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  1. I've also experienced this. It only stopped after the repair was finished.
  2. Hey I appreciate your post, I'm using your setups and others to try to figure out what will be best for me. As for Xbox controllers, you can use joytokey which is free software, and you can bind the axes to replicate keyboard clicks. For example, Right Trigger on Xbox is Axis5<0 and Left Trigger is Axis5>0 in joytokey. You can set that to the default bindings for keyboard. So for the Hind, Right Alt + Space fires weapons, I set that as the key combination in joytokey for Right Trigger. I feel this is a bit more of a friendly user experience than using the other buttons on the controller for firing. Everything else can be bound normally in game under the xbox controller column in DCS. I knew I wanted to use a controller for the tedac and got a little disheartened when it seemed like I wouldn't actually be able to use the triggers, but this seems like a solid solution.
  3. I saw you're using Xpadder but I was able to get the same outcome from joytokey which is free. Instead of using software to rebind the buttons to get around the axis issue, I just set the Axis5 (on xbox controller) to be the same as the default bindings in DCS, for example weapon firing in the Hind is RAlt + Space, so that's what my Axis5<0 i.e. Right Trigger on Xbox controller does. When the Apache comes I'll just set it up to do Axis5<0 and Axis5>0 as whatever are the default binds for CPG firing weapons and laser.
  4. If you have EVGA Precision (or another OC software maybe) running when you do an Nvidia update, there are times when it will scale back the power target to like 25%. It does this as a safety method, it thinks a driver install is going to blow up your card. Check that program and make sure your power target is set all the way up.
  5. I think your analogy generally makes sense, but in this case it would be more akin to this being the 4th or 5th (at the very least) occurrence of this happening with an employee. I'm a dev myself and know that project planning is never going to be 100% correct. One of the best lessons I've ever learned is to under promise and over deliver. If I think something will take me one or two weeks, I say it could be a month. If I think it's 3 months, I say 6. I bet ED knew by early December that release was still going to be a few months out, at least I bet the devs did. Maybe the PMs were still pushing for an early release and they're the ones who dictate the PR side of ED. This is a common issue in both game companies and small companies in general, and ED is both of these things. When they delayed it in December they should have just said that we expect it end of Q1, that way if we got it January 28th or February 28th, the player base would still be happy. A four week delay with a major Russian holiday in between and the task list Wags posted, nobody could have honestly expected they'd hit their new target date of end of January. But when they say that's the target date, that's all we have to go by.
  6. These systems remind me of a business ERP system. For example, you have a bunch of different businesses, some of them can buy and use the same off the shelf system, but they'll all end up modifying them to fit specific organizational needs. Then when updates come out for the base system later on, they get harder and harder to integrate due to all the specific requirements of the individual businesses, and the changes they've made to it. Over time these base systems get more and more robust as a natural response to progress, innovation, and lessons learned. I think eventually they'll get to one unit that does everything for everyone close to perfectly, but they'll always need at least some alterations to accomplish organizational specific tasks. From an outsider that seems like Link-16 and I imagine other examples are early forays towards that kind of progress. Radios have started going the same way too haven't they? I get that upgrade costs would increase, that's just logical based on the pure number of units there would be, but I think that limiting the number of systems would lower training costs, and the per unit R&D/production costs would significantly decrease.
  7. Based on the pre-order and launch difference in times, the Hind was 82 days, so the Apache would be December 29th if they're identical. I hope it's before that too!
  8. The Hind pre-order video came on March 26. The first flight introduction video came May 22, and the beta EA release was on June 16. So if the pre-order time periods are identical, and ED allows pre-orders today, and we add 82 days to today, then it will release on December 29th. December 29th is also a Wednesday. I hope it releases before that though, that's just my educated guess based on the Hind pre-order period and the information we have that it will "release this year".
  9. I've noticed the same with my Virpil throttle for the HARM cursor; it's really anything on the weapon page but the HARM is especially noticeable. I also use the roll wheel thing on the right side for radar elevation, and since it's "buttons" rather than axis, there is no way to adjust speed or curves. Even though it works great for the F/A-18C, the F-16 has it set a lot more movement per click.
  10. Oops. It looks when autostarting, it used to always turn on the Right HDPT, even with nothing installed in that location. Now it only turns it on when the TPOD is installed. Thanks!
  11. This seems to be new with the recent OB update If you loadout the F-16 prior to startup, it's fine. However, if you load after it has been started, the TGP isn't recognized. I thought at first it was just with the new CBU-105s, but it seems to always happen. I didn't see anything in the patch notes about it a process change, so I'm assuming it's a bug. Thanks. tgp_broken_1.trk
  12. Is this happening after you were previously in a daytime mission? I've experienced this before but I thought it had been fixed. The way it had been replicated was by going into a daytime mission, then subsequently going into a nighttime mission. If you close and reload the game and go directly into a nighttime mission, do you get the same bug?
  13. Everything I've read and from all the Apache videos (where you can see their ammo count) from the recent war on terrorism, it's clear that every helicopter is using the Robby tank and they only carry 300 rounds for the 30mm, as opposed to the potential 1200 rounds of the earlier models or models fitted without the tank (which there seem to be none).
  14. He doesn't in the cold start. In the ASO-2V control section, bind Left Side, Right Side, SetI/II/III, and Pilot Snars. You press your binds for the first 3 when starting to set them up, and the last one release the flare series.
  15. I don't have an answer for you but I have also noticed this. It seems like 2 mile range is the sweet spot for consistently hitting. Most of my recent attempts have been around 9-12,000 ft, and if I drop near the top of the in range cue (generally around 4 miles), my JDAMs don't hit, seemingly by way more than 20 meters.
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