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  1. Admiral, thanks for the subs and the upcoming ships, as always, they look great and definitely add to the enjoyment. Here are a few photos I took during San Francisco Fleet Week recently. USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001) was moored near USS McCain (DDG-56) and a sister ship. There are a few others: USS Tripoli (LHA-7), USS Rushmore (LSD-47), USS Potomac (AG-25, President Roosevelt's yacht), and a couple of USCG and smaller armed police boats for security. And a couple of obligatory shots of the Blue Angels, of course. Enjoy.
  2. A suggestion, for your consideration: the Anzac class frigates from New Zealand & Australia. I don't think there are any MEKO frigate models in DCS, and any of these 10 ships would fit into a range of modern-era scenarios. There appear to be candidate models on Turbosquid for HMNZS Te Mana and HMAS Ballarat. It sounds like you already have an oiler in mind, but if not, a good fit with the Anzac class would be HMNZS Endeavour, and maybe HMNZS Canterbury. Again, there seem to be models available.
  3. Perhaps this brief overview (4+ minutes) of wave generation mechanics/physics here will be of assistance:
  4. Well earned, thank you for your excellent work on LHA-6!
  5. Great screenshots, Admiral, thanks for all the work and I'm looking forward to enjoying these when they're ready!
  6. It's Farallon de Medinilla, and yes, it's a bombing range when it isn't being used for other military activities: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farallon_de_Medinilla Coordinates: N16.0172 E146.0586
  7. The parking spots referenced are all coded with the terminal type 104, which is OpenBig. This means that KC-10 and KC-135 (and C-17, etc) AI aircraft can spawn here, with the pictured results that are guaranteed to result in AI aircraft crashes. I included the parking info for spots 146 & 147, which are also type 104, and have no problems handling these large aircraft. May I suggest changing the terminal type for these spots to 72 (OpenMed), assuming that would - or could be used to - block these larger aircraft? Thanks
  8. Cacetudo


    I second this request, for the same reasons. I opened a thread within the Marianas forum about this exact thing, and suggested NOLF Orote or Rota / PGRO (yes, I know those would both be fictional).
  9. I'm liking the Marianas map very much so far. It's obviously going to be a good fit for flying from the Supercarrier. One thing that's not available in DCS anywhere AFAIK is a carrier deck outline painted onto a runway (with correct lighting) to facilitate field carrier landing practice (FCLP). The nearest real-world example I know if is on Iwo Jima (RJAW / Iwoto), which is ~700nm from Guam. MCAS Iwakuni is next closest, but this isn't a map of Japan. May I suggest, since we apparently aren't going to get Iwo Jima on this map, that an alternative location be used for this? With the current set of airports available, I would suggest the runway at the former NOLF Orote, or alternatively PGRO / Rota. I've tried dropping the Navy Equipment mod's FCLP box lights onto both of those fields and flying several circuits. The terrain at NOLF Orote is smooth and both of these fields are long enough for the Hornet to do touch & go's. Alternatively, if anyone can point me in the right direction to the texture file(s) that contain these runways, perhaps I can try adding it myself. I realize that this request is for a fictional feature, but it could be very useful considering that FCLP is a pretty critical part of carrier flying training. Thanks.
  10. Good spot, looks like USS Mount Whitney LCC-20. That's a nice surprise.
  11. Caballeros, the ships and the Harrier skins look really good, and I would like to have these naval assets in my DCS missions. However, I am not willing to use this mod in its current EXE-only format because I have no way to verify that the desdemicabina-simulation 3.2.exe file is authentic before I run it on my machine. In simple terms, while I do not suggest that your file is malicious, it does present a significant security risk. Perhaps you can release a zip version of your mod with visible contents? Otherwise, I will have to use another computer with virtual machine software in order to isolate your EXE file while I "install" it, and then copy the files back into my DCS open beta folder structure. Thanks for your consideration - based on prior posts in this thread I know I'm not the only one who has this view! Saludos
  12. This is looking great already, I'm really looking forward to seeing her weigh anchor. Thanks for all of these ships, Admiral!
  13. No comment on the ACL or if/when it'll be implemented in DCS... but wow, that was a lucky escape from becoming a smear on the stern of the ship! Well worth a watch.
  14. If what you're looking for is to be launched from one of the waist cats while another aircraft is being launched off the bow, this is probably the best way to do it. If it's an AI aircraft on the other cat, just watch the crew members in action, and you'll know when the other launch is about to happen.
  15. Totally support this 100%! It would really unlock a lot of real-life functionality for the Supercarrier, as well as allow more than the default 16 spawn spots. Pretty please?
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