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  1. Thanks for the tracks and videos. I hope that this bug is fixed once and for all. We are tired to see weird behavior in the AMRAAMs.
  2. Leagues: 4v4 Squadron Name: ECV56 Condor Teamspeak/Discord: ECV56 Condor Discord https://discord.gg/x2Gjm9X Contact person: ECV56_Gandalf#2477
  3. Squadron: ECV56 Condor Timezone: 1830z-2200z Aircraft: F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14B, JF-17 Maps: Cauc, PG
  4. But not in multiplayer... Im wondering if there is any way to get those grades in MP.
  5. League: Gold Squadron Name: ECV56 Cóndor Discord: https://discord.gg/x2Gjm9X Contact person: Gandalf Aircraft Selection. F/A-18C, F-16C, F-14B, JF-17 Pilot Roster: ECV56_Agresor (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Chueco (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Duco (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Fortinero (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Gandalf (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Grulla (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Malevo (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Pretorian (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Rodri (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56_Skyhell (Argentina -3 Zulu)
  6. Yes.... it works for me too!!!! Thnx a lot c0ff :thumbup:
  7. Hi mates ... after the new update I cannot start the sim. I get an error message I have restore the computer to my yesterday back up, run a repair and DCS works as usual. Do the new update and when I start the sim, I get the same error message. I have reproduced all these steps three times with the same results. Somebody have the same error message? If not ... any ideas? Could the patch be corrupted?
  8. ECV56 Condor logo!! Tranparent Logo ECV56 Condor
  9. Thank you 104th!!! It was my first massive event. I enjoyed a lot!!!!!
  10. League: Gold Squadron Name: ECV56-Condor Teamspeak/Discord: https://discord.gg/4Ps8ZcR Contact person: Gandalf Aircraft Selection. Su-27/J-11/Mig-29/F18-C/F15-C/F14-B Pilot Roster: ECV56-Fortinero (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Agresor(Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Mimo (Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-NaCh(Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Gandalf(Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Skyhell(Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Pretoria(Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Minguito(Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Duco(Argentina -3 Zulu) ECV56-Rodri(Argentina -3 Zulu)
  11. Same here!!!! never happened before!!! Geforce GTX 970 - Driver version 397.31
  12. Could we have available the skin template for the A4E? As I have said before we have some artists eager to work on the paint schemes of our beloved A4!!. Thanks again to A4E community for this amazing mod!!!
  13. Excellent mod for us ... All our squadron is testing the mod right now using the Armada Argentina skin!!! We hope to get the skin template quickly... we have very good artists to increase the liveries for the A4E. Thank you for your amazing work!!!
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