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  1. @NineLine @BIGNEWY Lots of guys are having probs with boresighting in VR, this may be a simple solution IMHO, I don't think bore-sighting adds to much in the way of immersion but for those that do like doing it having the option in the special tab doesn't effect them. Below is one of the topics, seems a lot are struggling. If I render in my right eye VR, I can boresight fine following the procedure, but in both eye render in VR (which ED did to help users) it is not accurate at all as you have to focus on the boresight and line up a double image of the cross hair which can be hit or miss (literally).
  2. You are removing paralax by gimping the system, you will have some paralax as the PNNVS is lower than your head. Casmo explained this in a vid and it happens in the real bird (maybe in DCS it doesn't get the paralax effect perfect) By doing what you are doing you are now telling the system you are looking somewhere else so that the FLIR image lines up with the real world. The idea of the boresight is so that your crosshair is a known datam point for targeting and not that the FLIR image lines up with the surrounding daytime real world.
  3. Personally I can Boresight the IHADDS easy in VR , i.e all circles lining up if I have the right eye render, if both eye render it's a PITA and goes wrong. I have created a wish list topic to remove the need to boresight in the special tab, 3rd time being posted in this thread (thanks YoYo for also linking). This is a simple work around, remove the need to do it as option, it's a mundane task which doesn't add anything to the module really IMHO in terms of immersion and with the amount of different headsets etc.. this will probably be an ongoing issue.
  4. I think the easiest option would be for ED to add an option in the specials tabs to enable/disable the need to boresight the IHADDS on a cold start. Yes not realistic (but it is a mundane task which can dramatically effect accuracy if done wrong). I am using both eye render in VR as the HUD looks better on my HMD that way. I started a topic in the wishlist section, give it a thumbs up and +1 in the comments if you agree
  5. As we have the option to have the IHADDS rendered in in a number of ways, it makes it a bit of gymnastics routine to bore sight the IHADDS (and not very accurate in VR if using both eye render). Can we have an option in the specials tab to disable/enable the requirement for bore sighting. In a hot-start helo the IHADDS are bore sighted automatically. Thanks ED.
  6. I have been a way at work for a long time and just hopped back in the hind and the rudder yaw AP still seems a bit of mess. I can't notice any difference since release. Kinda stage as the Black Hawk Mod has a similar system with micro switches in the pedals and they work fine. When the Hind launched there was loads of feedback on the issue but it seems to have gone no where unfortunately.
  7. @BIGNEWY Are the team looking at the issues as per my OP ? I have edited the OP to clear it all up and added all issues in to one post. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the info , I will stick to not using the rudder helper option then, but I can see how your work around can be used to get the pedals centred after being left offset when turning off Yaw AP or taking over from the AI pilot. This is another option for people to experiment with. Having a separate bind to reset rudder trim to centre IMHO would also help those who like using the rudder helper IMHO. Click button and pedals are now centred and are in line with your real pedals or joystick if it has a yaw axis (with out effecting cyclic trim) adding the extra bind would not effect how anything currently works (which I feel is important). I edited my original post to better describe this possible solution.
  9. I know how to use the trim function on the cyclic I am asking if you use the same trim button for both cyclic and rudders.
  10. Ok so you are using the same button to set rudder trim and/or cyclic trim, correct ??
  11. Thanks for the advise, but I don't like using the "rudder trimer'' option in the special menu (I have experimented on the Hind and other Helos) Can you clarify how you can apply separate trim to the rudder pedals that isn't tied to cyclic ?? maybe I am missing some thing here ? I thought pressing trim will set both pedals and cyclic ?? Thanks.
  12. A lot of the flying of the Hind will end up being down to preference, however with the set up of the pedals a lot of the un wanted situations could be avoid IMHO with a simple way to centre the pedals that is not tied to the Cyclic. Personally I have no probs with how the AP systems work for flight, Its worth bearing in mind IRL they are mechanical gyros and more then likely wouldn't be perfect. its only when I turn them off or take over from the AI pilot I run into issues. I now work around these issues but I would prefer it if ED could implement a separate rudder re-rest bind.
  13. Agreed, The difference is I guess in the Hind is, ED are trying to replicate how real systems work where as in the Gaz it is a Faux auto hover ?? But yes I like how when you turn off auto hover in the Gaz you just catch the tail and then it is doing what you want instead of having to reset any trim that has been baked in.
  14. I started a topic about in the bugs section. We need a separate bind to reset the rudder pedals IMHO for when turning off Yaw AP, starting missions, or taking over form the AI pilot, all of those things will leave the pedals offset and the only way to center them is to hit reset trim which also centers the cyclic which in certain situations is not ideal.
  15. Agreed, While I think a collective would be awesome for immersion but a proper cyclic would be fantastic. Hopefully one of the 3 big boys is looking to do a FFB base with the new interest in Helos. I have looked at at Virpil collective but haven't seen any good reviews as of yet. For pedals I use VKB's, would be great for them to have dampener kit or something, while not FFB it would be better. I do fly jets and Helos so a quick change kit would be great.
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