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  1. Enigma89


    What was posted on Facebook? Was that a Su-17?
  2. We do not have the Su-27 on the server. We do not have plans to do F-5 recon yet. The Mig-21 already has recon. We are thinking of adding recon to the trainer planes but are still thinking on it.
  3. We do not have frequencies set for FARPs as there were just too many and it was too time consuming to make for each of them. The airfields should have their standard frequencies AFAIK as they are hard coded into the map for the different modules. I personally don't use navigation systems ever and just navigate visually so I won't be able to help you more than that. Hopefully someone else responds here or you can join us on the discord as the community is housed there and it is extremely active (you will get answers within a minute of posting)
  4. No and it will never be possible to exclusively fly the F-14 on the server. There are already a lot of servers that cater to that, we are trying to do something different. I would recommend flying the main modules on the server, earning enough credits to fly the F-14 in the server.
  5. As Syria is now in a good spot, starting today when a campaign ends, it will roll over to the other map. This must be done manually, please ping me and I will change it over to the other map. We will build a system that automates this process in the future. Red won the campaign last night so we will roll over to Caucasus.
  6. Just an update on the effort on our patch, we are expecting to be live any day from today through 1 week from now, this will include recon. Additionally, for those that have not had the time yet to check out the Syria mission, i invite you to watch this to get a feel for how the map plays.
  7. We hope that the recon mechanic makes it easier for helicopters because where you need to be exactly to deploy your weapons is more clear and you are spending less time scouring and looking around. At the end of the day, the map is different and the helicopter gameplay is tied to the landscape. We will keep rotating between the original missions and Syria.
  8. I think you are talking about the setting that allows for the heading and such to appear? This was removed as it was not realistic and the Hind is very strong on the server. Also, I would like to share a new mechanic that Yink made for the server, it will be coming once we sus out any bugs in testing.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I will say in general I am surprised by your feedback, a lot of people have actually been saying the complete opposite so much that people have already been asking us to not bring the original mission back in rotation. I will let the mission sit for now and see how the feedback nets out to but thanks for sharing
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