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  1. I just can't beleive it how some people are quick to abandon their freedom just in order to obtain something they strive for. Read Faust please. So if I sum up guys here are willing to accept the limited activations eventhough they have no guarantee that it will be "easy" for them to obtain more activations after that. And what then ? What if they change their staff and you have rocket scientist who will find you guilty before you can prove otherwise ? By that I meant he purly and simply stops issuing of new activations ? Will you buy BS again or will you wait for another release ? What is at stake here is not so much BS CP but the CP of future titles from ED. Today they will test if you accept the concept of limited activations on the DVD version, if you bend over and just say shove it for BS well then you can be sure that they will use same CP strategy for other titles. At the end the ED will become EA's russian counterpart as far as CP are concerned. And do you know the best ? Only the loyal and honnest customers will be concerned with this hassle not pirates. FC DVD CP should enough to protect the game.
  2. Hello, I was looking forward to buy Black Shark even though I'm not a helicopter fan. Nevertheless I wanted to support the ED by buying their product and supporting them as the only company on the market still producing combat flight sims along with Lead Poursuite and fighter ops. I have Flanker 2.0, Lockon and Flaming Cliffs legally bought. Yet when I read the open letter addressed to the community by ED I must say that I was in shock. Their decision to implement online activation system despite the fact that we have the DVD is a buy stopper for me. I want to be able to play the software 10 years later no matter what. For those who say that in 10 years you will not use it well reconsider your opinion please. I have Falcon 4.0 and Jane's F/A-18. I still play them yet software companies who made the soft are not any more. And BTW why do we have to be punished because of handful people ? So to sum up. Should the ED maintain their policy for activation need despite having the DVD and having agreed to install level 0 driver on my system they can count for sure minus one sale. Cheers
  3. Save the model in 3ds format not gmax and tehy will be able to import it. If you have any kind of animation use pivot animation not something complex. Oh main difference between gmax and 3dsmax is that gmx model cant be rendered.
  4. Play Lockon in native resolution for LCD which is 1280x1024.
  5. Meteror is designed to fit on Eurofighter and Rafale. Rafale is a small plane compared to other planes so I don't think that in size Meteor will be as big as AIM-54. It would be rather comparable to the size of the AMRAAM. Don't forget that AIM-54 was developed in 70 and the electronics inside are huge. With today modern technology electronics will take less place inside the missile. Therefor more place will be offered to the fuel and to the warhead. Moreover ramjet dosen't have boosters so more place is gained. For guys who want to know the basics of ramjet propulsion here is the link : http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/ramth.html P.S. AIM-54 was built only for one thing. Destruction of Soviet bombers which would attack the fleet. Phoenix missiles were not built for high manoeuvering targets such as fighters.
  6. Taken from this site : http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/europe/bvraam.htm on Meteor and no, the US have no such missile yet in its arsenal but I think that something similar will be either bought or developped for F-22.
  7. Hi again, Concerning the datalink. It's encrypted numerical signal (+5V 0V) and tehre is no way that the RWR could know that the missile is for its plane before Aim-120 goes active. Just to recall something here. A RWR is made out of an antenna network set over the plane. Those antennas are receiving the radio signal and onboard computer is interpreting the received signal. Now cocnernig datalink being taken over by AWACS. Such missile exists allready and is called METEOR. New european advanced BVR missile. It's made for use on Eurofighter and on Rafale. Once the missile is launched the datalink is sent by either the attacking plane or by the AWACS. As for D-Scythe Sorry dude but the point of this topic wasn't if the R-27 is better than AIM-120 but do we get in RL a RWR signal when the missile is launched in TWS mode. Mig-29A is a crapy plane we all know that. It's a F-16 in its early version Block 32. On my last point I tryed to get an idea about real efficiency of Aim-120. All we know is that Migs got downed by Aim-120. Ok fine, but how many kills for how many launches on manoeuvering target. In other words what was the kill/launch ratio ? So chill it out will yea ? Thx.
  8. HI there, Nice text you've found but a very large amount of data is missing. 1. We don't know the exact tactical situation 2. What were the launch parameters for AMRAAMs ? 3. The yugoslavian hardware was jammed with a lot efficiency during conflict. Yugoslavian Air Force had exactly the same Mig-29A as German Air Force. Electronic warfare was one of aspect of that war too. 4. What pieces of hardware were operational on Migs ? Major drawback of Mig's electronics is a time of functioning after which you need to change parts. Spare parts were legally impossible to have because of UN sanctions. 5. Finally how many NATO planes engaged a single Mig at same time ? Even in Lockon if you dodge the first missile you have 80 % of chance to be hit by the second incoming missile. Cheers.
  9. Hey SUB check the video footage for Desert Storm and Allied Force. You'll see that the flak is still there eventhough its accuracy is more than null. As for infantry, well it's too bad that this engin dosen't support skeleton animations. It would have been awsome to have an infantry. But ED didn't think about that in first place when they started the write this engine.
  10. Sorry guys but as it's now Lockon is just technological demostrator. It's good for making movies and play it online (if you can find ppl to fly with you). The huge map which was so hardly coded is completly useless. I mean it's just like a big schoolyard and you are playing alone against 3 or 4 AI. Attack missions have no immersion. You can set up air defenses but it will be only limited to the engaged unit or you can say bye bye to the FPS. You feel alone out there. No chatter. Maybe we don't need necessarly a dynamic campaign but at least give us some decent editor which uses triggers and doesn't allocate system ressources to the AI if the unit isn't on the map. Imagine this : You set up the attack mission. Objective is the enemy fortified position across the river. In case of success armored forward elements of your army will advance to establish the bridge head. If you fail to inflict enough of dammage the armored units will call for CAS and will wait for Apaches or Cobra to reach the zone before launching the attack. In this editor we can't program any kind of tree. It's all or nothing. Moreover if we want to simulate WW3 and Day 1 such it was described in Tom Clancy's Red Storm we would not have been able to take off because of FPS. Now don't tell me it is because off all eyecandy coz I'm willing to play without if I can have a very high number of units on the map but I can't.
  11. Ok. I wasn't a Falcon driver before the Allied Force was released. So let me tell you a little anecdote which happened to me recently. Theater was Balkan. I chose mudmovers squadron. My squad was scrambled and the mission was created. A CAS one. We had to take out enemy tanks which were attacking NATO defense lines. We were given target coordinates and we took off. Once we arrived over the target area we saw enemy tanks destroyed. We thought that the mission was over but no. We were redirected over another target area which was something like 5-10 km northwest out of our position. We moved there and we contacted FAC officer of the unit for active guiding since it was a complete mess down there. He guided us and we hit targets. So you see what the Lockon lacks is all this live battlefield staff. The mission is completely dynamic. All info you have before the mission in the briefing is just the intelligence estimation nothing more nothing less. If Lockon could have this it will be the ultimate combat simulator on the market.
  12. Cncerning the campaign and the mission editor; I read this on ubi forum which was an announce translation from MAKS airshow Simulator stand.
  13. Instead giving the order to attack ground targets aski it to attack air defenses. You'll see how fast they are cleaned with the AI pilot if you equiped it with mavericks.
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