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  1. Has it been reported? I did a quick search and didn't find a topic with the [REPORTED] prefix.
  2. I haven't been able to do this, I've tried on a specific window in a building for example but can't get the boresight option to appear.
  3. I've seen this but it's not something I want to invest in. I have really good VR controllers, I don't think I should have to spend more money as crutch because ED isn't willing to put the time in - and to be fair I am the minority here so I understand why it's not a priority.
  4. Thank you, that's what I was missing. Hmm how does that work? I find there are still too many HOTAS controls that are just not usable in VR? For example on the f18, how do you slew the cursor, or select a display, or toggle FOV, designate, etc. Which planes are you flying without a HOTAS? War birds?
  5. Might also affect JSOWs, haven't tested. The track below is on Syria, apologies for that but it was the only mission I had on hand. Here's a brief description of the track: Setup JDAMs Select waypoint 1 and designate to get TGP in the right spot Create 4 mark points using the TGP on different targets Undesignate Select MK1 and designate, repeat to MK4 (this is just to check that I've created the mark points correctly) Begin setting up targets for JDAMs Select a station TOO1 Designate Undesignate Select TOO2 Increment to MK2 Designate Undesignate Change stations Increment to MK3 Designate Undesignate Select TOO2 Increment to MK4 Designate Undesignate I then cycle between the two stations and the TOOs just to show that they all have different coordinates (I remembered hearing that TOO were global at some point) Release 2/4 targets hit, 2 bombs doubled up f18-broken-too-with-confirm.trk
  6. I actually experienced this as well on the A10-C. Do you know if this has been reported?
  7. Can you do push/pull actions with the controllers? For example the Hornet hook, parking brake, or radio channel controls? Also flipping the INS knob is incredibly awkward because you have to move your right hand back and rotate it palm up to move that switch. I'm just wondering if there's something I'm missing.
  8. Oh I didn't realize there was a difference, I thought it just fired both.
  9. My buddy and I were lasing for each other but couldn't get it to work. We first tried with the default 1688 (made sure the LSS code was set correctly) and then we tried a different code (and again set the LSS and actual codes correctly) but the TGP couldn't find it. I can 100% confirm that the laser was firing because I had MARK and NVGs on and could see the laser. We tried various ranges from 15nm down to around 5nm. Does this sound like a bug, or is the hornet unable to lase for others?
  10. But would an IR maverick be able to lock onto it? I'm just finding it really hard to boresight right now because it seems like you need to be 5-7nm from a target that will be shooting back at you.
  11. Right now for IR mavericks, you can only boresight against real targets but should you be able to boresight against buildings or just distinct landmarks? And specifically for TV mavericks, should you be able to boresight in area mode?
  12. I'm definitely the minority here, but I don't have a throttle, just a stick and I would like to use one VR controller instead of a mouse for pressing buttons and moving switches. The current controls make this really awkward, I have to flip my hand to toggle a switch up/down and sometimes the angle just doesn't make it possible. Are there any haptic mods? It would be nice to feel something when hovering over a button. I have Index controllers for reference and would love to use my fingers but even I know that's asking too much.
  13. That explains why I wasn't able to do it!
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