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  1. @KonnieRichter I would suggest to not edit the graphics.lua to change the Maxfps; I did the same exact thing and caused the same issue. Some reason, it makes DCS run @30fps if set at 60. I reinstalled DCS and changed the fps in Nvidia control panel. Still...I just like you are having performance issues with a high end rig!.
  2. You certainly notice a difference though between differing frame rates (well I do at least) ;)
  3. I certainly will @glide...I'll get back to you on this soon ;) I do really appreciate your help and support, and I am optimistic that I'll figure it out...maybe it'll be a trade-off for something but, as a whole, my goal is to get the highest fps without visual fidelity sacrifice. Talk soon!
  4. Right thanks for that!, I'll take it into account when doing further testing. Tell me I'm curious... Has DCS always had these fps issues or is it just version specific?
  5. Like I have stated, the frame rate drops ONLY occur if I have either shadows on HIGH; specifically with either MSAA OR SSAA enabled. And once again, once above say 700-800ft, with those settings enabled, the fps issues dissipate.; the higher I go the less the fps drops.
  6. Hey glide!, Yes absolutely!, my monitor is HDMI using an expensive HDMI cable. The monitor is 75hz capable but, as I am using an HDMI cable, the max it allows is 60hz - hence 60fps (vsync). My resolution is at 1920x1080p. EDIT: I will add that obviously the monitor used for DCS is used for every other simulation/game, and I have no problem whatsoever maintaining 60fps with any other title...rock solid! (And without the GFX card fans spinning at high rpm as in DCS!)
  7. I've just viewed your settings and something isn't right here... You say you have a 1080ti...? Now forgive me but... Try using the SU-25 on the Caucasus map with those settings; ly over trees very low (About 10-20ft above the tree tops and in doing so, look directly towards the ground from the side doing a 50-80 banked turn... My fps, with my system, drops from 60fps (vsync) to 30fps! It's nothing to to with my system specs, something (mostly shadows/SSAA/MSAA/heatblur)...those must be having a profound affect...god only knows why! FYI - My system is brand new...less than a week old and has no dust whatsoever...so it's not overheating at all. Even the temps are low on everything!. I don't have page filing on either
  8. Right...thanks a lot! I'll have a look and see if I can get anywhere ;) So I'm not the only one with the crazy fans!!! Lol Why is it that options are better used in Nvidia than the DCS settings itself...? - the mind boggles! Anyway, when I get the chance later on, I'll have another tinker; I have to stop messing with the settings after a while as I'm near entering insanity! Lol. I have wondered whether it may be just the free Caucasus map and aircraft unoptimized...
  9. Hello again everyone!, Sorry for the delay, but had other things to take care of ;). Anyway, I wanted to ask something else... In DCS specifically, why is it my gfx card fans spool up to quite a high rate? - I have an Nvidia RTX 2080 Super, i9 10900 and 3gb ram (@3200mhz)!...? Secondly, DCS has blatantly stated misleading information in the product page; stating that 'perfomance' is great...yeah okay then! *roll eyes* It's not been a good start; I've not even purchased any modules/terrains as of yet and I've been met with performance issues right from the get go!.WTH What annoys me is, I've been told you countless times that, "you shouldn't be having any performance issues with your rig!" - right okay...so how can I resolve them when quite clearly it's nothing to do with my PC. I have no issues whatsoever in any other title I run; moreover, I know it's the optimization of DCS at fault as some settings have higher impacts...but nonetheless, with my system specs you'd think it would be buttery smooth!. Like I've said before, it's only when flying extremely low(ish) where the frame rate is just absolutely disgraceful. (500ft plus is when the fps issues reduce) I am just so frustrated with the performance on my rig specifically...:( And please...any ideas how to stop my gfx fans spinning high with nothing going on in the scene would help. It's like sync isn't working or something???
  10. I would like to change mine as well - It is requested by Grim Reapers that your Discord username has to be the same within DCS; I assume for both main DCS and the forums. Please help!
  11. Right...i'll be offline for a few hours; business to attend to... Just want to thank everyone for their input and suggestions; they certainly made the direction to travel more clear ;) THX GUYS!. Like i said though, i'll be looking at improving more but until then, i'll see how these settings go for a day or so. Thanks again guys and by all means, if you come across any further possible settings change that might improve the visual side, then please comment! All the best for a while... See ya soon! Roger!
  12. Right guys!...i may have stumbled upon a solution (for the time being) As you can see from the screenshots attached, i added SSAAx2 and lowered the shadows to 'medium'. Firstly, i didn't really want to reduce shadow quality...HOWEVER... From the results, it clearly shows a huge increase in performance; in fact, while i was flying, the only fps drops incurred were negligible... FPS drops were at most were 4fps, which given the settings 'increase' somewhat, was for the time being acceptable. Let's face it, these tests i'm doing are a bit on the extreme side as i very much doubt i'm going to be flying at those heights and, as i've mentioned before, the higher i go the fps drops don't occur. So, in essence, i lowered the shadows to medium; set the SSAA to x2, and lastly set 'trees visibility' to 80 on the slider. Not perfect by any means and i may do some more tinkering later ;)...but as it stands, i will leave it at those settings. I actually didn't see any significant change between 'high' as apposed to 'medium' shadow setting - again negligible. Screens:
  13. Well, as i had mentioned to another person on YouTube; the problem with me is the resolution i have tbh... This Grim Reaper member (nice guy), told me his resolution; something like 5120x(something)...sorry i can't remember! Anyway, he mentioned he doesn't use MSAA or SSAA; however because of the resolution he has, those settings aren't required as much as the higher the resolution, the less 'jaggies' and visual fidelity is far far less affected. The problem i have though isn't just the monitor; because in theory, my performance shouldn't have issues like it has at such a lower resolution anyway (coupled with vsync @60fps).
  14. And thus my point @Taz1004!... It is that reason alone (using 1920x1080p @60fps vsync LOCKED) and yet still having performance issues like this!...it's absurd and thoroughly frustrating :mad: I have tried alternating every setting available; the grass has no impact whatsoever as far as my tests have gone, whether i have it maximum or at the lowest... Same goes with mirrors (strangely) - I turn them off or on at the exact moment and again, has no impact. My conclusions are pointing towards some optimisation with the AA options...
  15. Okay @Flappie, I conducted the test as instructed; everything as you described i did to the letter and subsequently, the test performed in just the same way :( The settings were as they were and i changed nothing. In my honest opinion, i honestly believe it has to do with the MSAA or SSAA respectively. The reason i state this is because, i have conducted every setting change, variations in texture quality etc and for the most part, the performance stays the same (this is with either MSAA or SSAA enabled). I try not to use both at the same time; If you look in the DCS manual, it actually states to NOT use both at the same time. Even so, in using both at the same time as per Spudknockers' settings, the performance isn't noticable anyway...so i am not sure why they instruct you to only use one at a time! :/. Not sure how to proceed...
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