It comes with software which lets me program any key combination. The keys are also removable and allow custom labeling under the clear key cap. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079BTFFQN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The issue I am having is: If I program a macro and try to use the programed key in DCS nothing happens, the keypad also does not show up in DCS in either standard or macro mode. I programed the macro to display kneeboard using the standard keyboard command, I also programed a simple F10 to show map and neither work. DCS is clearly not seeing the USB device in either Macro or standard mode. Any thoughts of how to get DCS to see this keypad in the controller list or to get the macros to work? Was thinking of trying a different key remapper tool ( https://atnsoft.com/keyremapper/ ) but I don't know if that's the issue.
  2. So when are we going to get a fix, still no Vaicom for me in multiplayer... what a bummer.
  3. I picked up 3 Liliput 8" displays from Alixpress for $120.00 each. Not cheap but cheaper than Cubesim's nice setup but I got them in a week. I am really liking the Lilliput screens paired with my 3 Thrustmaster Cougar MFD's for the fact that the display's are plug & Play with just a USB cable. Each MFD and Display is using 2 USB 3.0 ports (6 ports total for all 3 MFD/Displays connected to a powered USB 3.0 hub). No need for display power cables or DC adapter and no taking up additional HDMI or Display ports of your video card GPU's like other DIY display solutions out there. Testing these displays, I am only seeing about a 3-4 frame drop total while running all 3 MFD screens with the F/A-18 at ground level (6800xt / AMD 5950). I decided to keep it simple and just created a custom MFD lua file placed in the DCS config directory. The same Lua works for any module within DCS. This is much simpler then using Helios and trying to figure out another software/plugin for DCS. I have heard great things about Helios and may experiment with it later. For mounting the MFD's, I didn't want to just tape the MFD's to the displays so I spent many nights getting these custom 3D printed faceplates to be the perfect fit. The custom faceplates use the original hardware and display power/contrast buttons with no drilling while also using the existing Lilliput stock back shroud keeping the function of the built in kickstand, The stock Lilliput back shroud also gives you 4 mounting holes on the back allowing you to mount them to your HOTAS desk mounts or aluminum extrusion sim pits, etc. I'm also anxiously waiting shipment of my aluminum extrusion order from 8020 so I can build my custom designed sliding rail HOTAS mount for my desk. I will figure out a faceplate mount solution once I have the sliding rail HOTAS mounts installed. Using my desk for my daily "work from home" job as well as my main gaming/sim desk poses it's challenges, which many of you experience as well. I hope it all works out and will update once I get it all mounted up. I just wanted to share my custom display faceplates which I think turned out well. I painted these up last night and gave them a worn look. Just installed the MFD's and it all fits perfectly, no tape needed on the MFD's, the cougar MFD's are friction fit and can be removed from the faceplates if needed. What ya all think?
  4. Hey all, thanks for sharing your profiles... Some good news - Links in my original post have been updated. Updated templates including a Honeycomb yoke for you MSFS2020 guys are now available. I also updated my Virpil and VKB profiles. Not sure if these will work if uploaded using the Virpil or VKB software but this is what I am using. You will need to use these if you are using my DCS profile LUA's that I have also shared. A full copy of my Saved Games "Input" folder is also available. Some of these are very much generic but if I have a printable profiles layout, then the LUA file should match. Please use the LUA's and NXT & VKB Hardware profiles at your own risk! If your new to the Virpil or NXT Software, you could be quickly starting over if you don't have backups. I have the links as a public share but I have received a few comments that people have been unable to access the google drive. I will approve any google share requests if you need to request access in the event you run into issues. I recommend going the the main archive folder and hitting the "Download All" button, this will grab the entire shared archive folder, lua files, templates etc. Happy Holidays!!!
