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  1. If you remove the spring on the pedals, (not remove the friction) with this option will have the most realistic possible control (Outside of a FFB pedals) Congratulations ED !!!
  2. Ok Rangoon, I've finally come to understand. Sorry I have diverted the topic. His statement that does not use springs has confused me. About the "bug" HUD completely unknown, but as already mentioned, is not a real function. I can only add that the way to reset the AP is compensating, (Force Trim release). If you use the method of "CENTRAL POSITION TRIMMER MODE" is practically impossible to accumulate errors, and this function should not be necessary. (Reset Trimm) Otherwise, the more reason if you are professional, although its setup lets fly perfectly the Ka-50, ok, but somehow always have a point of frustration because this not controlling the helicopter naturally, I hope can someday get a FFB cyclical, today is the best option. Greetings!
  3. Never. Never ever. This applies only to test and learn how the system works and how it affects the behavior of the helicopter. I auto quote. "That is, if you compensate when the attitude of the helicopter, DOES NOT MATCH, with the attitude memorized by the AFCS, you always will be a little scare." Or put another way; Whenever you go to change the attitude of the helicopter, you must "notify" to the AFCSsystem (Force Trim button pressing) of its intention. If you do NOT do that, you will have to "fight" with the AFCS, and if the pilot inputs are within 20% of the AFCS authority, the struggle is harder. If the maneuver induced by the pilot, is beyond 20% of the AFCS authority, it is equally important to compensate the beginning of this, for the same reason, although different mechanism, leaving 20% will also have a little surprise. If you are inside / outside the 20% of authority is irrelevant to the pilot, the transition is completely transparent to the pilot. There is NO reason to "learn" which is 21% beyond testing. Use of "Reset Trim" funtion is a concession to "joy of spring" users when do not dominate the use of Force Trim. Imagine a plane flying at cruising level, imagine putting that airplane in a landing configuration by pressing a button ... ... imagine the consequences. If you want to fly with a minimum of rigor the Ka-50 simulation, completely forget that option, is an aeronautical aberration. :doh: That's crazy. :doh: If you do NOT have a spring joy, Why you need reset the controls? You must enable FFB option in the simulator. Assuming your cyclic keep the position. For the pedals, you must use this MOD; (Only in the Ka-50, unnecessary in the Hip and Huey) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=40624 Saludos! po: I still pending, reread your post # 6 Greetings!
  4. The AP / AFCS in the Ka-50 has 3 functions. -Damping the pilot inputs. Always active. -Maintain (and memorize) the attitude of the helicopter when you release the button Trim Force. Herein is where most people get lost. Each time you use the Force Trim the AFCS memorizes the helicopter attitude and try to keep it within 20% of authority in the controls. That is, within that 20%, the AFCS is in control, though, pilot inputs also added. When you take the controls out of that 20% is exactly backwards. The pilot has full authority, but the AFCS try out the helo attitude towards memorize the last time you made up. If you use a joy spring, the system forces you to carry the cyclic to the center of this. In a maximum of 0.5 sec. If you do not this well, it will accumulate errors, and will spend much of the flight fighting an invisible ghost. AFCS. 0.5 sec seems very short ... No. For a mediocre musician 0.5 seconds is a long time, giving you time to play four notes, for a virtuoso musician 0.5 seconds is an eternity. If you have a joy without spring, BE ACTIVATED "FFB option" in the simulator. This frees you to bring joy to the center, but will have no physical information of the center of cyclic, and also get errors. In both cases, disable FD (Flight Director) switches OFF the function of "maintaining attitude", and can help, but the right thing is to understand how the system works. -The Last function of AP / AFCS is navigation and targeting, and is irrelevant to this post. I enclose a flight full of mistakes, but very illustrative of the use of Force Trim. Greetings! edit: Best rereading the first thread. I'll try to describe what I think he's going. You take off for stationary, with well compensated helicopter. OK. In this situation you can even drop your hand out of the cyclic. AFCS has control, even if small inputs by the pilot. From stationary (without compensating) gently push the cyclic (within 20%) and the helicopter starts to move forward. (0:33 in the video) Now there are two sources controlling the helicopter, the AFCS and the pilot. AFCS have in "memory" hover attitude, and the pilot is moving the cyclic forward, the helicopter receives the sum of both inputs. If at this time you press the Force Trim button, you cancel the entry of the AFCS abruptly, resulting in a movement / attitude, undesired. (0:46 in the video) This is independent of the control system (spring, not spring, FFB) and is simply a pilot error. If in the above example, you pushes the cyclic beyond 20% of authority of the AFCS, a smooth transition to the "subtraction" of the ratio controlled by the AFCS is produced, and will have smaller amount of unwanted movement when using the "Force Trim". That is, if you compensate when the attitude of the helicopter, DOES NOT MATCH, with the attitude memorized by the AFCS, you always will be a little scare. Beyond that, I assure you that the AP / AFCS behaves (do not know the degree of fidelity) as expected in a helicopter with SAS / ATT AFCS.
  5. No problem with the Force Trim, the AFCS, and the Auto Pilot in the Ka-50 DCSW. The problem is your joystick spring, and spring pedals, which requires it to operate the helicopter artificially. Also, get to know how the system works, and know "move" inside and outside the 20% authority. If you need to use the Reset-Trim in flight, you SHOULD NOT be flying :) You must have a FFB joystick and pedals without spring, of this form can control the Ka-50 in a natural manner, similar to how operates a real pilot. Greetings!
  6. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=131553 if the post is a wolf eats you. :music_whistling: Greetings!
  7. The Mi-8 does not have this equipment, and the associated weaponry. Greetings!
  8. Assess a G940 to properly emulate a ForceTrim device. Greetings!
  9. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=122607 Greetings!
  10. Thanks for listening ED. I hope that the numbers fit ... In my case the anger is with the KS project, I found it regrettable feeling cheated, but I consider valid pay $ 40 for Dora. What I want most is that the project to go ahead. Not know their numbers of your company, but I think they have a premium product that constantly degrade with constant offers and promotions. This confuses a lot customer, which I understand will have very different profiles, if this ends up looking like the video game market, we will have a short future. Greetings!
  11. I do not want to pay $ 20 for a map, or I give away a plane for which I paid, (since beta). Understand their business reasons, and I will continue to support ED, but as a consumer I am compelled to say that I feel cheated. For my part, between each other (?) Have mowed my trust in any KS project. Unfortunate, bad for everyone, developers and customers. I'd rather pay $ 60 for a product, as in the A-10C beta, and know what I pay. In my personal inventory, I paid $ 40 for Dora, and so happy. The road to get here has been, strange, weird, unique, special, theatrical? Well! Anyway, I have the Dora. I hopefully next buy it for the usual channel. I hope. Greetings!
  12. Well, I'm going to take a chance, I took more than a year with the card in a drawer ... With this I can start from scratch with the 1.28? Greetings!
  13. Good luck with the project JO & company. Greetings!
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