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  1. Not exactly. Every model RWR is different, even the same RWR on different airframes can be configured differently. While it's probably possible for even search radars to trigger a STT warning, more likely rwr's are setup to require a certain amount of radiation for a certain amount of time to trigger a STT warning. And of course there's no way any of that is public knowledge.
  2. Missile override can be entered and exited with a hotas button.
  3. And 1/10000 viper pilots told you TWS wasn't worth using. I think the video of TWS being used in combat is more credible than you.
  4. I think NVG with SDU would be a nice addition if anything because turning on FLIR almost halves my FPS in VR.
  5. Holding force trim up will desaturate it
  6. Mig-19's are also detected as a 2S6
  7. It does seem a decent bit smoother in actual PNVS footage than how it is currently in game.
  8. Pretty sad you need to overclock a $1200 gpu just to get playable framerates in VR
  9. I think this is a issue if you cold start the aircraft as whenever I'm gunning for someone who did a hot start I can hear the rlwr and cmws warnings.
  10. Make small edits to line 150 of the ControlsIndicator_page.lua
  11. Israel sure seems to like using 600 gallon bags with CFT's. Regardless, a normal sead load of 2x harm, 2x 370gal, and a jammer even has a hard time cruising at anything above 20k feet. Is that a bomb truck as well?
  12. I find it difficult to believe nations would fly their F-16's with CFT's, centerline tanks and 600 gallon wing tanks if the F-16's AOA and drag were as bad as it is in DCS with heavy loadouts.
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