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  1. I was basically joking about the very short landing roll-outs of the AI A-10's, as if they used TR.
  2. It might be my imagination, but I've noticed I've missed more often when the contrast between target and background is minimal. Also I've noticed that the mav crosshairs pulse when I get a valid lock, and when they are steady it means the target is not completely locked and will probably result in a miss. I'll usually bump the slew to re-aquire when that happens.
  3. I'm having a problem assigning a AFAC Predator to moving vehicles. I have it set to engage a fast moving column nearby and all I get is ... "Thanks for the support, you can head home". All the engagement parameters are set to auto. Are there some range restrictions, etc. I'll try to attach my mission after work today.
  4. I was also going to suggest, make sure you're not over-G'ing, it's easy to break something, like ripping off the wings. I started a head to head pass on the fast side, tried to lead turn and next thing I know i'm spiraling down without wings. lol.
  5. So, all the 90 previous posts are describing a Placebo effect? Does the IFFCC automatic wind correction compensate for high altitude dumb bomb drops (12 to 20 k)?
  6. I have the A-10 and Mustang modules and so far I'm seeing a great improvement in FPS on my old rig. The biggest difference is the Mustang which is much smoother now and I can actually do air to air engagements, prior it was like a slide show. I particularly like the new bullet effects, I can see the hits on the a/c. The best thing is the auto-updater, it only touched the files that were required, all of my controller profiles were untouched as well as skins. Excellent job, ED!
  7. Sorry, what's the fix? Just updated to 1.2;2 and no Misc options.
  8. I understand that the autoupdater downloads a 1.21 to 1.2.2 patch and we're not downloading the entire 5 GB's Full Install version. Is there a link to the Patch version somewhere, only the full version is listed on the DCS download page?
  9. So if I understand the take-off aids are missing in 1.2.2? I don't use them, but I want to make sure they're off or at least off by default. Is there any way to confirm it? I'm downloading 1.2.2 right now, but maybe I should hold off before applying it?
  10. You already have those functions in the Inventory page.
  11. Kharasho! You may have figured it out, but for emergency brake, pull lever and press toe brakes.
  12. My understanding is that the is hard coded after the time has elapsed, I doubt any additional alignment or increased accuracy is modeled beyond that but only the devs know for sure.
  13. Hmm I guess i'm,not understanding. Silly question but you have downloaded and installed the A-10C module (ver 1.2.1) for DCS World, right? If so , try opening a mission up in ME and confirm that the A-10 you wish to fly has "Player" assigned to it. Save and try to refly.
  14. I think controlling RPM is more important than controlling MP as long as MP is not redlining. The manual shows higher MP than the green section. The manual shows Max Continuous is at 46 MP, 2700 RPM, Max Cruise at 42 MP at 2400 RPM, both MP's are above the MP green zone which tops out at 36. I'm not actually sure what the MP Green zone is for? I try to maintain 45 to 50 MP, but even at full throttle at higher pre-blower and post- blower altitudes, you'll see the MP start dropping.
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