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  1. Hello, Could be a setting of your monitor in regards to its response time "overdrive" setting which results in visible artifacts (RTC errors) such as inverse ghosting : https://pcmonitors.info/articles/factors-affecting-pc-monitor-responsiveness/
  2. Hello. I have a 32" curved Monitor running at 4k 2x MSAA, Terrain Shaddows off. I am using TrackIR so 60fps is what I would like to see 99.9% of all times. So here is what I think. 32" Curved in combination with Track IR, absolutely love it. 4k on this screensize for me a must I would prefer 6k I like details on the MFDs and also on the small dials without needing to zoom in. 6800XT is minimum for 4k DCS if you want 60 fps "stable" flying low over trees while having stuff shown on your MFDs i.e. harrier & K-50 or flying the Viggen and using the radar to identify targets. Here is a toppic I started when debating between 2 Monitors, maybe it helps: I had also considered the Dell 4k curved but read too much negative feedback about its response time and it was quite a bit more expensive back then, so I ended up with this one https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/philips-328e1ca/ I use it on the fastest response time with some overshoot but It feels the best when panning around with Track IR. Maybe the Dell is very similar but I had no chance to test it. If you want even faster and cleaner response times you may need to buy something like this: https://pcmonitors.info/samsung/samsung-s32bg85-odyssey-neo-g8-240hz-4k-va-with-mini-led/ Also 6700 is not good enough for 4k. So at least 6800XT better 6900XT or 3080 or 3080TI If you want to enjoy your retirement to the fullest by flying an immersive high fidelty flight simulator for the next 5-6 Years without upgrading right away again I would invest another extra 500-1000$ to do so. Flying a Cessna in a flyingclub costs you 100-200$ an hour - no dogfights, no low level bombing runs, no ejecting when you can't pull up in time and the best thing no drinking beer while lining up on RWY 06 in Sochi together with your friends for your next mission .
  3. After I upgraded from 1070ti to 6800xt I was battleing wiered fps behavior, too. Try to disable the Msi afterburner/Riva tuner... and use the in game frametime fps stats display... Ironically the Program that shows you the problem could be the problem itself...
  4. Hello, We have the same card and it looks like the same goals in terms of where the focus is on. Since I also use Track IR, Smoothness when panning is key for me too. I have a 32"4k Phillips which supports adaptive sync, if not mistaken down to 52 fps. In the beginning I played around with different methods for the best result. At the end I settled on this. Vsync Application controlled, Dcs Vsync on. Adrenaline setting for Monitor, adaptive sync. Biggest contributions for smooth gameplaying is too keep fps 99% of all times between 58-60fps based on the Graphic settings. So I give my card lots of headroom. Terrain Shaddows off and trees to 70% MSAA (only) 2x But I have view distance on Extreme. With the Harrier low level and with the tpod on is the benchmark (which puts my card very often to the limit and of course still sometime tanks my fps below the smoothest range) Also very important is full screen, sometimes I need to alt Tab until I am sure its right otherwise the Smoothness is not there and fps are for some reason just outside the range... The only game that halfed my fps sometimes because of vsync was red dragon wargame, but when alt tabbing twice it jumped back to 60. But forgot what setting I had back then... maybe vsync always on or so. I found it's best to let the game control vsync. Also tried fps cap and no vsync and lots of other settings but best smooth panning is with the settings for me like explained above...
  5. Same problem with the FC3 Dispensers. i.e. Column Attack Mig29s Mission when you load those dispensers and do a run through the valley. Once you look back over your shoulder fps drops to 1/2 even once the visible explosion/smk is gone. So not only the damage model is very poor ( In DCS a maverick has more area damage then most cluster bombs) now you also get penalized in fps when using them. So nobody needs new Pilot models if some of the fundamental game mechanics need still quite a bit of fine tuning. Don't get me wrong, DCS is the best Sim I ever touched but sometimes you scratch your head why certain things don't get any attention.
