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  1. Hi, We are working on a skin for the F-14 and we are hitting a issue with the directX11 Backend. In F2 mode, we can see the skin perfectly fine, but in F3 mode there are missing texture comes instead. 2021-03-12 17:24:56.838 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: texture '/textures//liveries/f-14b/gypsy (test)/HB_F14_LOD1_3in1' not found. Asked from 'GRAPHICSCORE' 2021-03-12 17:24:56.853 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: texture '/textures//liveries/f-14b/gypsy (test)/HB_F14_EXT_EXT_TCS' not found. Asked from 'GRAPHICSCORE' Is there any max size for the texture on the F-14, we are pretty much stuck at this moment. Any tips or fixes for this issues?
  2. deleted the new DCS.openbeta, then renamed the original back to its first name.
  3. Final update. After jumping over to Stable, starting up DCS and then reinstalling Beta. I was unable to find the server [] on the list. So i decided to test out the above. First i wanna note, that i was able to see more server then previously (+2 more 4YA servers, but not Full On War server) After renaming the folder to DCS.openbeta_backup i booted up DCS, here i was missing the two new 4YA servers, but i tried to connect to [] which i could. But it was still not showing on the list. Then after shutting down DCS, going back and renaming the DCS backup folder back to just DCS. Started up DCS and on the MP list, the +2 4YA server where back. Tried to connect to [] and it was a success. Still unable to see it on the server, but i think something got bumped back into place. Still wondering what might be the cause for this, if DCS does not like how Steam handles games being moved to other storages? or smoething in that line.
  4. Will try to get over to the stable version, then over to beta. Just to see if this might bump every pieces into their correct place.
  5. No, just the computer which i directly connected to my router. And no dedicated server / remote service on it.
  6. Tried this for about an hour, but still didn't manage to get up the server that i was looking for.
  7. Created the autoexec file, and added the values as stated in the quote. Still no bueno, think am gonna need help from ED about this
  8. Will try this when i get home from work
  9. Update, just removed everything in my Saved Games folder. Still no bueno on finding the server on the list nor Connecting with IP
  10. Strange, it is a fresh install of DCS but maby there is something in the Saved Games fold that is making it conflict?
  11. Hey all, Having some issue joining the server 4YA Full On War on the Open Beta version (Steam) Its only for the caucasus map this happen for, but only the 4YA servers Before anyone ask, i have done the following. Connect via IP Disableing Firewall and Anti Virus VPN Disabeling and re-enabeling IPv6 Pinged to the IP server to confirm, no issues with internet I find it very weird, specially when it is a completely fresh install of DCS (on a different disk) As i could join the servers before Will add the DCS log below. Thanks dcs.log
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