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  1. A reinstall of 2.7 on our AMD box was insufficient *however* it was just running the uninstall and reinstalling. Didn't clear out the Saved Games folder or anything. Tomorrow we're going to install Windows Server (needs to be done anyways) which will have a completely fresh install of 2.7. I'll report back once that's all done (might take all week depending on our availability). If it stops crashing with a fresh install, I suspect there is an issue with pre-existing 2.5.6 files somewhere on the system. If it keeps crashing, I'm suspecting some esoteric issue with AMD processors. I've attached one of the crash dumps for reference, but essentially, we get these which looks to be similar in to the events in the OP. Same mission, new server, these events don't happen at all. 2021-04-25 09:18:02.181 INFO Scripting: event:type=eject,target=,t=11414.025,initiatorMissionID=1000167,targetMissionID=0, 2021-04-25 09:18:02.181 ERROR SCRIPTING: Mission script error: [string "C:\Users\CSG-8S~1\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta_server\/~mis00003768.lua"]:8252: Unit doesn't exist stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'getName' [string "C:\Users\CSG-8S~1\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta_server\/~mis00003768.lua"]:8252: in function 'onEvent' [string "Scripts/World/EventHandlers.lua"]:13: in function <[string "Scripts/World/EventHandlers.lua"]:11> dcs.20210425-092029.log
  2. So in our case, I feel confident enough saying that reinstalling the Samsung NVMe drivers for our EVO 970 Pro stopped the BSODs. Not sure why they started the day of the 2.7 update.
  3. Out of curiosity, have you guys tried reinstalling DCS, what OS are you using, and are you using an AMD processor? I ask because we have a mission running on our server (Windows 10, Ryzen 5 3600) that was crashing on ejects like your server, we stood up a server in OVH (Windows Server 2016, Xeon E-2136, fresh 2.7 install) and we put the same mission on that server with zero changes and have had zero crashes.
  4. We're running one DCS server on a Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM, and 500GB NVMe running Windows 10. We're running another on an OVH ADVANCE-2 dedicated server, Xeon E-2136, 32GB RAM, and 2x500 NVMe running Windows Server 2016 I've had servers in other groups running OVH GAME-1 and RISE-2 plans. Some groups here use NFO or Hetzner servers. Many different valid options. In general I would choose Windows Server 2016/2019, NVMe storage, 32GB of RAM, and any processor that has a base clock of at least 3.5Ghz and strong single core performance.
  5. Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows 2019 all work fine and there's really no reason to use another OS than those three. All work fine both virtual and physical.
  6. This is a physical machine, and the page file is Windows managed. It's been given a maximum size of 16GB. Windows shows it recommends 2.8GB. There were no changes made to the server preceding or after the update and the BSODs started regularly after 2.7. Memory usage seems about the same as it was. -- I have just realized and was notified by a group member that this server is currently running on 16GB of physical RAM after a stick tested bad a while ago. I don't think this is sufficient for our use case and we're going to install more and test, and in my experience with dynamically allocated memory on VMs, Windows + DCS likes to sit at 18GB minimum so I'm wondering if 2.7 just tipped us over the edge.
  7. Hello, I'd like to report a bug experienced on our dedicated server running DCS Open Beta. We've been experiencing BSODs daily since the release of 2.7. The DCS logs are not useful and end abruptly. I analyzed the minidumps and Windows is faulting DCS.exe for causing the BSOD. There doesn't appear to be any pattern in the BSODs in terms of time or server runtime, they've happened at all hours of the day. I've included a zip file containing the latest minidump, an analyze output from Windbg which shows that DCS.exe is faulting, the DCS.log for that crash, and a System Info. @ED Please let me know what additional information would be helpful in resolving this bug. Thank you, Shepard CSG-8 Dedicated Server-BSOD-2.7.zip
  8. Looking for a squadron with weekly campaign missions, realistic IADs, a great community to hang out in, and place to learn your aircraft? https://tvalhalla.com Join Us on Discord! Task Force Valhalla was founded as a place for DCS members to fly together in realistic, coordinated operations while minimizing the milsim nature of most DCS squadrons. While we do have ranks, they are solely tied to the proven proficiency in your airframe, and our squadron commanders are chosen by community vote for their dedication in their airframe. We try to democratize as much as possible in the Task Force and have representatives from all squadrons provide input and vote on any changes that affect everyone. We'd like to think our missions are unique, and we hope to get more active mission makers to increase the storytelling and depth available to our members. We currently use HighDigitSAMs integrated with Skynet-IADS in all of our missions, and implement realistic ROE and border patrols. We try to flesh out the ground environment as much as time allows and are experimenting more and more with voiced AIs! Currently we're midway through our first campaign, which is a police action in Georgia as Ossetian and Abkhazian forces attempt to obstruct the construction of a new pipeline in Georgia and unify as the Alanian Republic. Our campaign nights are FRIDAY, 9PM CST with briefing