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  1. Made a few runs these days and it seems to work as intended. I was stuck only once as Charlie group was destroyed.
  2. If your goal is to enter waypoints in CDU, then you can enter coordinates using LCtrl+Lwin pressed.
  3. There is a long gap without anything triggering. From 09:08 to 09:12 (in cockpit clock time). Instructor notice you you can accelerate time with LCtrl-Z (did you pass that step?) About autopilot, it's set by instructor. It'll be disabled whan approaching Batumi.
  4. Just flew it and it's working as intented for me. Maybe you missed something.
  5. Just tested with Nevade instant action take off and it seems to be ok for me. Maybe something wrong with your hotas.
  6. It seems to be a know bug. Have a look there :
  7. Seems ok so far... Will do more test after work this evening.
  8. Nope, flying mainly a-10cii. got M-2000 too but did not really try it yet...
  9. I think the 1.333 ration is when by default. I saw it when starting tests. It was working ok with this one, but real one for me must be 16:9 (1920*1080). I do make a backup of my DCS folder after each update too. And i figured out that I still had some reshade files inside...
  10. Well, I can run several missions in a row too. this is why I thought maybe graphic settings were the cause. I tried to find a pattern... it worked during a time... I was able to get crash with exact same settings, but not during a long time... so must be a dead end If I get time I'll try to recheck a few cases tonight. I did not check yet, but maybe problem is gone as the crash section of the forum was so quiet this morning
  11. Can't remember why but I think i removed the bin folder and made a repair. If you're investigating this way, looking at modified files, you can check autoupdate_log.txt in root folder, you'll get here all modified files.
  12. Here they are. Sorry, I'll have less time for tests this week... I'm back at work. but i'll try
  13. Both folders DCS and savedgames\DCS in exclusion list here for a long time. Firewall is off.
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