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  1. Was the cue circle outside the bore sight? Did it make that bleep soundas I cant tell from the vid Or use dogfight mode I suppose
  2. What mode are you having the radar set to? Or does this happen in all modes?
  3. Issue persists in OB Have a look into this ED this has gone on long enough now.
  4. I used to get the same thing as my stick was jittery and the F16 throttle was banging against the afterburner detent in game.
  5. It's been happening quite a lot. I have also started the same thread, this bug is very annoying as it makes the f10 map useless for GCI.
  6. Thank you @Flappie. Would you like me to remove the thread if I can do that, as it's been covered before?
  7. Hi all, I seem to lose the background to all buttons in the GUI for the settings, this bug also happens on the F10 map. One moment all the icons for the friendly AC and ground troops are there, the next they all disappear. Really annoying when trying to use Combined Arms. Also the screen shot ability has been lost from my system. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks AtlasRise
  8. Once again Barbar, thank you. You my kind man are a true Gent, I will let you shoot me down with an AMRAAM sometime.
  9. Hi Barbar, thank you very much for the kind upload. Where do I find the options to enable clutch and disable latched options. Sorry for being a pain in the proverbial, I got no clue as I'm a bit of a Biff when it comes to these things. Thanks in advance.
  10. Still around on Discord if anyone is after a few games with our Squadron.
  11. DCS doesn't recognize my pinkie, mode or slider controls. It's bugging the hell out of me
  12. At least you have the software, been trying to get hold of it for ages and the downloadable version is 32 bit and won't run on my system.
  13. AtlasR1se

    Saitek x52

    Hi Taz1004, tried all manner of options to download from that site. Always comes back with the same old problem. You are running a 32 bit installer on a 64 bit machine. Find the 64 bit version an try again. E-mailed Logitech over 2 weeks ago with no response. Looks like I will just have to keep using it with it's limited buttons and sliders until I can afford another brand. Thanks for your help though.
  14. AtlasR1se

    Saitek x52

    I have an old X52 as well, I am having the same issue. I have tried and tried to get a copy of the programming software but cannot seem to get it from anywhere for Windows 10. How did you get the software to work, or have you found a Windows 10 version on the internet??
  15. Come on over and join in the fun and games. Find us on Discord CKSGaming
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