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  1. JorgeB2

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Got FLIR working yesterday. Seems it need to be open in left screen. But can't activate the laser, select an objetive and launch the GBUs. Thanks for help. And for the great mod.
  2. JorgeB2

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Surely I'm clumsy, but cannot get the FLIR working. All mapped as usual, but only see a white screen doesn't matter how I move the controls. If I press power the FLIR is degraded. Small tutorial will be apreciated for dummies like me Thanks.
  3. JorgeB2

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Great news, a free mod with operational FLIR. Congratulations to the developers. But I can't get it working. Will we have a video tutorial or something similar about how operate it? Thanks!
  4. So most of Su-25T liveries in DCS are ficticional... Didn't know that only a few T variants were built. Thanks.
  5. I couldn´t find a Su-25T Ukraine AF repaint. Anyone got it? Thanks.
  6. The A4-E is a wonderful mod, no doubt. But it NWS doesn't works fine. I had 3 years on DCS, can use differential braking in all modules... except A4-E. Impossible to have natural turns. Pratice hours and hours and no good results. Some people only demands an option for enable or disable the old NWS system. Nothing more. Will be free for everybody to use the fidelity or a little cheat in ground. The true is that I rarely fly A4-E now for that issue. And before was one of the most used for me. It's a pity. Anyway, thanks to the creators of the mod for their work.
  7. freebirddz, I don't want to loose features, so bought Supercarrier yesteday and now I can use the mod properly with Su33 avionics. Your work it's great and sure will be better. I was thinking to buy SC anyway. THX.
  8. Just one question: this mod works in A/A with Mig-29 avionics? I don't own the SU-33 FC3. Thanks.
  9. Sorry if anyone didn't understood that love and hate is only a words game. Of course nobody can "love" or "hate" a sim program. Change it for like or dislike if prefer. I see most people agree with me that AI is one of the main problem of DCS.
  10. Me. Love: Realistic visual environment, great plane models, active community, constant updates, capable to learn and fun. Hate: AI erratic behavior, no dynamic campaings, no advanced red planes, updates that broken something previously working right, no good EW and ATC, no integrate CGI. But every year better platform.
  11. Rigth, Harpoon works, Viggen's RB-15F works, C-101's Sea Eagle works. Now only Jeff issue.
  12. Right, Hoirtel, I forgot to add that the Mav must be uncage too. Either in TPG, terrain radar, sea radar or visual designation.
  13. Sad to see that the c802 Jeff missiles are still unusable. Update after update, ED don't care about this bug.
  14. For me works. After designate the target with TGP auto track, activate the IR Maverick. It will point to the zone. When near, press undesignate and you'll can move the IR seeker to adjust the search. Wait for lock and shoot.
  15. This weekend just found a better funcionality of TDC, by touching special options axes in Jeff menu. I think the difficult is more realistic than the easier way of F-18. Thanks!
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