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  1. I cleared this up by doing a clean/repair then a reboot. Also refreshed everything in ovgme.
  2. I'd like to +1 this too. Not sure why it doesn't have it...?
  3. Same issue here. I also get the inconsistency. Sometimes I can reproduce it exactly and other times it will go many reloads and be fine.
  4. Okay for example I will try to generate a mission using the PG A10 campaign. I will ask for 1 flight, 1 aircraft, strike mission. I tried this yesterday a few times and I only ever was assigned one wingman for a flight of 2 total aircraft. (I tried several times with the PG F18 campaign with the same result). In single player on my pc (no dedicated server) this type of mission would generate a flight of 4.
  5. I can't seem to get more than 2 aircraft in a flight. Either 1 client and 1 Ai or 2 clients work fine. However, I can never get slot 3 or 4 filled by AI. I always just get 2 aircraft in missions. Am I doing something wrong or is there something to be edited in the conf? Thank you. (Tried both both A10 and F18 latest missions).
  6. I have been trying out the F18 Crisis in PG version .70 posted on a previous page. You are correct. If I generate 1 flight 1 aircraft I do get 1 wingman. That's great! I will continue using it this way on the dedicated server. Do you ever get more than 1 wingman or is that the default? Maybe it's just the missions I have generated so far. Also, is it possible to have say 2 client slots and then 2 AI to fill out a 4 ship flight? Also, when I attempt to use the single player option on the dedicated server it just gets stuck on "Your aircraft is delayed...." message. I believe this has been discussed before but does this ever work? Or does trying single player on a dedicated server contradict itself. Thanks for all the work on these missions. It has added a lot to dcs.
  7. Is there any way to actually have AI wingmen? I believe if I do 1 flight, 1 aircraft (for a strike for example) then I'm the only strike aircraft.
  8. I've been playing these fantastic missions for a few months now. I've also found that offloading the mission to a dedicated server is a huge help for VR fps. It would be great if we could fill remaining flight aircraft with AI. I'm not sure if this is doable but thought I'd suggest it. Thanks for all your great work with these.
  9. Just tried one run through with this and noticed the same thing. Beyond a certain range (not sure what it is) I also notice that the elevation defaults to -1 (or so...). However, when you are slewing it's the proper elevation... Only when you stop it goes to -1. Is it locking onto wherever it meets 0 elevation and that's why it appears to be slewing through much higher and closer hills?
  10. Habu-z

    F14 ICS and PTT

    To follow up on this a bit... Over the last few days I've had the same issue mostly continue. One thing to note is that rarely the ICS and PTT reverts back to how it should function (ie I can't make radio calls over the hot mic without PTT) but as soon as I press PTT to make the call it reverts back to the behaviour noted above. Everything else seems to be working pretty good in the f14.
  11. Habu-z

    F14 ICS and PTT

    I tried cycling the PTT but it didn't make a difference to the ics problem. So to recreate this I start a new mission sitting on the runway in the F14. The ICS switch is on hot mic by default. I can talk to Jester without a problem. If I then saying something like "Request Departure" it broadcasts hot mic to atc without holding down the PTT and I get cleared for takeoff. If I then select ICS to cold everything functions as it should and I get 'Use Active TX Node' as expected. I've messed around with cycling the ics button up and down and the ptt but the above remains consistent.
  12. Habu-z

    F14 ICS and PTT

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I'm having trouble with the intercom in the f14. If I enable hot mic on the intercom it also transmits all other radio comms (non airio) without needing PTT. I thought this was only supposed to work for Jester and you still needed to PTT for all other comms? If I go to cold mic then everything works fine. Also, other aircraft are all working as they should. What am I missing or am I just not understanding how this should be working?
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