  6. "The Harrier's gun is powered by bleed air from the engine compressor through a valve at the bottom of the engine called the butterfly valve(BFV) which then goes into the gun shut off valve(GSOV) to operate the gun. The Butterfly Valve is also where the bleed air comes from to pressurize the Reaction Control System(RCS). The RCS is the puffer ducts/jets under the nose, tail, each wingtip, and on each side of the tail that allow the pilot to stabilize in Vertical/Short Take Off & Landing(VSTOL) Flight/Hovering. Once the Nozzles are rotated down beyond a certain point, the Butterfly Valve(BFV) opens to block off the Gun Shut Off Valve(GSOV) and sends all the tapped bleed air to the RCS to give the pilot Pitch, Yaw and some Roll control in the Hover. The Gun is not getting the Bleed Air pressure it needs to operate." I found this on steam and I guess it makes sense...
  7. Hello, like the title says I was in a dog fight with a Su27 guns only and since he was on my tail since the beginnig I figured the only chance to get him is to slow down dramatically and prevent my own stalling with keeping the thrusters down at least 60%. Sure enough the Su-27 overshot in notime since I was going 160kts and less with very good controlability... perfect position to gun down that Su27 ... But the gun didn't work because of the thrusters angled down.. is that on porpouse? I knew about bombs and mavericks being not released but why should the gunpod not work?
  8. Yes indeed. One of my favourite episodes: https://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com/episodes/060-mig-29-fulcrum/ After listening to him I bacame an even greater fan of the Mig-29
  9. Just to make sure, you have DCS installed on it's own SSD? I chased micro stuttering for a year. More Ram, page file settings, cpu gpu tweaks... nothing eliminated it. But one day I bought a 512GB SSD put DCS on there exclusively (before that windows and dcs was on the same ssd)... never had any stuttering ever again. Also use Trackir5 6800xt 2700 Ryzen OC to 3900 on 8 cores SMT off, Vsync on. Graphics 4k quite extreme to high except Ground shadows(disabled) 95% of all times 60fps since my 4k 32" has 60hz max. Monitor has adaptive sync but anything below 56 fps starts to feel not as smooth and responsive then 60fps. Looking forward to vulkan
  10. DCS A/V-8B: Harrier IR Mavericks + TPOD Tutorial - YouTube The Problem I have.... Light Poles and Powerline Poles..... Here is the Scenario There this big Tank driving down the road (Targeting pod in FLIR)... nice hot and juicy... finally PT catches... wonderful.... but there look at that... he is approaching a section of road with a parallel Powerline.... NOoooooooooo Noooooooooooo... SNAP the Targeting pot logic considers every power pole a better target then the tank and it keeps snapping on to them until you are so frustrated you just want to eject, hopefully with an axe in your survival gear so you can walk up to those damn poles and try to cause havoc to them, as many as possible before the enemy puts you under arrest. That's why nobody would ever go to war in this region.... too many poles that will render high tech shit useless and drives your pilots into insanity....
  11. @ JayRoc I got a little bit of a funny Situation I picked up a used 1080Ti EVGA Hybrid and two days later I got a call from a local Store that he put a 6800XT aside for me (since I bugged him for over two weeks) I have a 2700 (non X) OC to 3,9 GHZ SMT off with 32GB @ 3333Mhz CL15. As you can imagine I kept swapping GPUs for and back. And even borrowed a 4K screen to see the differents. 1st of all I awas amazed about the 1080TI upgraded from a 1070TI. Compared to the 6800XT with really everything on Ultra High (also Shadows) 2x MSAA 2x SSAA and SSLR in the worst possible place I got 3fps less with the 1080TI at 1440p. I think 39 vs 36 fps If you take out SSLR the gap widens, if you take out SSAA you are 77 fps vs 64 lowest. 4K with 2x MSAA made the biggest difference lowest 6800XT was 54 vs 37 on the 1080Ti (all tests were done Single Player, low to the ground with lots of trees and explosions/ particles around) (Also I am only interested in the lowest FPS since I cap at 60fps due to Track IR, because I can't reach 120FPS stable without scarifying all the eye candy) I could imagine the CPU is probably the bottle neck here even though both cards are at 99% when measuring those lowest FPS situations. Here is my question. on your chart (benchmark) when testing the 6800XT on a 2700x vs 5900x is the GPU utilization in both cases also 99% or is it lower on the 2700x?