  5. Missed that in the manual,thanks for the heads up.
  6. Kneeboard is working but just doesn't have that polished look like it did in the past. Missing the default kneeboard round edge trim now (running OB 2.7). Anybody else seeing the same thing? And why such a dirty background now, makes is so dang hard to read. Before Current :
  7. @Bailey@TLicenseHow did you uninstall? I see more Dice.lua files scattered in saved my games folder than what I placed in the scripts and mods folder during install. Want to get them all so I don't have more Viacom issues. I am also wondering if Dice has modified any other lua files that I need to edit to complete the uninstall. Currently I have to restart Vaicom after every few commands are given, It just stops listening but after a restart of Vaicom it works again.
  8. So I found a fix to my startup error messages with SimShaker for Aviators, I did install the beta but still received the errors. The archive folder in my documents which stores the settings kept reverting back to read only. I had to make a system change as highlighted here. If any of you run into this, I hope it fixes it for you. https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-folder-keeps-reverting-to-read-only-on-windows-10/
  9. Now what.... Man I have had so many issues getting this to work 100%. Love it when it does, but sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Was working again for awhile and now I am getting the below. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling again. Maybe a DCS or windows update screwed something up?
  10. So how do you like that trackpad, just sent back a trackball to amazon. Not fast enough with it like a mouse. Can you button hold and slide to turn a dial or knob?
  11. Hey all, I recently enabled the VSPX feature to VAICOM. Once enabled in VAICOM, it does show the green active light in my editor tab. Of course when I hit the test feature it doesn't complete which is correct based on the message "VSPX Processing mode is active". Now I do hit finish and and go back to VoiceAttack to paste my updated keywords. When I select all and paste my new set of keywords in my "Keyword Collections" inside my VoiceAttack Profile, my keywords go from 1176 down to only 77. Is this normal?
  12. I am trying these, I will make my own mount plates out of MDF. I want slide and rotate the left throttle and right stick back and 180 degrees out of the way under the desk when not in use. Should be here tomorrow... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082NKBM62/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Lets Share Those HOTAS Profiles Below is a shared google drive with templates supporting the Virpil CM3 Throttle, VKB Gladiator NXTStick and heck even the MSFS2020 yoke for you guys as well. I also uploaded a full copy of my saved games "Input" folder containing all my LUA's for anyone that wants to try them out (will have to load manually into DCS). If you do use the LUA files, you will also need to use my HOTAS profiles which will involve you using the Virpil and VKB software to upload to your HOTAS setup, if you skip this step my LUA profile key bindings wont work. You can skip all that and simply just download my "Printable Layouts" and then perform your own keybindings in DCS as you see fit. These are not perfect by any-means, but hopefully helps a few get started. I also try to keep as many controls as possible the same across multiple modules for easy learning. Will keep these updated as I make progress in my layouts. I'm learning too so hopefully others will share, would love to see what you all are doing! Please use the LUA's and NXT & VKB Hardware profiles at your own risk! If your new to the Virpil or NXT Software, you could be quickly starting over if you don't have backups. Happy sharing.... Link to Google Drive Shared Folder: LINK Google Drive Contents: Folder: DCS Profiles (copy if saved games input folder) This is a full copy of my DCS saved games "Input" folder (some of these are work in progress - see "Printable Layouts" folder) Folder: Printable Layouts Printable layouts of what my current DCS profiles Folder: Printable Templates Blank templates of the Virpil CM3 Throttle, VKB Gladiator NXT Stick and the Honeycomb Yoke for you MSFS2020 users. Folder: Virpil CM3 Profile My backup profile for setting up my CM3 Throttle using the Virpil software to support my DCS controller profiles. Folder: NXT Gladiator Profile My backup profile for setting up my VKB Gladiator NXT using the VKB software to support my DCS controller profiles.
  14. I loaded both current and beta version demo versions of SimShaker for Aviator to test my new setup but it crashes during startup. I excluded it from my firewall/virus protection but it doesn't help. Tried running it as admin as well. SimShaker Wings, Simshaker Sound Moduel all work. The only issue is Aviator. Any suggestions? (Windows 10)
  15. @SkateZilla Like all, the links are missing since the forum updated a few days ago.....
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