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  1. He probably doing the right thing but the new radar update which made it into a gaydar is probably his issue. It just won't lock on to jack until bandit is like 15/20 miles away.
  2. So when I fire the last aim 120...the time to pitbull and time to impact marked by the A and T symbology on the hud disappears? It only happens on the last aim 120 and works fine for all other launches. This was the case for a long time before, ED fixed it last year for a bit but its missing again.
  3. But i want to return to nav mode after im done shooting chumps
  4. What is the difference between a2a master mode and missile mode? Iv been flying f16 for a year and always use a2a? Thanks
  5. How is ur cockpit grey and mine green
  6. Thanks that makes sense. Also iv got a thrustmaster hotas warthog. Im finding this to be too rugged and stiff for the subtle movements for helicopter flight. And i just cant hover above trees in the hind to rescue stranded pilots. Its difficult
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to contact the Moscow Farp in the 4ya caucases server in the HIND? I can't figure out what to do hence me posting on here. Any help would be really great. Also, is it possible to hover and pick off targets from a distance in the hind? Or is it more to do with making a run towards the target, firing a atgm and then turning away and coming back again from a safe distance? Thanks in advance
  8. You only need to align each station and not each missile. Also, you might be getting T instead of C because you're trying to lock target out of range. Make sure you're within 7.5 - 8.5 miles from the target when you TMS UP to auto hand over. You should then get the C and be ready to fire. Also, once you're done aligning the mavericks on the ground...they may act weird when you're still on the ground and seem as if they are not aligned properly. Take off and go ahead and engage some targets with auto handover using TGP at around 8 miles and you should be good.
  9. BORING - but thats okay I've sent my hotas for replacement so can't fly anyway.
  10. Can we carry HARMS on pylon 4/6 now if the server allows to do so? Or not yet?
  11. In DCS it shows up as Throttle - Warthog and Joystick - Warthog. The buttons do seem to work fine. as they do everything I need and want them to do. In Windows device manager I can't see thrustmaster anywhere. When moving them seperately...the small left one works butter smooth. Its the right one thats not smooth. Could it be a greasing issue where the grease dried up? I'm guessing these items can be stocked on shelves for many many months unused?
  12. Hi, it doesn't stick but its defo not butter smooth. If i disconnect the 2 throttles, the left one is super butter silk smooth but the right one there seems to be something there. Its not much but its like something is rubbing against something else. theres no noise its just the way it feels.
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