  12. Hello, Well yes I thought also initially about the 32" to be my preference, Sharper Monitor and since I did to Benchmarks on a 4K TV and a custom resolution of 3840x 1600 the FPS where within 5-10 FPS with 2xMSAA on the 6800XT. And after some for and back I eventually ended up selling the Ultrawide and bought th 32" 4k. Especially working with complex full fidelity models, nothing beats the higher resolution and the bigger vertical realestate. I can still read the mfd content even zoomed out alot further compared to 1440p or 1600p. About the 6800XT I will post some Benchmarks I did down the road. For example I can (Single Player) run Everything Ultra/High/Extreme with MSAA and SSAA 1.5 and never drop 60fps 1440p on the 6800XT where as with the 1080TI I have to turn off 1.5 SSAA to achieve the same. I have to say I only got a Ryzen 2700 overclocked to 3900Mhz restricted to 8 cores & 8 threats. So powered with a better Processor the 6800 would do a lot better I can imagine. But in terms of driver issues It's plug an play. When I tried the 6800XT vs 1080TI where it made the biggest difference was 4k with MSAA. And when testing other Games like Divison 2 1440p Ultra I went from 85 fps to 147 with the 6800XT and Afterburner is reporting only 250 Watts so pretty sweet. Also once DCS will implement Multicore I could stay with this CPU. I had to learn that the stock Fan curve is tweaked for silence not for cooling so max is 29% or 50% in Rage mode.... I got into the 80s temp wise. but once opening up the fan curve to 100% she would not exceed 67 C with the fan sitting arround 70-80%.
  13. Hello... Debated between a couple monitors here: https://www.philips.ca/c-p/328E1CA_27/curved-lcd-monitor-with-ultra-wide-color & https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-38WK95C-W-ultrawide-monitor I was lucky enough to get a 6800XT so the 4k Wont be much more strain on the GPU... I made a comparison with actually same size MFDs and What you can physically see on each Monitor... Wondering what will be better Ultrawide 38401600 or 16:9 3840x2160 Ultrawide has a PPI of 110 32" a PPI of 139 Also Using Track IR which will influence the experience and therefore the decision... I figured this would help other's in the same situation so I decided to share my thought process. Most flown Aircraft: K-50, Huey, Mig29, Harrier
  14. Hello Mike and Hello to all DCS Fighter Pilots. I am following this Forum for a year now, but this is the first post I really felt like I have to reply to. Why, because Mike is speaking "out of my soul", we would say in German. I am also 38, I also have kids and family which are currently #1 priority. I also dreamed of being a fight pilot since I was 12 Years old. I played US Navy Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters, Some Israel Airforce game and eventually Flanker 2.0 back then. The only difference is, I passed the Medical back in 2001, I actually passed all three phases required to be selected for the Fighter pilot Program of the German Luftwaffe back then. Eventually I was going through conscription and unfortunately(still debating on that myself) my critical mind paired with the right or wrong impressions and stories and ideas made me not signing the contract. (i.e. I witnessed a Pilot loosing his wings being in the same waiting room for our annual medical 2002). Long story short I tried some other directions outside of aviation, regretted it within the first couple of years couldn't get back into the Airforce and eventually ended up 2008 attending Flight School in Canada to become a commercial Helicopter Pilot. I was introduced to DCS by a friend of mine a little over a year ago, who is currently going through fixed wing conversion. What brings us together these days (since we have both very busy lives) is DCS. I think DCS is not just a game. It's a platform for aviation enthusiasts. For myself it allows me to partially experience my dream from back then. And doing I am starting to realized there is so many of us. I also want to Thank ED. Your (home)Simulator (almost don't want to say game) is so good that I caught myself flying my favorite plane (MIG-29S/G) on a server with my friend for a couple hours after a 13 hour working day where I had already flown 4-5 hours in reality for the local forestry department. Keep Up the good work! You guys are working in a DreamFactory!
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