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    DCS: World (A-10C, P51D, FC3), Flaming Cliffs 2, Falcon 4.0 Allied Force, Free Falcon, FSX: Acceleration, Seven-G 1.01, LOMAC, DCS A-10...Nighthawk: F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0!
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  1. The Mirage III/5 is very similar in size to the F-5 (they're both pretty small). Mirage 5 is the bigger dimensions-wise, and it is longer than the F5 by roughly a metre.
  2. Oh man, if only I could wind the clock back four years and buy a Tarmac Aces Mirage 2000 stick :(
  3. Mirage III or F-105 would be fantastic. Imagine the six day war, or launching from Thailand for down town Hanoi in the thud. Probably too epic.
  4. On the contrary, many say that there are a disproportionate number of left handed military pilots, so probably not a problem. Great throttle control :thumbup:
  5. Ready and waiting to throw down on the F-18 throttle/stick ;)
  6. Looks nice! There's a few variations on that scheme too. Small critique: wrong patch ;)
  7. Yeah I don't know why nobody has gone for the Mirage III yet. Finest looking jet ever made.
  8. Phantom would be great, Mirage III imo is also equally iconic and well matched. Either one would canvas a lot of countries and conflicts!
  9. The French really know how to make a beautiful jet (RAZBAM too I suppose :P).
  10. Looks good! Quite a unique cockpit really.
  11. The takeoff emergencies are briefed before takeoff too, and the initial actions are pretty straightfoward in the Hawk (upward vector, what have I got? If you can't maintain speed or alt then you're mostly stepping out - the potential to force land it is limited). All helps.
  12. Will occasionally wake the neighbours up and doesn't always do what it's told ;)
  13. An obviously jocular comment will always bring the white knights out of hiding, audax. Just pretend flight simming warrants such a response, make no sudden movements as it may cause the forum user to instinctively attack you, and back away slowly and cautiously.
  14. The time frame for the sale of these sticks is still up in the air at the moment apparently :thumbup:
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