ramping up 30 minutes beforehand. We also have weekly scheduled training nights every Monday at 9PM CST. We just have a few basic requirements to join • Must be 18 years old to join • Must own the F-16, AJS37 Viggen, A-10CII Tank Killer, or Mirage 2000C OR be willing to own LotATC if you'd just like to GCI. • To fly in weekly ops, we require all members to pass a basic type rating in their chosen aircraft. This basically boils down to being able to takeoff, navigate, use the aircraft's most basic weapons, and land. Most people that have been flying the aircraft for about a week should be able to at least stumble through it successfully and you'll have someone who will help you through it. We're more than happy to train you even if you've never flown the module before or are new to DCS! • We have no attendance requirement, but we do require you to RSVP every week to let our dedicated mission makers have an accurate head count so they can tune the campaigns properly. 93rd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Outriders" Commander: Capt. Hex Director of Ops: M. "D20" Shepard Roster Limit: 18 Slots Available: 2 The 93rd Outriders were founded in September of 2020 as an offshoot of Carrier Strike Group 8, comprised of pilots that were looking to fly in Air Force operations with the F-16. The 93rd specializes in SEAD, DEAD and precision strike missions. We currently have 12 pilots on active roster and are always looking for more! 357th Fighter Squadron "Wyverns" Commander: Capt. R. Greyson Director of Ops: Vacant Roster Limit: 12 Slots Available: 4 The 357th Wyverns were founded in October of 2020 shortly after the 93rd. Much could be said about the 357th, but primarily it specializes in BRRRRRTing and supporting our allies armored divisions on the ground. We currently have 10 pilots on active roster and are looking for 2 more highly active individuals to fly weekly with us! 332nd All-Weather Fighter Squadron "Valkyries" Commander: Capt. Kora "Kortana" Director of Ops: N/A Roster Limit: 6 Slots Available: 0 - Recruiting Closed The 332nd Valkyries was founded by our fearless head of mission making Kortana in an effort to bring the joys of Mirage-ing to the masses. There was a noted gap in American time zone based communities for the Mirage and Kortana saw an excellent opportunity to put together a squadron for her favorite aircraft. Although aging and simpler than the F-16, the 332nd has been providing accurate and aggressive CAP for Task Force Valhalla with minimal losses. In the future we expect the 332nd to include the Eurofighter on it's release. F10 Angelholm "Ragnerok" Commander: Capt. K. Sakhir Director of Ops: Capt. R. "Bean" Green Roster Limit: 9 Slots Available: 0 - Recruiting Closed F10 Ragnerok brings the Viggens to a American friendly time zone and is Task Force Valhalla's surprisingly fastest growing squadron. F10 holds the special distinction of providing all of Task Force Valhalla's precision intelligence. Their ELINT missions are the only reason any flight can use a pre-planned target or has knowledge of the precise location of our adversary's mobile SAM network. When not performing ELINT, F10 has proven themselves as the best deep strike package in all of TFV. >>Our Website<< Discord Currently we institute an application process to screen members before they join. We do this because we want to make sure that applicants meet our age requirement, and that our operations actually meet the experience that they're looking for. It's also a good time to ask any questions you might have! Our application process is pretty straight forward: 1. Apply on our website 2.Join our Discord 3. Do 5-10 minute interview with someone from our recruiting team.
  9. Hello everyone! We've just had our two year anniversary and CSG-8 is pleased to announce that we're starting a new campaign with our work up week being this Saturday! We're currently in need of more F-14 and F/A-18 pilots but we'll always take new RIOs as well!
  10. Virtual Carrier Strike Group 8 is currently recruiting F/A-18 Hornet and F-14 pilots and RIOs! Founded in February 2019, we are a casual milsim carrier group, comprised of two squadrons: VF-11 for Tomcats and VFA-81 for Hornets. We currently have 50+ members on active roster, flying operations every Saturday at 9PM CST! We just have a few basic requirements to join • Must be 17 years old to join • Must own the Supercarrier module, Persian Gulf, and either the F/A-18 or F-14 • To fly in weekly ops, you need to carrier qualify which just means you need to be able to land 3 out of 5 times on a carrier without boltering. Wave offs do not count against you. If you wish to RIO in VF-11 there is a similarly simple backseat checkride. • We have no attendance requirement, but we do require you to RSVP every week to let our dedicated mission makers have an accurate head count so they can tune the campaigns properly. If you're looking for semi-realistic operations with a casual atmosphere, a good place to hang out, dedicated training servers to fly on, and a place to learn your aircraft come check us out! We also play a variety of other games like Squad, Among Us, Space Engineers, and whatever else we feel like playing during the week! Join Our Discord >>>Apply on our Website<<< Frequently Asked Questions Our Media Links Once you apply, you'll need to do a casual interview with one of our admins. It's nothing to worry about, we just want to make sure you're joining a group that actually meets what you're looking for. If you have any questions at all the best place to reach us is on #recruit-questions on our Discord.
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