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  1. Track attached. Canopy frames flicker. Note how the flickering on the ADI just happens at a certain view angle (in track, not video). Flickering stops when the Master Caution button is pressed and reappears on master caution flashing. Video is shorter and different than track, just to show the issue. A-10C MC shadow flicker.mp4 A-10C MC shadow flicker.trk
  2. Well... flyable is kind of a stretch But i can jump in and steer it. HUD seems to be the one from FC3, cockpit is missing. But i got control.
  3. According to his profile, that bloke just turned one year older again. Managed to hack his office cam and catch some footage of how his day is: Happy Birthday @BIGNEWY. Best wishes, health and happiness!
  4. Loadout in this mission is quite strange: 5x CBU-97 which already gives some funny turn behavior. Additionally, for whatever reason, the bombs drop from left wing first, where 2x CBU-97 are located, and not from the right, which got 3x CBU-97 at start. Makes it even worse having 3x right and 1x left when dropping one (dropping ripple 3 leaves you with 2x right and none left) Quick and dirty track attached. (also the mission got no success triggers or anything and the targets are not counted at all but only the SAM on the other side of the lake, guess this needs a separate report?) F-16 Syria Ground Attack Loadout.trk
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