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  1. Same way the internals of the TCS are still untextured.
  2. Any news on his front? I heard it was fairly close like two months ago...
  3. Try turning off the baked in reflections on the displays in the special options. Never had issues seeing symbology in 2D with that turned off.
  4. They are coming but who knows when at this point. Originally it was "later this winter" at the end of last year.
  5. Yeah, naval version given the Forrestal and A-6 only makes sense for the era. As well as having Jester AI.
  6. I think a Virpil CM2/3 as well as one of their top of the line sticks will do just fine with the Phoon and come fairly close in terms of general layout.
  7. Yeah, I have mine on an axis on my CM2 throttle and have not noticed any difference - I have always been using them either full DOWN or UP and never in any position inbetween.
  8. Yeah if this is the serverside tacview then it's legit, if it's clientside then this is not what happened on the server.
  9. Ejection seat safety levers will now animate properly in exterior view and mirrors Not the case sadly. (and yes the lever is down behind me the imagine was limited by the forum upload size.)
  10. Yeah, I'm fine with presets for the time being as long as we can have the new fog and rain effects. Clouds moving with wind would also be quite nice.
  11. Yup, if anything the SD-10 is currently probably a little too good to be true and the AMRAAM (C model) probably not good enough in terms of CCM and notch resistence (MPRF anyone?). I have had several amraams just be beamed and fly past behind the target or simply notched sub 5nm, well within the kinetic NEZ. And it's not like there is footage of a 54C hit a highly maneuvering target doing a last ditch spli S maneuver (famous VF-11 firings). The publically confirmed Iranian data on the early 54A's is also rather solid (keep in mind those were probably even downgraded A's).
  12. Ok but what metric are you using to measure this? Mere anecdotal evidence? I have seen and flown in TACT matches and most the time people eat long range, 60+ nm Pheonixes on the first press because they don't know what they are doing. Either that or they don't expect max range shots. Same applies to your usual airquake servers, it's usually new or unexperienced people dying to the Phoenix who don't respect the range enough and only defend once they get a launch warning. Or don't defend at all even in some cases, thinking it's way too far to be a factor. And guess what, the F-14 was literally made for BVR and those BVR shots - it's literally where its advantage lies. Same can be said about the F-15 or Mig-31 (if we had one flyable). 16's and Hornets fill a completely different role and have their streghts elsewhere, namely in avionics and great SA.
  13. Additional LAU-7 launchers, the internals of the TCS are compeltely untextured - as well as some smaller model corrections here and there. And the wheel struts should have a metal shine to them, currently they are sort of beige and blend in with the rest of the strut.
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