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  1. whats the difference of Simshaker for aviators and Simshaker Wings even?
  2. @Raisuli128 buttons on one teensy? how? and how does it compare to arduino?
  3. Does RotorOps work with Apache?
  4. If only I have the time,space and tools i would try to make one as well.. daamnn that looks sweet
  5. you made your own? holy crap.. do you have videos of it online how it perform? you crazy good at building things.. how much you spent on it?
  6. Where's the fun in it tho?.. TBH I have logged more time building the rig than actual flying hehe. I was able to message him in FB and he has plans to sell them. He use also a custom PCB \ He is a legit tinkerer, dude's name is Mihael Mešnjak. I dont like the 4-way hat switch he uses tho. I have those in a Panel and they give little resistance almost easily broken. So you have two separate micros is it? Or is it different?
  7. oh my you are basically done my friend! @hannibal . I still havent gotten back to redoing the grip but last week I saw some guy posted on FB for his grip and managed to do a screenshot https://imgur.com/rsT53Sw that dude has mad Fusion skills. Man im gonna get left behind all this i might end up buying one instead.
  8. Thats how switches has to be.. closer together. . I didnt know why I didnt thought of that when I was trying to replicate an oversized reference. Anyways progress is slow have been tired from work lately. I got to print the turn table tho (https://imgur.com/a/3XARQn0), hopefully would be able to do photogrammetry to take the Kosmisima grip as reference and turn in into a tedac grip..
  9. Tedac is on hold.. bit tired after work and the rest of free time is spent playing around the 3d printer and ive been printing light pink and turquoise stuff with it.. 3D printing is fun bruhh.. Sorry I have short attention span syndrome..
  10. Im a dumbass. Its totally blown out of proportion. Will redo it with a different reference. WIll try to get same grip size as the Kosmosima. Anyways does anybody know how to turn a physical object into Digital model? Any cheap solution like laser scanning or using Clay as model that would be great since easier to get the correct grip ergonomics.
  11. Alright, got my printer. Now for a test priii... oh wait. It doesn't Fit. hahaha.. I'll have to slice it into parts then. Man I hate seams.. Edit: Maybe I should scale it down as well. My reference might not be the actual dimension. Or maybe export the model from DCS when apache comes out?
  12. I find myself too tired after work. I also got sidetracked at the CDU and reading some electronics stuff. Everything electronics is new to me. The TEDAC is pretty much the same as where I left off(https://imgur.com/a/m02QE36). My printer will arrive next week so.. yay. at least can do test print to see "ergonomics" of things. And I'm new to 3d printing as well so it wont be same as printing on paper it might not go so well at first print. And the buttons uhhggg cant seem to find the right one, has anyone know what push buttons does Winwing use? I like them a lot slightly long travel and very clicky. Btw will this https://imgur.com/a/ai3tagP work for the slew? its a ps4 analog joystick. Damn this journey has so much to learn still 3d print/electronics/coding. Im kinda getting scared with the circuits part.
  13. Is this possible on a 5x10cm pcb? or multiple pcb?,. what would be the best way for someone who cant do custom pcbs?
  14. This is nice! Im having second thought on getting the Panel from pcflights as well or just make one myself with the 3d printer on the way. Can you share your measured drawings in CAD format? This github link have formats im not sure how to open.
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