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  1. Bit of a late reply - but if you have a track file of it, maybe post it under bugs. I've also seen that happen. Always Right Transmission Oil pressure warning. Usually for me it was only the warning itself that stays on the Ekran, even after your engines have spooled up, so I do still have power/pressure/etc. Other than damage, I can't think why the right transmission should be having issues. If the engine was started normally, it should be almost identical to the left side in performance. All you can really do is forget the throttle for that one side (which I think the oil pressure should normalise even on idle throttles), and you can forget to turn on the electronic engine governor for one side, which would lead to it not capping the output of that engine and actually producing more power until it melts down.
  2. That article...is not quite accurate. Wasn't 'standard terrain flight' at all - night flight acrobatics, 2nd flight he'd had in the Ka-50 after an 8 month gap, after doing a sortie the Mi-24. Apparently the maneuvers done weren't signed off by the Kamov team after modeling out the safety of those maneuvers. But yeah, both cases of extreme maneuvers even for a helo allowed to do loops etc. just can't do like that. So like you say physics. As for the descent - you need to corkscrew usually. As in enough pitch not to increase speed beyond the limits, with whatever descent rate you can (within main rotor rpm limits as Chump mentioned), then keep going lower in gradual circles. Biggest factor with rotor intersections is probably the collective. If you're going to be doing something super-stressful/acrobatic or touching the speed limits, lower collective, then do whatever you need to do gently.
  3. if you still need help with this - posted this a whiles back. Timestamped the section on it:
  4. If you started up correctly, and have the 3 main autopilots on like you mention, the getting into a hover and trimming should leave you in a good trim, with the autopilots on. If you then try to put on Auto Hover Mode, either below 4m AGL, or your doppler isn't ready yet after startup (you can see this by your ground speed not being top-left on your HUD if you haven't activated the Shkval or gun select), then it knocks out your autopilot channels. You'll need to either ascend/wait for the doppler and put the channels back on, or turn off Hover mode and then turn on the AP channels. Route mode will cancel/prevent Auto Hover mode. Finally if you're having issues with AP channels themselves, check your hydraulics and INU switch. Hope that helps.
  5. I've had this happen too, on Caucasus. Your pilot is definitely still alive and F1-able, but can't recall if I could control the aircraft. Then again, it would be missing a massive chunk of avionics etc. Was a multiplayer session and a Mig got me. Not sure I'd find the trackfile now, but it's not just Marianas or AAA.
  6. For target points, Edit mode in the PVI, Press Nav TGT pnt, lase up your target location, press number you wanna save, Uncage Shkval, Enter, then go into opp mode again. Data Link Targets are a bit quicker to save, though slightly slower to recall depending on how many you do. Just target type button and then SendMem. That vid I posted in the other link as the first in a playlist that deals with all these things in probably-too-much detail.
  7. With the PVI-800 in Operational mode, just press the NAV TGT PNT button, then the number of the point you want to select. That should already change your HSI and HUD symbology to point you there. Then your next press of Uncage Shkval will go straight there. Data Link Targets set to DL Ingress can also do this. If you need to know more.
  8. The tanks are self-sealing, so small arms fire is maybe unlikely to cause a significant leak. Also not sure if I've seen leaks in the Shark's fuel, rather than just death.
  9. The one fuel tank takes 705kg fuel, and the other 745kg. So the one tank will likely always run out before the other. The cross-feed ("x feed" I think it's called, next to APU fuel) allows both tanks to feed both engines. So if you're running low fuel, switching that on prevents one engine dying earlier. No idea if that actually lets you keep flying longer, as you're powering both engines, but at least you still have the lift you're expecting.
  10. From this https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/newsletters/newsletter14052021-p79vw4mquji2673nv61gfjpiu17pehuz.html newsletter and few others showing off the cool internal structure and 'beneath the hood' details: (a) can we have a static AI model based on the undamaged, covers-open model for static scenery of a Ka-50 undergoing maintenance? (b) maybe also see the suspended panels open when undergoing repairs from the F8 menu? Be a shame to only see those details when you take damage.
