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  1. Yeah, I'm assuming it must be related to VR or else there would be many others complaining about this performance hit. It's quite noticeable
  2. Yeah, as I noted in my OP I run DCS with a Reverb G2
  3. Hi all, I've been using the Orion HOTAS F-18 since November and have been loving it. The solid metal handles and bases are just amazing and adds to serious emersion when matched with the Reverb G2. However, there are a couple issues. The first, is that the stick recently started acting up and eventually died last night and was not sensing any movements to the right. I am currently working with WinWing to trouble shoot and hopefully they'll send me replacement parts to get it working again. They've been quite responsive when I submitted the claim and asked me to try and troubleshoot it which included opening up the base and trying to reconnect wires to ensure it was not a loose connection. Unfortunately, it didn't help. The other thing I noticed and have confirmed is that SimAppPro does something that kills performance. When I first got the Orion back in November, I installed SimAppPro and when I started playing DCS I could tell right away that framerates just tanked. I always play with the counter to see what my FPS is in my G2. At that time, I wasn't certain that it was SimAppPro as there were a few other updates to DCS and I was also trying some new mods and so I thought maybe I did something to corrupt my install. Anyway, I decided to go back to a previous Windows OS restore point and also completely uninstall SimAppPro, and DCS Open Beta and delete my DCS Open Beta saved games folder. I re-installed DCS and all the modules but I didn't re-install SimAppPro. After doing this my framerates got back to what they were before. Unfortunately, when my stick died last night I had to re-install SimAppPro to troubleshoot it with the tech from WinWing. And in doing so, my DCS performance tanked again. This time, I just uninstalled SimAppPro and just deleted my entire saved games folder and it addressed the issue. So it seems like SimAppPro puts something in the saved games folder that causes issues with DCS. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this before and I would be curious to know if anyone found a way to get around what SimApp is doing. Because of this I have never really used SimApp but it seems from other users that it is a great App.
  4. Thanks. I tried switching it the Acquisition ?SKR and it seemed to work for me. What's the difference between TADS and ?SKR ?
  5. Hi, as noted above when I use George to engage enemy targets he will indicate that the target is locked and stored however his Cued LOS reticle does not move. It always stays fixed in the middle of my display inside the heading tracker. Does anyone know if there’s a setting I’m missing? I’m still able to consent to fire and he will launch the hellfire and hit the target but it would be nice if the Cued LOS reticle showed where he’s locked on. Thanks!
  6. mhe, how did it work for you? I got it working, I think. It seems there is a decent uplift in performance and at Ultra Performance I don't see much of an impact on quality. I haven't done a lot of testing so would like to hear thoughts from others!
  7. Thanks Fri13. This explanation helped to address my issue and a few hours of frustration trying to figure out what was wrong with my TPOD slew!
  8. Jib, I tried the day and night setting and it was set to day.
  9. Hi all, I noticed that after 2.7 the MFCDs in the Syria map are really dim now. They are fine in the Persian Gulf map though. Has anyone else experienced this? I can hardly see the TPOD display in CCD mode even with the brightness turned all the way up in Syria
  10. Added another mission in the storyline which requires JTAC communications for targeting and VTOL landing at a FARP. Enjoy! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315938/
  11. A few additional missions I've made based on a storyline with some real world events and fictional elements to make things interesting. Would appreciate feedback. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315671/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315701/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315854/
  12. Can someone explain to me why the SA-6 Kub in my game looks like this. Also this is not the only one. Some other tanks have missing tracks and other parts. Is it just my install of the game and all the mods and shaders I've added over time that have corrupted the base game?
  13. Wrench, I'm not experienced with coding and all that. Is there some tutorial that walks through the steps? Honestly, I'm not well versed enough in this and I would need some more guidance to get this to work. LOL.
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