  11. You don't need to reset after every shot. As Taz mentioned, it's one way to change the PRTz data-link panel's behaviour. If you've lased something, it assumes you're trying to save a target rather than recall an existing one. The other way is pressing one of the second row buttons first before the target type, which makes it 'change mode' so to speak and allow you to select existing targets. The other reason is that the less time your laser is firing, the longer it lasts before burning out. This may happen somewhere after the 24th Vikhr depending on use. But essentially once it happens - you lase or launch a Vikhr and the timer on your HUD only counts down from 2, ie. your missiles won't have much guidance. Since every Vikhr has the laser firing an extra 6-ish seconds, you can reset once it impacts. So not necessary, but could be savvy. That said, only do this if you have the concentration/focus/time available. Otherwise don't worry about it.
  12. This was originally posted by Szmarty on reddit/hoggit. Specifically their training mission ("TNN") has targets South-West of Kobuleti (that famous "X" everyone loves to use for target practice. This has nothing to do with the other bug reports on contrast locking - purely on ranging, possibly specifically how it affects the cannon. Laser-ranging the 2nd furthest target, or anywhere in the area near it always results in the cannon rounds falling short. This is from a windows-key + home autostart, standard rocket + vikhr loadout, set in manual mode. INU, K-041 and everything else important is on. The laser is not burnt out (not that that matters for cannon ranging). The target is not moving, nor is ground moving target on. Wind is 3m/s from 111, so from the left in the early shots. Without resetting the Shkval - locking up other targets the rounds land accurately. Firing from a stable hover. Ranging far into the distance and locking dirt (no contrast lock, just the 3 second ranging), the shells land accurately. But anything in that patch around that 2nd-from last vehicle lases weirdly. One can also see the ABRIS shows the laser-ranged Shkval gates as looking near the middle of the airfield or closer, rather than on the furthest edge of the runway. After flying to the other side, now my heading is maybe 028, but in a sideslilp with track of 008. Laser-range at 3.9km. It's stopped ranging for a while already when I open fire at 3.2 on that same truck that gets the ranging weird. All shots about 3m off to the right (I don't find this too strange/disturbing - but rather I'm saying now the rounds are neither falling short nor overshooting by far). The wind would have been an absolute crosswind in this situation from the right. Fire again at 2.7, 1 of the rounds hits home, rest very close spread on the right. I've seen areas in DCS where slewing side-to-side without lasing massively spikes the ranging, but that's with the laser off and always in high areas. This is with laser and near sea level and something is very wrong there. In hindsight I should have launched a Vikhr as well, though I'd guess it would follow it's way to the target and the 6 second buffer would cover the ranging error. This particular case is like a small Bermuda Triangle area, but only from one side. Video capture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ4odwdMc74 I have a trackfile, but it's 38mb - not from an excessively long flight, but I guess mostly the mission. Can't seem to compress it down to the 5mb limit. Please advise on how to share that.
  13. The last two clips posted were from 3km distance, which is leagues different from most AH gun cam footage from 1km +/- 200m. Not sure if anyone has M230 footage from 3 clicks - would be interesting to see. From what I understand after 1.7km those rounds really go astray. Supposedly the Mi-28, well at least the N or earlier versions didn't have great dispersion, and noted for off-bore lack of accuracy compared, but as others wrote, it's got massive recoil far from the CG. Think it only carries ~250-300 rounds though, all housed inside that fat turret, hence it's slower turning speed. No idea on it's abilities to track/stabilise or make fine corrections. I think the pilots can guide it by helmet, but unsure if they have a helmet display.
  14. Привет, мне интересно, знает ли кто-нибудь, где на этом бесконтактные предохранители? Не могу найти на нем никаких диаграмм. Насколько я понимаю, может быть несколько лазеров - одни в передней части для режима лобового столкновения, а другие дальше назад для обычного всестороннего противовоздушного режима. Большинство источников говорят о 5-метровой близости. Извините, я использую для этого инструмент перевода.
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